fall target haul.

hey readers!

long time no talk!!

i feel super guilty for taking such a long hiatus from this blog, but i had a lot of health problems this summer that took main priority. i also have been really trying to put a lot of my energy toward my youtube channel, so it would mean a whole lot if y’all would join me over there!

my most recent video is this fall target haul::


i hope you guys enjoy this video!

thank you so much for sticking around.





it’s always tea time.

why hello there friends! how do you do? does it happen to be your un-birthday? or perhaps, do you fancy a spot of tea? if you do, i have the perfect blog post for you!


last week, it was my absolute privilege to have my bestest friend & gal pal come visit me from wales. not only did we have to celebrate her return, but we also had to celebrate her 20th birthday, & what better way to celebrate than a tea party?! we had such a glorious day, dancing around in our floral dresses to fancy music whilst baking cupcakes & making tea sandwiches. & at the end of the day we invited our loved ones to come & join us, & hosted the most delightful tea party.

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& just for the fun of it, i shall let you in on our secrets to a perfectly imperfect tea party::

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in order to host a grand tea party, you must firstly make sure you have a good selection of teas. of course, it is custom to ensure that you have PG tips, or some sort of english breakfast, afternoon, or earl grey tea. & then you can get fancy, with a selection of fruit teas, herbal teas, & flavored black teas. to go along with your tea, i suggest brown sugar & sweet cream. sugar cubes are quaint, & regular milk will do the trick if that’s your fancy. of course, some do drink it black… savages. hah, i kid. kind of.

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i also must quickly mention that my dearest susanna brought the sweetest gifts to me from wales. these little tins of tea are my absolute favorite things i’ve ever been gifted. it is rare that one is able to find alice & wonderland themed items. & i love alice & wonderland with all of my heart. not the rubbish remake, but the classic stories & the ever so precious disney animation. plus, these loose leaf teas are apparently from the best tea shop, so. looks like i’m in for a treat! thank you a million times over, my dearest friend.

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okay, so if you’re gonna have a tea party, you gotta have some treats. it’s just plain cruel if you don’t offer sugary sweets. we went for some delightful macarons (my personal favorite flavors are salted caramel & coconut), some sandwich cookies (red velvet, chocolate, & carrot cake), & some proper british treats we found. i finally got to try cadbury fingers! it’s always fun to explore the sections of the grocery store that carry international foods & treats.

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alright, recipe time! i just thought i’d share with you the recipe that we followed for our chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed cupcakes. it’s a recipe from the girl who ate everything, but we definitely altered it a tad. the recipe, including our adjustments, is as follows:

chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed cupcakes::


    • 1 betty crocker supermoist butter recipe yellow cake mix (and ingredients package calls for)
    • 1 container betty crocker chocolate frosting
for the filling:
    • 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, softened to room temp
    • 3/4 cup light brown sugar
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    • 1 1/4 cup flour
    • 1/2 teaspoon salt
    • 2-4 tablespoons milk
    • 1 cup mini chocolate chips
  • optional mini-cookie garnish


  1. preheat oven to 350 degrees. line cupcake pan with cupcake liners. make cupcake batter according to directions. (i just realized we added chocolate chips to the cupcake batter… we thought that was part of the recipe but apparently not! it turned out great though.) bake cupcakes according to package directions. let cool.
  2. to make the cookie dough filling, with a mixer (we only had spoons & whisks) cream together the butter and sugar at medium speed. add the vanilla and beat well. add the flour and salt and mix until combined. add the milk gradually until desired consistency is reached and beat until fluffy. gently fold in chocolate chips. (we also added salt! it was a little too sweet for us). chill in the refrigerator until firm. (little tip, you’ll need it to be firm, but not too firm! let it warm back up a tad bit after it comes out of the fridge.)
  3. to fill the cupcakes, cut a cylinder shaped portion out of the center of each cupcake. an apple corer works great for this. (then eat all the centers, yumm.) fill each hole with a chunk of the chilled cookie dough mixture. (you’ll have extra cookie dough, EAT IT ALL.)
  4. frost cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
  5. garnish mini chocolate chip cookies (we just used mini chips ahoy cookies.)

now, these cupcakes are quite the task. susanna & i may have attempted to create a cooking show video… but forgot to finish it, & the audio messed up in a lot of the clips as well. however, drum roll please, i didn’t want our efforts to be in vain. so, i present, susanna & meredith’s “cooking show” fiasco::

hope it makes you laugh as much as it makes me laugh.

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now your tea party is almost ready. you’ve got the tea, you’ve got the sweets, you’ve even got the cupcakes. now you need the decor! fancy plates & mismatched tea cups are always a good idea. for this particular decoration, i purchased some fake flowers & put them into glass vases filled with tap water.

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& if you’d like to achieve this stacked tray, all you need are 3 tin trays & 2 glass candle sticks! stack em up & viola, you have yourself quite the centerpiece.

after all that hard work, you must sit back, relax, & enjoy some tea in great company.

i will treasure these memories forever.

summer reading list: blog post edition.

currently, i’m stuck in bed & very ill. booooo. i mean, it’s summer! nothing is worse than spending a sunny day indoors, sniffling your brains out. alas, i knew it would happen sooner or later, so i’m maximizing my time in bed by collecting an inspiring list of blog posts to read. i truly want to read & absorb as much as i can during my summer break, & i hope you don’t mind me sharing a few of the articles i have been enjoying today::


#1: 7 ways to add wellness into your life. (because im addicted)

first off, since i do happen to be ill, i thought it would be nice to read about wellness. this post outlines one wellness tip for each day of the week, including drinking water with lemon in the morning & adapting the habit of skin brushing! give it a read for a quick insight on some easy ways to tackle a healthy lifestyle.



#2: little tips to help you learn how to love yourself. (career girl daily)

so we’ve talked about physical wellness, but let’s not forget emotional wellness. i’m a huge advocate toward loving yourself, & this post does the subject justice. again, it’s just a quick little read that spells out simple tips to help you love who you are. from being patient with yourself to eliminating toxic people out of your life, all these tips are truly important & tips that i personally follow! give it a read & love yourself a little more.



#3: 10 powerful mantras to stop the drama in your life. (marc & angel, hack life)

unfortunately, i do have a life that is riddled in drama & dramatic individuals. the important thing to note about drama is that it is unnecessary & avoidable. in some instances, i allow myself to become upset when i am mistreated over & again, when i could be more mindful & avoid such pain. in other instances, people mislabel valid distressing situations as drama. my point? drama is hard to navigate. however, i think these tips & 10 mantras in this article are very helpful. we cannot control how others treat us or how others act, but we can control our response. if everyone would take these mantras into account, the world would be a much better place.



#4: fragrance free + a perfume DIY. (free people blog)

now, i love perfume. but this is an interesting read. i’m hoping my parents never get a hold of this article, because they’ll go cold turkey crazy… but i think i can trust you guys with it. this article talks about the chemicals that exist in our fragrances today. of course, some perfumes are worse than others, & i’m not suggesting you to throw away all of your expensive perfumes. however, they do provide a quaint little DIY on how to create your own chemical free fragrance. it’s something to think about, especially if you are trying to detoxify your life. as she mentioned, taking away fragranced cleaning products is another way to minimize the toxins in your home. perhaps some day i will make my own scent!

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 2.09.39 PM

#5: how to get out of a creative rut. (a pair & a spare)

this post, written especially for bloggers & creatives, spells out some helpful hints on how to get out of that frustrating creative rut we all face now & again. as much as i can be a messy person, cleansing my creative space is always my way of pushing through a creative stand still. she also talks about creating something for yourself, seeking out new venues of inspiration, disconnecting from all the hullabaloo, & getting some beauty sleep. a great read if you can’t seem to push through your own creative rut!



& that’s all folks!

let me know if you’d like me to share any other articles with y’all,

cause i really enjoyed putting this post together.

enjoy your summer!

i like cute things. & lemons.

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hey beauties.

i think it’s been a while since i’ve been blogging here. honestly, i’ve hit such a creative rut. i’m also in the middle of moving house… which can really put your brain & your life on hold.

however, the love bug & i did go on a target date the other day, & of course i had to pick up all the cute things from the dollar spot. who can blame me? i blame target. let’s get into it::

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as you saw above, i bought a pack of the most adorable succulent mini erasers. am i ever going to use these erasers? no. because why would you want to ruin the cutest erasers that ever existed. i’m gonna try & find a way to display these somehow… if you have any crafty ideas on displaying mini erasers, let me know.

& of course, to go with these little plants, i had to get some garden themed note pads. my favorite is the one with brown paper & the floral heading. it’s so precious. the garden notes notepad is actually magnetized, so that’ll be going on the fridge probably. perhaps i’ll make some notes about the new succulents i’m going to be buying soon. don’t you worry, once they’re here, you’ll be properly introduced. all my old ones got semi-destroyed in my first moving process, so as i move yet again, i’m going to purchase some new ones & have a fresh start. gotta start thinking up names & writing them in that notepad!

& the little blue notepad at the bottom happens to be a sticky note pad. i’m a label queen. everything’s gonna have a sticky note to remind me where everything is. & of course, to leave little love notes. speaking of notes, those note cards are a total dream. why, hello prettiest stationary set. my obsession with those colors, with watercolor, with gold lettering, & with note cards all culminated in this purchase. if i love you, expect to receive pretty cards, & soon.

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i also picked up these organizational times here, because i’m an organization freak. i label everything & make lists constantly. i’m kind of laughing the there’s a sticker that says “work out”… because let’s be honest, i don’t work out. but i do take coffee breaks, so i’ll just use that one instead. the stickers, the note pad, & the sticky notes all have holes punched in the side so you can insert them into a binder. once i unpack in the new house & find my planner/binder, these are going straight in.

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last but not least, i got creative. i was shopping for birthday cards, as some people i adore are celebrating their special days soon, & stumbled across this blank card. when it comes to lemons… i’m all about it. i love lemons. from the color, to the smell, to the taste, to the health benefits. lemons are incredible. hot cup of lemon tea with honey in the morning? helps with digestion, & weight loss. lemon water? helps with kidney stones. let’s not forget it also helps with my arthritis. complete with vitamins C, B6, A, & E, not to mention iron & magnesium, lemons basically deliver everything my body is deficient of. sorry, health rant, us chronically ill people tend to freak when an all natural source helps heal us. aaaanyway.

i found this cute lemon card with it’s cute lemon pun & knew i wanted it framed. it’s definitely going up in the new house to remind me to stay happy & live fully. & consume many lemons.

(oh my goodness. i’m sorry, but i just cracked myself up. i should probably cross stitch or paint “consume many lemons” onto something to remember this moment right here. lemon lovers anonymous? what in the world.)


& that’s all folks!

i hope you enjoyed seeing the precious little items i picked up from the holy grail of superstores. & my rant about lemons… i’m still laughing at myself. hope you are too.

have a beyond lovely day!

much love,


my crystal & stone collection.


well whadya know? i finally went & created a youtube channel! for my first video, i decided to show my crystal & stone collection. i’ve been collecting rocks & gemstones ever since i was little. my favorites are the flat agate slice my love bug bought me for valentine’s day & my green stone that looks like elvis’ profile! this is my first youtube video… so unfortunately i haven’t quite figured out my lighting & how to keep my hands from trembling terribly when i’m trying to get a steady shot! but i promise i’ll get better as i go.

it would mean the world to me if you subscribed to my new channel, & gave the video some support! i’d also love to hear some suggestions about what kind of videos you’d like to see me film next. i’ve got a list of challenges & tags & video ideas i can’t wait to dig into!

hope you’re all well,

& thanks for watching!


mother’s day chats & freebies.


good morning beautiful people, & a happy mother’s day! 

mothers are awesome. both my biological mother, & the many wonderful women who have stepped in throughout my life, have made such a huge impact on me. while i happen to be a very independent spirit, i have an insatiable i want my mommy part of my heart. if my mom calls me up at college, i’m homesick in a heartbeat. i mean, nothing’s better than a hug from mum, admit it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 5.11.19 PM

i love the idea of motherhood & have always been the mothering friend of the group. at this point of my life & with the health issues i’ve encountered, i’m not quite sure if i’ll get the opportunity to be a mother. & as someone who has about 20 baby names already picked out, i don’t know what i would do if i couldn’t be a mother. i’ve always promised myself that i’d try & be the best mother i could be, despite my doubts. that i’d be the mother my children needed, not the mother i wanted to be. that i’d be a mother who doesn’t love her kids because she has to, but loves them because of who they are. mothers are strong, courageous people, & if one day i do get the opportunity to have children of my own, i just hope i can live up to the amazing role models of mothers in my life.


i’m like my mom in a lot of ways. i think growing up, you always promise yourself i’m not going to turn into my mother. but in all the best ways, i totally turned into my mother. which is basically flattering myself. my mom is one of the sweetest & most giving women i’ve ever known. she quit her job the moment she had my older sister, & raised the two of us as a stay at home mom. & we had the best childhood. she’s incredibly giving. she will always be on the lookout for little gifts for the ones she loves, & this is probably the trait i’ve picked up the most. my mother also never listens. if you tell her you want just a little bit of something, she gives you the whole thing. if you say you don’t need something, she gets it for you anyway. it drove my crazy growing up, but now that i love someone with every particle of my soul, i get it. the love bug is always telling me he only wants a little, or he doesn’t need this or that, & i totally don’t listen. i have to do my best to reel myself in, but it’s hard… i get it from my mama.


so, to my wonderful marmee, i love you.

thank you for giving me life, & for not taking it back during my teenage years.

i’m sorry for being the most complicated child, & for all those medical bills.

i’m really glad i’m turning out a lot like you. if i’m half the woman you are, i’ll be pleased.

you are the funniest mom there is, & making you laugh will always be my favorite thing to do.

can’t wait to celebrate all that you are to me & to our family.

today’s your day!

love your little girl,



if you haven’t noticed, each image in this post is linked to a site that will provide you free downloads of these images & more!

go check them out & enjoy!

& have a very happy mothers day.

get creative this may.

hello everyone, & happy month of may!

this month i’m very excited to bring you a post in collaboration with a excellent service called TextMyJournal, run by a wonderful individual Roxanne. TextMyJournal works to bring journal prompts right to you, but Roxanne also shares the prompts over on her blog! this month, i worked to provide you all with 30 journal prompts that are a little different… they are art journal prompts! if you need some initial inspiration for your art journals, check out this post. i’m really excited to bring you these 30 journal prompts, & i hope you tackle them each day this month so that may becomes a month of creativity. make sure to follow me on instagram, twitter, facebookpinterest, & even tumblr, because i’ll be posting letterings of each journal prompt on all my social media for you guys! (here’s a sneak peak, like what you see?)


now, without further ado, here are the 30 journal prompts::

1. Go on a walk & collect some flowers. Press those flowers in a page of your art journal.

2. Fill an entire page with doodles.

3. Keep your grocery lists, to do lists, or any lists you have lying around, & paste them on a page.

4. Find an old magazine, & cut out some words that inspire you. Paste them all in a page of your art journal.

5. Fill a page with receipts, with little notes about why each purchase was special.

6. Collect your fortunes from fortune cookies & paste them in a page of your art journal.

7. Try & draw your favorite childhood toy from memory.

8. Create your own map, of a world real or imaginary.

9. Steal some labels off items in your fridge. Paste them in your art journal.

10. Draw a pie chart of your stomach. Illustrate your favorite foods.

11. Fill a page with your favorite inspirational quotes.

12. Have any old love notes? Paste them on a page, maybe add some heart stickers.

13. Illustrate one of your favorite song lyrics.

14. Collect business cards from places you’ll probably never go to again. Paste them all on a page.

15. Find a poem that you love, write it down, & then illustrate it.

16. Design your dream wedding dress, or tuxedo.

17. Keep the tags on the end of your tea bags, especially the ones with nice messages on them. Paste them on a page.

18. Make a design out of foil bubble gum wrappers.

19. Save your movie ticket stubs & paste them on a page. 

20. Try & render one of your favorite paintings.

21. Collect airline tickets & train tickets to document your travels.

22. Snatch some paint swatches from a home improvement store & past them on a page.

23. Get out a needle & thread… stitch a design on to your page!

24. Collect some leaves, press them, & paste them on a page.

25. Grab the stickers off your fruit & make a design with them.

26. Cut out some comics from a Sunday newspaper & paste them on a page.

27. Use a stapler to staple a design on to one of your pages.

28. Find old photos & polaroids & doodle on them.

29. Cut out pieces of fabric that you like & paste them on a page of your art journal.

30. Cover a page with stripes of colored tape.

hope you enjoyed these prompts! again, you guys should totally head over to my social media, as well as over to Roxanne’s blog & social media to get daily updates on each of these prompts. & i would absolutely love to see everyone’s journal entries if you feel like participating. in fact, send me a picture of your work & you may just be featured!
i love you all & i wish you a very merry month of may.
get creative!

dreamy living space, bedroom, & dining area.

since i’m a planning freak, here’s my second edition of showing you my inspiration for my future home. hope you enjoy!

living space:

it’s no secret that i want house plants!


basically cuddle town / snuggle central.


dining area:

lots of wood & plenty of light.

& that’s my ideal living space, bedroom, & dining area!

the next edition will probably be homeware & furniture & such.

hope you enjoyed!