invest in experiences.

i was at this jazz concert sitting behind an elderly married couple who were holding hands and bopping their heads in sync to the music, and i thought to myself, “i can’t wait to be that age…to live that life…spending my days listening to jazz, reading books, sipping tea…”. but then i looked to my right at the man holding my hand and bopping his own little head, and i realized i didn’t have to be a certain age for that life. in fact, i was already living that life. sure, amidst the jazz nights and the coffee dates and the late night book reads there are finals and student loans, art projects and work (oh, and a crap ton of stress too). but at the core and essence of my life lie those nights listening to jazz, head bopping with my best bud whom i love. those are the moments i live for. yeah, so maybe instead of fancy clothes or a better phone, i put my money towards concert tickets and iced lattes. judge me.Β 

invest in experiences. road trips. museums. concerts. zoos. art galleries. picnics.Β 

because when you experience a moment, no iPhone or camera to capture it, just the pure bliss of being present, life smacks you in the face. you realize without those moments, what kind of life are you living? are you so wrapped up in school, jobs, bills, material possessions, that you aren’t experiencing all that life has to offer? i beg you not to live as if those blissful moments are somewhere far into your future. they are right here, right now. you can reach out and grasp them yourself. be alive.Β really, truly, open those beautiful eyes of yours and embrace your life. it’s waiting for you.


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