how to: creative space.

you could probably call me the ambassador for creative spaces, the president of the creative space fan club, the advocate for the creative space initiative…or you know, you could just call me meredith? either way, let me explain you a thing about the wonder that is the creative space. we live out our lives within walls. whether that be our rooms, houses, schools, work places, cars, cubicles…or whether that be the limitations in our mind. i seek to break down those barriers every day, and while i can’t always help the physical limitations of inhabiting a small room in our townhouse, or living in a college dorm, i try my best to find ways to transform the space i’m given into one that fosters creativity.

ahem. now that i’ve ranted about creative spaces, allow me to get specific and rant about desks… (yeah, if you let me, i can rant about almost anything.) desks are way cooler than we give them credit for though. they are birthplaces of imagination and art, and canvases for self expression. i personally used to do all my homework and miscellaneous work in my bed when i was in high school because i hated my dreaded desk. the ugly, bulky thing in the corner just collected dust, junk, and many a nostril flare of total rejection. when my parents jumped ship and moved cities after my high school graduation, i had to rid of some furniture to fit into my significantly smaller new space. therefore, i decided to invest in a new station for my imagination. (okay sorry, i know, i’m getting on my own nerves now. like c’mon mere it’s just a desk…)

it’s quite the little beauty in this designer’s humble opinion.

so my theory on how to?

step one: like i said, find the one. like if you hear romantic music playing and everything else fades away but the desk you’re looking at, if you get that can’t-eat-, can’t-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, world series kind of feeling, it’s love at first sight, buy it. (jk that’s not really gonna happen, but -it takes two- references anyone?) don’t break your budget though, this one was small enough for my space, had enough storage for my liking, and still stayed under my budget.

step two: practicality. as much as i would love to put design and aesthetics first, honestly your desk needs to be a practical space as well as a creative space. place it somewhere in the room that fits with the feel and flow of your room. if you’re an artist like me, you may want to place it somewhere near a window for natural lighting. if you’re a techie, you’re probably gonna want it near a power strip. go ahead and place your practical needs on the desk, anything from your laptop to your textbooks to your writing utensils. i placed my more unsightly odds and ends in the desk’s drawer.

step three: design! yay! to each their own in this category, because honestly, that’s the whole point of a creative space. what sparks your creativity? where do you feel most inspired? personally i feel my most creative in nature, and travel inspires me. so i grabbed a few of my favorite leaves, my trusty globe, and my odds and ends from russia, puerto rico, poland, france, africa, st. thomas, st. lucia, st. maarten, the philippines, postcards from around the u.s., shells from back home in california, and my travel hat box full of letters from around the world! so get crazy. grab what makes you feel like you’re capable of breaking through those limitations & build your own creative space.

that’s all i got for ya.

just remember, 

surround yourself with beauty & foster creativity.

sending love, hugs, & creativity your way.


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