farmers market beauty haul (say whaat?)

farmers markets, people. get with it. i’ve probably decided that farmers markets are one of my favorite places to be alive. they are so vibrant and so full of life…and i could probably rant for hours about why you should take advantage of your locally grown fruits and veggies (benefitting not only you and your health, but also supporting your local farmers, gardeners, and artisans, which in turn supports the local economy…just sayin, dudes.) but! that’s not what this post is even about! queen of the digress over here is going to get to the good stuff.

a few days ago my best pal Susanna and i went to a farmers market to browse around in our flowy skirts and floppy hats. i totally scored, guys. you may not think a farmers market is the place to grab beauty products, but let me prove you wrong by showing you mah goodies.

so the first thing i got was this gorgeous forrest agate necklace. i adore all rocks, geodes, etc. and have been collecting them since i was a child… and this guy was 5 bucks. !!! the lady had everything from necklaces to earrings to bracelets and her prices were so reasonable. the agate necklace i’ve been eyeing at a local jewelry shop for months was 35 dollars… grabbing one for 5 is a total steal.

i also had my eyes peeled for skin care & bath products. i’m guilty, i love lush and will splurge the money i don’t have on bath bombs and bubble bars…but man that stuff is too expensive. when i saw a lady selling all natural, chemical free luxury spa treatments, i headed over right away and was not disappointed. i bought 4 gorgeous bath bombs and 3 bath soaks for only 10 dollars. 10 dollars people. are you screaming yet? while the bath bombs are on the tiny side, they actually pack a punch and are filled with amazing ingredients. each bath bomb includes ingredients like sea salt, olive oil, coconut oil, and essential oils. i bought a eucalyptus vanilla, grapefruit, coconut, and lavender. she was also selling these amazing herbal tea bags that you put into your bath water! there’s the calming bath soak, filled with green tea, ginger, pear, sea salt, epsom salt, and lemongrass. then there’s the soothing bath soak, filled with green tea, chai tea, sea salt, epsom salt, lavender, and pure fig oil. and then, oh my lord y’all. this lady over here loves her some coffee. i like to drink it, eat it, smell it, take pictures of it… but now? I GET TO BATHE IN IT. that’s right folks. the coffee bath soak. and bathing in coffee actually has a lot of benefits! the caffeine will tighten blood vessels in your skin and boost blood flow. it’s also been said that coffee can help prevent skin cancer! wowza. so cool.

last but not least, my one beautiful but not so much “beauty” product… the baby succulent. s’cute. named him obi-wan kenobi cause all my succulent’s names start with an o, and star wars is the best. currently my family of succulents consists of octavius, ollie, olaf, and opal. some day i’ll have like 500 of em probably.

well there you have it! go explore your local farmers market and see what you can find. and even if you just return with heart eyes and an overflowing soul, that’s good too.

much love, beautiful ones.


8 thoughts on “farmers market beauty haul (say whaat?)

  1. leslyramirez says:

    I love everything about this! The pictures are beautiful and I’m so glad you got to visit your local farmer’s market and support those guys. My experience has often been the same! Great prices and even better quality. Beautifully written 🙂


  2. peter v. says:

    i’m a fan of farmers markets. and the trend of hygiene products with pure & organic ingredients is also influencing me; i notice people are starting to make their own shampoos, soaps, and even sunblock and lotion because of this. it’d be cool if you looked into it and shared it with lazy folks like me who can’t be bothered to do his own experiments & research! (jk. not really.)


    • craftedfragments says:

      haha well i love suggestions for new posts 🙂 let me know if you would want me to do something like that!


      • peter v. says:

        i guess doing a little trial and error looking for what natural ingredients you can use to make your own shampoo / conditioner / lotion etc. at home.

        i noticed people that are concerned about the whole harsh sulfates and artificial chemicals thing are now switching to organic alternatives by making their own stuff, knowing exactly what they’re using and applying on their body. and if they get good at it they know what scents they can make of it too etc. like how females like making their own natural facemasks and stuff… that kinda thing.

        Liked by 1 person

      • craftedfragments says:

        ok, cool! I’m so excited to try this out!! thanks for suggesting 🙂 it might be a short while before I can create the post but I promise its coming!


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