how to: art journal

let’s get artsy today, cause why not?

quite some time ago a friend gave me one of those gorgeous lotka handmade nepal journals they have at barnes & noble. i never really knew what to do with it, but a few years back i started filling it with different odds and ends i had collected, from leaves to scraps of paper. slowly but surely it has become one of my favorite journals i own! it brings me so much joy to flip through the pages and re-live all the memories i keep in there. i highly recommend starting your own, especially if you’re like me and you keep old receipts or business cards or pressed flowers for memories’ sake. and for that reason, i thought i would do a little tutorial of how to make your own art journal!

step numero uno: gather your materials.

i have always been a collector. i collect rocks, post cards, chopsticks, elephant figurines, glass bottles, sea shells…the list goes on. while those are all lovely things i can display on my shelf, i also collect things like fortunes from fortune cookies which have no real purpose.. except that i like them. if you have things of that nature lying around, make yourself a little envelope or container to put them all in! (i use a little wooden box on my shelf.) you’ll soon realize you probably have plenty of material laying around the house, in your wallet, in dresser drawers, or laying on your desk.

step two: get creative!

beyond step one, it’s pretty much all up to you! if you keep old receipts in your wallet, dedicate a page to paste them all with little notes of why each purchase was so special. if you collect little notes that your love bug wrote you, dedicate a page to pasting all of the love notes! if you have a collection of quotes that inspire you, write them down on the pages. a majority of my art journal is actually full of super sappy / super emotional poetry i used to write back in high school. it’s kinda cool to look through the journal and be taken back to what i was feeling at that moment in my life.

for example: my pressed flower pages.

this is, hands down, my absolute favorite page of my art journal. when i was in 10th grade, someone used to leave flowers in my locker every day. i never knew who it was, or why they were doing it. i was the new girl in a tiny private school. awkward as can be, confused, alone, and in a rather rough stage in life. but every morning, i would open my locker to find these beautiful little flowers. i kept quite a few, pressing them in my geometry textbook and then bringing them home to put into my art journal. to this day, looking at this page reminds me of that time of being so scared and alone, and yet having my every day brightened by such a little act of kindness.

and now, my journal is overflowing. old ticket stubs, lists, drawings…i stuff everything in here. i have so many more pages to fill and so many ideas of what to do with them. i hope this post inspires you a little bit to maybe make your own art journal and discover just how much fun it is!

happy creating, dear ones.

stay artsy.


3 thoughts on “how to: art journal

  1. Susanna says:

    Love this tutorial! When I was in middle school I started a pressed flower notebook. I’d press flowers from one season onto a few pages and then sprinkle in ticket stubs, photos, and notes with written memories from that season. It is always fun to look back and remember all the fun little things that made my day so long ago.


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