wanderlust and welsh cakes.

“she always had that about her, that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the world.” -joanne harris

i am so blessed to be best buds with a world traveler. as long as i’ve known her, i just knew she could never be tied down to anywhere at all…she belonged to everywhere and elsewhere. she’s the heroine and the mystery; unattainable and untouchable. and her sense of adventure has continued to inspire me every waking moment of my life. i couldn’t be more proud of my dearest Susanna as that gal is moving to Wales in a few months! i’m going to miss her like crazy, but i know you can never truly hold on to such a wandering soul. be fearless, my dear, in pursuing whatever sets that soul afire.

just to prove how lovely she truly is, look at the darling things she brought back to me from her last trip to europe! heart eyes. i deeply love that silhouette quote, i’ll probably blog about that sometime. also, jelly babies? doctor who anyone? how cool is that?? now i finally know what jelly babies look and taste like! however, let’s direct our attention to the third item. tea. 

i say tea, you say tea party.


tea partyyyyyyyyyy.

heh…my apologies…i just love tea parties, man. i don’t consider myself too much of a “girly girl” but boy do i love wearing floppy hats, talking in british accents, and stuffing my face with treats. during my last visit with susie we decided it would be a darling time for a tea party, so we cranked up the french music, got out the lace tablecloth and blue china,  and prepared what will probably be our last tea party together for quite some time. and in honor of her move to greater places, we decided to make welsh cakes!

what are welsh cakes?, you may ask. well for lack of a better description, susanna describes them as “a perfect mix between a cookie and a pancake.” which is totally accurate. they’re SO GOOD. i may have snuck a lot of dough beforehand, but dipping them in my tea when they’re nice and hot was quite the pleasant experience. if you would like the recipe, susanna will be sharing it over on her blog (go check it out at miss-adventure.com)!

how darling. i totally made everyone wait until i snapped the perfect picture before letting them dig in…i’m an awful person, aren’t i? anyhow, the tea was a delight, the welsh cakes were delicious, but the company was the best. i’ll miss my kindred spirit for sure.

wander on, beautiful souls.


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