so, we won an award?

well what do you know? crafted fragments is just a little baby and somehow we’ve already won a beauty blog award? golly gee. thanks, thebeautydorkk!

i’m not really one for following rules (whoops) so i might cheat a little here and just answer a select few of the questions she asked! sound good? let’s get to it.

if you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

i would want to take away all the judgement, all the cruelty, all the discrimination, all the inequality, all the narrow-mindedness, and all the hatred, and i would replace it with love, acceptance, understanding, equality, open-mindedness, joy, and peace.

what superpower would you love to have?

the ability to send hugs to people who need them.

are you good at making new friends?

hm…i’m not sure “good” would be quite the world to describe my people skills. see, i’m an extensively awkward humanoid. and i’m also a total introvert. so i’m pretty much this strange mumbo jumbo of like “all humans need to stay 10,000 feet away from me” and “i just want to hug every human that ever lived.” it’s weird. so it sure depends on my mood. most of the time, though, i love *attempting* to make some quality friends.

describe your perfect relaxation day.

large bed full of fluffy pillows and fuzzy blankets. large cup of coffee. a book to read, the love bug to snuggle with, and maybe a lord of the rings marathon. also, pizza.

what is the first thing that people notice about you?

well, people like to point out that i have a gap between my two front teeth. like i didn’t already know….

do you like dancing?

i only like two types of dancing.

the first is by myself, dancing like a crazy person to some one direction when i’m stressed out of my brains. the second is with the love bug, slow dancing to jazz.

what’s the best post you’ve written about on your blog so far?

i guess the one i am the most proud of is my post about investing in experiences. i scribbled parts of it down on my phone at a coffee shop right after the love bug and i went to a jazz concert. it’s full of life and full of what i believe in. go read it if you wanna!

(and last but not least…)

do you consider yourself a happy person?

i feel like this could be a post in itself. there’s so much that i could say. there’s so much more to me, so much more to my story than just being a “happy” or “unhappy” person. i suppose i would say i have not always been a happy person, no. my life has not always been filled with moments of glee that weren’t overshadowed by seasons of sorrow. there hasn’t always been times of joy without pain. but i will say that i have become a person who aspires to be happy. my pain pushes me forward to seek a life that is filled with joy from within. i have realized that happiness is a choice, because our circumstances never change. the pain never goes away. humans will have their bad days, but they will have their good ones too. so i consider myself a hopeful person. someone who knows happiness can be hers if she is strong enough to fight for it.


hope you all enjoyed this special mid-week post and didn’t get too bored with my ramblings… feel free to answer some of the questions in the comments if you want! i’d love to hear what you guys think.

much love, my dears!


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