photo fragments & many a rant about our adventures at 7th street market.

once upon a time i fell in love with charlotte, north carolina. don’t ask me why cause i don’t even really understand it. it’s just a cool place, man. some of my best pals reside around that area and we always have the greatest adventures, let me tell you.

no really, let me tell you. if you’re ever around the area, check out the 7th street public market… “7th street public market’s mission is to celebrate the food culture of the carolinas and promote local and regional farmers, food artisans, and entrepreneurs.” it’s a total cool beans place, if you ask me.

do you feel like drooling right now? no? uh, well…i’m about to make ya. so grab your towels folks, cause i’m gonna describe to you how i was getting the rumbly tumblies and therefore grabbed a crepe that changed my life. if you talk to me about crepes though, i’m gonna tell you every single one changed my life. i mean it’s like the universe sets off fireworks just for me every time i eat a crepe (and my life, it changes).

let me also explain you a thing about myself and the way i food. basically, i find something i like…and then i like it a lot. i grew up on a steady diet of i love spaghetti and can you pass the ketchup. and whadya know, i still hog the ketchup bottle and i still order spaghetti every time we eat out somewhere that has spaghetti. it’s usually the same with my crepes. if i’m feeling super duper fancy, i’ll sometimes get a savory crepe. most likely i’ll just slyly steal some of yours. because most likely i’ll be ordering that nutella & strawberries crepe. that’s my thing.

imagine my face when i stuffed it with a creme de la crepe (yeah, that’s it’s name), which is a warm, thick and fluffy crepe, stuffed with nutella, whipped cream, and sweet strawberries. it was like the woaaahhhhhh face mixed with the duuuuuuuude face mixed with the holy-cow-i-can-die-happy-now-cause-MY-LIFE-HAS-BEEN-CHANGED-PEOPLE face (yeah, that’s a face).

whew. it was a kodak moment for sure. oh sorry, did i make you droll? but hey, i warned you didn’t i? well, i hope you’re enjoying story time because i have more life changing stories. this time, about coffee.

this story begins with instagram. you have an instagram? i have an instagram. (let’s be friends?) anyway, i was following this account called not just coffee for quite some time, only to then realize ages later that the place was in fact in charlotte! so i pretty much bribed my friends into a downtown charlotte adventure… the main purpose being to finally go to not just coffeeand get some coffee.

and then, my life was changed. (heh, am i annoying yet?). but no really. the atmosphere was adorable, the baristas super friendly, and the experience all together lovely. and the coffee? remember that story about how i choose a thing i like, and then really like it? caramel lattes are one of those things. and boy oh boy was this caramel latte one for the books. congrats caramel latte, you win best darn one i’ve ever had. your award is the foam on the tip of my nose and the cheesy caffeinated grin on my face. i probably obnoxiously fan-girled over the latte, telling my poor barista that oh my goodness that was the best caramel latte i’ve ever had thank you for your magical barista skills you genie of the coffee pot and he was probably like oh my goodness take your instagram pictures and leave, little lady. so i took my instagram pictures. and then i left.

we did also stop by a little bath and beauty station called small keys, because i’m a sucker for soaps and wanted to grab something before leaving the beautiful city of charlotte.

this soap has been treating my hands very well. i smell like a cup o’ tea all the time, and it’s oh so wonderful.

all in all, it was a quality adventure. friends, food, coffee, soap, and then oh! a piano asking to be played. so best pal sarah tickled some keys for us. i think i probably could have stayed at 7th street market all day, writing, reading, sipping coffee and downing crepes (and you know, having my life changed). if anyone wants to just go on a road trip adventure with me right now, that would be great. there’s really nothing i love more than little markets full of culture and food and bustling life.

okay. end rant here.

love always, meredith.


3 thoughts on “photo fragments & many a rant about our adventures at 7th street market.

    • craftedfragments says:

      i’m so glad it brought a smile to your face! and didn’t we tell you to save that hair for your husband?? 😉


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