i’m a monochromatic copycat with no style but a lot to say, apparently.

i went through like 17 titles before choosing that one so don’t judge me.

ahem. so, at 4:31 am, as i’m frantically packing, i’m realizing that i will soon see old friends that i haven’t seen in some time… that i will be at graduations… and parties… and dinners… and events… and that i will, in fact, whether i like it or not, be making some sort of statement as to who i have become with the way i look. some people i know will be quick to jump at that sentence and say, “if they are true friends, they will only judge you based on your heart, not your style.” to which i will say, hah. because let’s be real here. i mean, i do attempt to be a genuine, accepting, loving, and understanding person. i try to judge someone only based on their person:: their character, their actions, their lifestyle, etc. i’m sure a lot of you also try to be genuine human beings who only judge people on their innards not their outtards. however… does not the way a person dresses themselves say something about the way they view themselves? does it not say something about the value they place in first impressions, in presence and beauty? also don’t jump on a pedestal, you’ve totally judged someone based on their lime green turtle neck, admit it. just thoughts.

i suppose i didn’t intend to get too overly thought-provoking here but who knows what will happen when you write a blog post at 4 am. i also don’t mean to sound shallow or materialistic. whoops. all the goals being missed by a long shot.

anyway, as all these thoughts are racing through my head, i swung open my closet doors to find this::

ah yes. go meredith. your closet consists of pretty much the same color scheme throughout (grey, black, white, occasional off-white…), everything is flowy, and lord almighty how many stripes can a woman own before becoming a zebra? again, because it’s 4 am, i decided to think real hard about my style choices.

a few weeks ago, i made a quality investment in this book here, hey natalie jean. (totally worth the embarrassment of the man working at barnes & noble directing me to the parenting section, only to ask when i was expecting. oh no sir, no buns in the oven here. just because i wear maternity clothing for flowy purposes does not give you the right to assume pregnancy.) anyway, i bought the book on account of reading a particular blog post from my favorite blogger, and author of the book. in this blog post, and in the book, natalie talked about two things that i’ve literally had the urge to talk about myself for years. and the first was defining your style.

call me a copy cat, but i’ve had this idea, i swear, for forever. even ask my friends… i’ve forced them to sit down at coffee with me and listen to me rant. natalie describes it as “the pinterest disconnect”. see, i could never pinpoint how i wanted to dress in real life. however, i could totally pin how i wanted to dress on pinterest. my style board was filled with flowy grey tunics… and yet when i was at the store i would, for some reason, reach for the brightly colored patterned everything. i think i was trying to overcompensate for my dull social life or something. who knows. then i began college, went through a slew of life changes, and got to a point where while i wanted to be stylish, i also just wanted to be hella comfy. i didn’t want to feel so wrong in my own clothes. so i went to tjmaxx and bought all the grew flowy things.

there was a lot of guilt at first… my mom kept saying, “do you really need another grey flowy shirt? do you really need another shawl? do you really need another black flowy tank top? how many striped things do you own???”  and yeah, i probably own a plethora of striped items. and yeah, i probably get told i dress like a grandma a lot. and yeah, i do buy everything in XL even though i’m a small/medium. and guess what? i looooove it. and i wear it! isn’t that the point of clothes?

which brings me to my second (and final, bare with me) ranting point. do you wear all of your clothes? think about that for a second. quoting from both natalie jean, and the joy of less, there’s this thing called the 20%. you probably wear 20% of your clothing, 80% percent of the time. and that leftover 80%? it’s taking up room in your drawers. i got in this habit of hanging everything i wear frequently in my closet, and leaving everything else in my dresser drawers…i’ll have you know i haven’t opened those drawers barely once this whole summer. i’ve started giving clothes away and getting rid of what i don’t wear because let’s be real. it saves me the embarrassment of convincing myself yes meredith you can rock that skin tight floral print sinchy shirt, going out in public past the point of no return, catching a glance of myself in a mirror, and oh hell no meredith you can’t rock this what we’re you thinking are you crazy why do you even own this??? i find the best way to get rid of that 80% with ease is to just find your 20%, get into your 20% groove, and soon you won’t care for that 80% at all.

so there you have it! a post that’s basically already been posted and written about in two different books that i decided to take upon myself to write at what is now 5 am when i need to be packing for my trip to california where i will impress my old friends with how utterly monochromatic and lame i am. jazz hands!!! i do hope you got something out of this post though. maybe.

farewell, dear ones.


9 thoughts on “i’m a monochromatic copycat with no style but a lot to say, apparently.

  1. Susanna says:

    Aw, Meredith. I love how you keep it so real. You just keep on being your sweet self and wearing your gorgeous grey flow things and the world will be astounded. Soon grey flowy things will be all the rage. I CALL IT.

    Liked by 1 person

    • craftedfragments says:

      ya know, I do attempt to keep it as real as possible. thanks for all your support in my grey flowy lifestyle. you usually do call things pretty accurately… but geez world can’t i just have one fad to myself??? 😉 just kidding. love ya.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Alexis Hawk says:

    No one can own enough stripes and neutral colors. Stripes are wonderful and I feel hella fancy in them. And hey! With neutral colors you’ll never have clashing colors 😉 love you. Hope Cali is fun :*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mariah says:

    I love this post. It reminds me of my attempts at a capsule wardrobe, but the hanging-your-favorite-clothes-and-leaving-the-rest idea seems more doable. I’ll have to try it. Have a lovely trip!

    Liked by 1 person

    • craftedfragments says:

      I’m so glad you appreciated it 🙂 i’ve read up on capsules, but it seemed super limiting. the 20% rule gave me my creativity as well as some structure. i hope you find some luck with it! and thanks, i did!


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