deck the hauls.

this is gonna be a haul post. heh. get it?

hi! hello! hope you’re all having fun summers filled with adventure & fun. today’s the day i’m traveling back from the wonderful land of california to the… quaint land of north carlolina. cries. which means i’m probably travel anxious in an airport in LA right now. woo!

before i left for this trip i ran to the store to pick up some new high waisted shorts, & brought home a few more items. i thought for fun, we’d just talk about that. how fun.

le purchases:

  1. a brief guide to j.r.r. tolkien, by nigel cawthorne. because i’m obsessed & i wanted something to read on the plane.
  2. extra large slouchy white v-neck. because you can never have enough of these. i’m serious.
  3. black flowy razor back tank top. because, again, you can never have enough.
  4. the high-waisted shorts i actually went to the store to buy. super comfy, super soft, kinda faded, practically perfect. only downfall? fake pockets. curse you, women’s clothing, curse you.

& that’s all for now folks. i’ll see ya (for realsies) real soon!

much love, meredith.


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