california dreamin’.

i’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

california was truly a dream. the palm trees, the balmy/breezy 70 degree weather, the in-n-out, the people, the endless amount of cafés & coffee shops????? dude. let me tellllllllll you. so wonderful. but it’s also really darling to be home. you were missed, NC, you were missed.

so now that i’m home, i have some little announcements? wanna hear?

1. wednesday posts.

that’s right. because i just have so many posts from california, for all of july i’ll be posting three times a week instead of two! get excite!

2. review posts.

i realized i get really excited when i go to cafés and the like because i really want to blog about them and review them! so i thought i would start a fun new category of reviews, whether that be of shops, cafés, restaurants, coffee houses, whatever i encounter. i’m super excited. i have like 20 in mind. woo!

3. hi new people!

since getting back, i’ve noticed some new faces around crafted fragments! i want to thank everyone for stopping by, for the likes and the comments (to which i’ve finally caught up with and responded to!) and for the follows. i hope i get to know you all and all your little fragments that make up who you are. here’s to new friendships!

thanks for reading, see you on friday with another post about sunny california!

much love,



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