coffee stop (in the name of love.)

i gotta stop pretending i’m funny.

& this is probably one of the tastiest pieces of food i allowed to enter my mouth the entire trip. hole in the wall coffee shop, not so pleasant atmosphere, but oh so pleasant sandwich & iced caramel latte. my soul is probably just crying because we don’t have amazing quality avocados here in north carolina, but oh my goodness that chicken avocado sandwich… let me tell you. there were fireworks just for me going off in my brain.

one of the things i probably love most about california is the produce!! gah. fresh, amazing tasting veggies everywhere. kale, persian cucumbers, avocados… vegetables that aren’t soaked in grease & fried. say what you will about my eating habits, but i do love me some veggies. & it really says something that you can even go to just a little hole in the wall coffee shop & have a sandwich with some quality vegetables in it.

my dear friends & i also had some quality conversations while we ate. we talked about judgmental people, & how much that sucks. how this society that promotes hatred & discrimination could really use some Jesus. i truly dislike when people try & tell other people what they can/can’t do, what is/isn’t sinful, how to be/how to act, according to their own opinion & lifestyle. that just becomes such a stumbling to others. where is the love & light in that? no matter your religious background, no matter your beliefs, i think we could all just use a little tolerance, a little love, & a little acceptance. propagate peace. speak kindness. live love.


hope you’ve all been enjoying these little posts about my experiences in california.

what have you been up to this summer?

much love, mere.


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