paris baguette.

southern california & its adorable little cafés, man. i’m obsessed. we dashed into this adorable little café called paris baguette (we were probably 30 minutes late for something, whoops…), but i still loved the place. filled with pastries & the most adorable decor, it was the perfect blend of a french bakery… & southern california. i find it so hilarious how southern california offers truly any international food or drink you could want with an authentic & yet still SoCal flare.

in any case, the caramel latte i got was superb. i get on these kicks with coffee drinks. i used to be obsessed with plain old iced coffee, than iced macchiatos, then iced lattes… i don’t really enjoy hot coffee unless i’m super freezing, otherwise i get drowsy & dehydrated. i’m also not afraid of some strong espresso, but i have a weakness for caramel. anyone have any suggestions for my next coffee fix? i’m really curious about cold brew… who knows what i’ll latch on to next.

anyway, my biggest dream in life has probably been to visit paris some day. i would cry ugly tears of joy if i ever got the chance to go. i suppose first stop california, next stop paris? maybe? let’s hope. cross your fingers for me. thanks guys.

much love !!!



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