AOSA coffee :: the café of my dreams.

i’ve realized it must be pretty embarrassing & slightly humiliating to go anywhere with me. if i see something that makes me a tad bit excited, i squeal. it’s involuntary or something. plus i take photos of everything… i’m that girl. (but i reassure myself in my head that my pictures are valid since i have a blog & all… i mean, right?) & then if someone prompts me to talk, i blurt out the darnedest things. yeah. i’m great company.

so, when my dearest friend melanie brought me to what is literally this design major’s dream of a café, alllllll my awkward started showing. i waltzed in, photos being taken, squeals being blurted, heart eyes being made, & i’m pretty sure the first thing that spilled from my mouth when i was confronted by the barista was “I’M NORTH CAROLINIAN.” yeah, go mere. that was elegant. he totally needed to know that.

the poor man was actually quite at ease with my social interaction issues. we had a nice chat about the structure of the acai bowl, & then i made a big girl decision that i was going to get the internal sunshine bowl. good choice. great choice.

i just couldn’t get over how aesthetically pleasing this place was. & the fact that they had succulents everywhere… they were speaking my love language, man. there is just something about the perfect coffee shop. it sparks passion & cultivates creativity. it’s addicting. i probably wanted to go back every day i was in SoCal, but then again there was just so much to see. however, if i do say so myself, i probably would have been content to spend each & every day sitting in this quaint little coffee shop. not even a joke.

cause i mean, just look at the floor. how can you not like this place?


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