life’s a beach.

the pacific ocean, man. majestically beautiful as all get out. also, cold. but more on that later.

on one of my last few days in california, my dearest childhood friends and i decided it would be a good day for a trip to the beach. i definitely wanted to spend a day at the beach, even though beaches aren’t really my favorite. i love the water, love the view, but this gal ain’t to big of a fan of the sand. we still managed to have some fun, though.

first stop, zeytoon cafe. S’CUTE. plus, i got shawerma. ‘member how in the first avengers movie they talk about getting shawerma, and then the last clip is them getting shawarma? yeah. so basically i’m an avenger now (pretty sure that’s how that works.)

the food was incredibly tasty, 10/10 would recommend. and the decor/atmosphere was even better! we sat on the upper deck with a view of the coast, and the place was covered in succulents which made this girl super duper happy.

but now it’s beach time!

(insert oohs and ahhs)

my bestest friend melanie insisted we get into the water, which was frigid. surrounded by little kids frolicking and having a blast, we clung to one another wailing and screaming because the water was too cold and the seaweed was attacking us… and we were barely 2 feet in the water. how mature, right? i love her.

but it was still so gorgeous. laguna beach has a lot of rocks on the coast which make for pretty photos, huh? also there was a little kid who was showing off all the marine life collected in the rocks, including a “girl crab”. so precious. my skin may have shared the likeness of a tomato afterwards, and i may have had sand in every nook and cranny (so very unpleasant), but i definitely was happy to spend a breezy day at the beach with my dearest friends. that beach trip should probably last me til next summer. au revoir pacific!


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