photo fragments from the anaheim packing district.

people kept telling me, meredith you have to go to the anaheim packing district it’s literally amazing and you will love it. i was, for some reason, slightly skeptical. that changed fast. reeeaaaaaal fast. cause the moment we pulled into just the parking lot, meredith was squealing.


heh…sorry for my enthusiasm… but like, conservatory looking places & plants hanging from the ceiling??? that’s literally the sort of venue i would wed in. it was so magical.

let me just show you the magnificence::

how quaint is this place?

we were here on july 4th, so of course to celebrate our patriotism we got food. what kind of food?

a blue velvet, ‘murica crepe. lined with nutella, cool whip, oreo crumble, & filled with strawberries & blueberries, & vanilla bean gelato. say whaaaaaat? truly the most amazing way to celebrate our beloved country, probably.

the crepe coop was really precious. excellent service, excellent crepes, & such divine design. succulents? i approve. chalkboard? double approve.

then on to more exploring::

ok. now i wanna go back. see you again soon, anaheim.


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