photo post of our weekend adventures in charlotte.

hello lovelies! this weekend, the love bug & i took a road trip to charlotte nc to visit my best gal pal susanna. we probably had the greatest time ever. here, i can prove it::

first stop? smelly cat coffee house.

it’s always time for coffee.

old door covered in international currency.

the arrangement of this coffee house was probably one of my most favorites. it was perfect for introverted hermits like me who want to drink my coffee in a nook of peacefulness. the red brick, industrial looking ceiling, & use of old doors around the walls gave it the coziest & most eclectic feel that i couldn’t get enough of. well done, smelly cat! also, let’s just say the drinks are divine. go try some for yourself.

next we just wondered around NoDa, the cutest art district of charlotte.

we stopped in to a few quaint shops while exploring. this is local art displayed in ruby’s gift.

my kind of art!

my kind of art!

we made a lunch stop at the solstice tavern. first of all, how cute is that curb appeal? instant smiles just looking at it! i’m really glad we decided to eat there, because the service was great & the food was fantastic! we all got sandwiches, but what was 10 million times better was the mac & cheese on the side. i really want to go back for the sole purpose of asking them 1) for an entire bucket of their mac & cheese and 2) for that recipe. seriously. mac & cheese brilliance!

& we all loved the “hole-in-the-wall” feel 😉

my favorite childhood tale oh so magically painted on a door!

my favorite childhood tale oh so magically painted on a door!

what are my hands doing? i don’t even know. what i do know is that this is my best gal pal & i love her a lot. & we drink a lot of coffee, so therefore we are the coolest.

we then headed over to our absolute favorite bakery, amelie’s french bakery!

i absolutely adore this bakery. some of my most favorite memories abide in those walls, including the love bug & my best gal pal interacting for the first time (oh my heart). the salted caramel brownies are the most delectable, & the love bug recommends the honey buns!

gotta love the art work.

also, funny story:: you know the love lock bridge in paris? well there’s a mini one outside amelie’s. the first time i took the love bug here, we wanted to put up a lock but realized we didn’t have any locks in our back pocket. all we had was… a paper clip… so we put that paper clip on the bridge! it was really a joke but we thought it cute. but knowing we would be stopping by here on this trip, we purchased ourselves a real fancy lock! see that gold lock above the sign that says k + m? that’s us right there! i love our love.

lastly, we walked across the street to the salvaged beauty, a “NODA music, art and vintage collective.”

yeah, i wanted to cry. i love the beatles. i hope someday i have a record player in my home & i can tidy up to the sounds of here comes the sun.

trippy tapestry.

& thus ends a marvelous day with my favoritest humans ever.

much love,



treat yo self 2015.

clothes, treat yo self. fragrances, treat yo self. massages, treat yo self. mimosas, treat yo self. fine leather goods, treat yo self.

(if you picked up on my reference, i love you let’s be friends).

anyway, hi darlings! meredith here. the first two weeks of my sophomore year of college have definitely not been the easiest… so in the midst of it all, i gave myself some time to…ya know… treat myself 😉 as we all know being a college student means being broke, so these items, though small (or bought on sale hollllllaaaa), were a total treat.

olive flowy dress: 50% off at target // my own oasis candle: 70% off at target // glasses case: tjmaxx // star wars sketchbook: barnes & noble // wrap bracelet: 50% off at cracker barrel

ya girl knows how to find sales! that dress fulfills all my flowy needs. i have this obsession with clothes that make me look like a potato sack with no figure, it’s great. i get to hide in the folds of the dress and frolic around like i’m an irish princess or something. plus, when something is 50% off and your budget gives you a little extra wiggle room… treat yo self.

the star wars sketchbook wasn’t exactly a treat. more of a requirement for being an art major. however the sketchbooks i already own were too small for my teachers’ desire, so i needed a new one. all the sketchbooks at the art store were pretty boring and pretty expensive… so a trip to barnes & noble later & i landed me a star wars sketchbook. i also think, if you’re an artist, you’re going to want to sketch more if you really love your sketchbook. i have old sketchbooks i never touch purely because i don’t really like the way they look… i always pick up my more aesthetically pleasing ones first. don’t judge a book by it’s cover is usually the rule of thumb, but it may not apply here. i mean, all sketchbooks deserve equal love, but i’m an advocate for a sketchbook that aligns with your personality.

sketchbook rant end here.

my own oasis: with notes of toasted coconut, sheer jasmine, & cucumber water.

it smells as magical as they tried to make it sound. i’m not allowed to burn it though, as i live in the dorms and ya know, fire. smoke. blah blah blah. (no really it’s serious). but i sat it out next to my succulent garden and it definitely still makes the room smell nice. i can’t wait to take it home on break though. bubble baths & soy based candles are pretty much my heaven.

my mumsies actually purchased this for me. being the clumsy fool i am, i accidentally stepped on my old glasses case & have been in search for the perfect case ever since. not only is this special to me cause my dear marmee got it for me, but those words hold a special place in my heart for another reason. & that’s because my dearest gal pal susanna is heading over to Wales to study abroad for a while. i shall miss her dearly, & my eyes will be on Europe always, thinking of her & hoping to visit her someday!


i hope you enjoyed my little rants about my treats! i’ll have you know… i ended up writing an entire post just about the wrap bracelet & it got pretty deep… if you’re up to reading a kinda emotional post, let me know & i’ll post it on monday.

anyway, i hope you’re all having wonderful semesters so far, & remember to treat yo self when things get tough. doesn’t have to be expensive, the dollar store is your friend 😉 if anyone has treat yo self stories you wanna tell me, comment below. it’ll be fun.

much love,


back to (school) supplies.

well hi! hello! yes, i am alive! (barely but still.)

i want to totally apologize for being absent for so long. unfortunately, i’ve been a bit busy… aka in & out of emergency rooms & the hospital due to migraines & other lovely things. yeah. but hey, i’m alive now & recovering slowly but surely. & finally ready to start posting again!

so monday happened to be my first day of classes (collegiate sophomore year, let’s go.) i moved in late due to my medical complications, so i don’t feel quite prepared mentally or physically for the semester. i’m just hoping i can keep up this week! what about you guys? are any of you about to start school?

personally, school in whatever stage has caused me a lot of anxiety, like a lot. so i’m not always the most excited when that first day of school hits. however the one thing i could always get stoked about was…. SCHOOL SUPPLIES !!! oh my. let’s talk about school supplies. let’s talk about how i always squealed of excitement about backpacks & lunch boxes & folders & pencil holders & binders & everything. it’s such a great thing to help you get in the mood for school. so i thought i would show you guys some of my school supplies for this year::

doodles // oh, hello // coffee talk // edit undo // mental note // check & done //

// love your crazy, unbelievable, challenging, side-splitting, spontaneous, improbable, unpredictable, exasperating, big-hearted, absurd, delicious, abundant, inspiring, joyous, daring, jaw-dropping, beautiful life. //

pigma micron pens. this art major’s love affair.

LOOK !!! ahhhh. isn’t that just the coolest binder???

& the design on the inside is pretty rad. storm troopers are cool.

also can we just talk about how precious the planner i got this year is? it’s so cute! each page is so pretty & there are little quotes & pretty printed pages throughout the calendar bit.

i might even make some posts just showing you the cute pages of this planner. it’s really cute.

anyway, school is cool? not really. the end.

& on this episode of “i did something drastic.”

oh hey guys. what’s up? wanna hear a story? cool. cause i wanna tell ya one.

once upon a time, i’ve always had long hair. long, long hair. and a loooot of it. long, thick, heavy, straight hair. when i was little it was probably closer to brown, then in my young teens it was more dirty blonde, and now we’re thinking it’s trying to be red//auburn? it changes color depending on the day i swear, plus the lighting can make it look all sorts of rainbow colors. oh the hair struggles. i’ve also realized i don’t think i’ve ever even shown my face on this blog yet??? what is this madness. probably my insecurity. hah. cries. aaaaanyway, here are pictures of my long hair in all its glory::


& a really awful looking picture of my hair at it’s longest and poofiest::

ta daaaaa. 

okay, so let’s talk about those long hairs. i was sort of raised to believe that long hair was the beauty of a woman (which registered in my noggin’ as the only beauty of a woman), so i always thought if i cut my hair i’d probably be cutting off my beauty and womanhood or something. how tragic. i thought long hair meant beauty, and short hair just meant “cute”. like 5 year old cute. like bye bye womanhood.

my hair was also pretty much my security blanket. i’ve never really had any self-esteem and struggle with detrimentally hating the way i look. so the long hair was nice, because it turned people’s attention away from my face and toward my long hair. i could hide behind it. even when people complimented me, i just assumed the “beauty” they were referring to was my long hair. it was the only thing i felt semi-confident about, and even then it was a distorted confidence.

come this summer, i’ve been working excruciatingly hard to accept myself. loving begins with acceptance, right? i tried to break down unrealistic expectations i held myself to. i tried to be nicer to myself. but i was still hiding behind that hair.

i also struggle with chronic migraines, & constantly overheating & getting heat exhaustion. during a trip this summer the hair was a real problem. i got heat exhaustion, tried putting my hair in a topknot to get it off my neck & immediately got a migraine from the weight. even my neck would hurt from all the weight. so this thought of “…what if i cut my hair?” creeped in.

i couldn’t grasp it really. i was afraid of looking 5. i was afraid of not having something to hide behind. i was afraid of letting go of the one thing i actually kind of maybe liked about myself. i’ve also always been super ashamed of my chubby cheeks. i’ve got these like obnoxiously prominent cheekbones that jut out like they own the place. and unfortunately it makes me look like a chipmunk. i was afraid the shorter hair would just make my face look so round and bring so much attention to my cheeks….gah.

BUT. i decided to do it. scheduled the appointment. then i chickened out and decided to just trim it. hah. then i saw an instagram post from a friend that said, “do you have a face? yay, you have a face for short hair!” and it got me thinking. then my dad said something that got me thinking. then i was at the salon, panicking, about to cry, ranting to my hairdresser about the struggles. she told me to shut up and trust her. and not cry. i followed her instructions…. and i’m actually pretty happy that i did ::



^pretty much what i did for a few hours after i cut it. (sorry padres…)

dude. i can’t believe this is me. it is truly crazy what a hair cut can do! i already feel super free. my neck is singing praises. my top knots are adorable and painless. my cheeks… are still there, but hey! no extra attention really. except for the attention i just drew to them… welp.

i am a happy camper. really, i’ve been a lot happier since this has been done. don’t even know why. but it’s even helped me to accept//love myself more than i ever could. i guess it’s forced me to look at my face. and be like, hey face. you are my face. we’re gonna be together for a while. so let’s be pleasant to one another, huh? i may not be the biggest fan of my cheeks or my smile, but i’m gonna try my best to be nice. but dude. i kinda like my hair.


do any of you have major hair cutting experiences that you would want to share? do you have tips for short hair care? ideas for up-dos? general thoughts? comment below! hearing from you is my favorite. i like it even more than i like my new hair. i super like you guys.

thanks for reading//dealing with my ramblings!

much love,

mere bear & her new hair.