treat yo self 2015.

clothes, treat yo self. fragrances, treat yo self. massages, treat yo self. mimosas, treat yo self. fine leather goods, treat yo self.

(if you picked up on my reference, i love you let’s be friends).

anyway, hi darlings! meredith here. the first two weeks of my sophomore year of college have definitely not been the easiest… so in the midst of it all, i gave myself some time to…ya know… treat myself 😉 as we all know being a college student means being broke, so these items, though small (or bought on sale hollllllaaaa), were a total treat.

olive flowy dress: 50% off at target // my own oasis candle: 70% off at target // glasses case: tjmaxx // star wars sketchbook: barnes & noble // wrap bracelet: 50% off at cracker barrel

ya girl knows how to find sales! that dress fulfills all my flowy needs. i have this obsession with clothes that make me look like a potato sack with no figure, it’s great. i get to hide in the folds of the dress and frolic around like i’m an irish princess or something. plus, when something is 50% off and your budget gives you a little extra wiggle room… treat yo self.

the star wars sketchbook wasn’t exactly a treat. more of a requirement for being an art major. however the sketchbooks i already own were too small for my teachers’ desire, so i needed a new one. all the sketchbooks at the art store were pretty boring and pretty expensive… so a trip to barnes & noble later & i landed me a star wars sketchbook. i also think, if you’re an artist, you’re going to want to sketch more if you really love your sketchbook. i have old sketchbooks i never touch purely because i don’t really like the way they look… i always pick up my more aesthetically pleasing ones first. don’t judge a book by it’s cover is usually the rule of thumb, but it may not apply here. i mean, all sketchbooks deserve equal love, but i’m an advocate for a sketchbook that aligns with your personality.

sketchbook rant end here.

my own oasis: with notes of toasted coconut, sheer jasmine, & cucumber water.

it smells as magical as they tried to make it sound. i’m not allowed to burn it though, as i live in the dorms and ya know, fire. smoke. blah blah blah. (no really it’s serious). but i sat it out next to my succulent garden and it definitely still makes the room smell nice. i can’t wait to take it home on break though. bubble baths & soy based candles are pretty much my heaven.

my mumsies actually purchased this for me. being the clumsy fool i am, i accidentally stepped on my old glasses case & have been in search for the perfect case ever since. not only is this special to me cause my dear marmee got it for me, but those words hold a special place in my heart for another reason. & that’s because my dearest gal pal susanna is heading over to Wales to study abroad for a while. i shall miss her dearly, & my eyes will be on Europe always, thinking of her & hoping to visit her someday!


i hope you enjoyed my little rants about my treats! i’ll have you know… i ended up writing an entire post just about the wrap bracelet & it got pretty deep… if you’re up to reading a kinda emotional post, let me know & i’ll post it on monday.

anyway, i hope you’re all having wonderful semesters so far, & remember to treat yo self when things get tough. doesn’t have to be expensive, the dollar store is your friend 😉 if anyone has treat yo self stories you wanna tell me, comment below. it’ll be fun.

much love,



4 thoughts on “treat yo self 2015.

  1. Susanna says:

    Don’t make me cry Meredith! I love you so much. Keep yo eyes on Europe and treat yo self by meeting me in Paris someday, how bout that? I LOVE YOU!

    Also, I’ve been racking up budget travel and free stuff to do in Paris tips because the only way for me to emotionally cope with the idea of moving away is to plan our adventures : )

    Liked by 1 person

    • craftedfragments says:

      ahh, a trip to Paris would be magnificent! we shall have the most marvelous adventures. & no tears, you’ve been dreaming of this your whole life! letters will be sent & we will always be together in spirit. love you darling.

      Liked by 1 person

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