photo post of our weekend adventures in charlotte.

hello lovelies! this weekend, the love bug & i took a road trip to charlotte nc to visit my best gal pal susanna. we probably had the greatest time ever. here, i can prove it::

first stop? smelly cat coffee house.

it’s always time for coffee.

old door covered in international currency.

the arrangement of this coffee house was probably one of my most favorites. it was perfect for introverted hermits like me who want to drink my coffee in a nook of peacefulness. the red brick, industrial looking ceiling, & use of old doors around the walls gave it the coziest & most eclectic feel that i couldn’t get enough of. well done, smelly cat! also, let’s just say the drinks are divine. go try some for yourself.

next we just wondered around NoDa, the cutest art district of charlotte.

we stopped in to a few quaint shops while exploring. this is local art displayed in ruby’s gift.

my kind of art!

my kind of art!

we made a lunch stop at the solstice tavern. first of all, how cute is that curb appeal? instant smiles just looking at it! i’m really glad we decided to eat there, because the service was great & the food was fantastic! we all got sandwiches, but what was 10 million times better was the mac & cheese on the side. i really want to go back for the sole purpose of asking them 1) for an entire bucket of their mac & cheese and 2) for that recipe. seriously. mac & cheese brilliance!

& we all loved the “hole-in-the-wall” feel 😉

my favorite childhood tale oh so magically painted on a door!

my favorite childhood tale oh so magically painted on a door!

what are my hands doing? i don’t even know. what i do know is that this is my best gal pal & i love her a lot. & we drink a lot of coffee, so therefore we are the coolest.

we then headed over to our absolute favorite bakery, amelie’s french bakery!

i absolutely adore this bakery. some of my most favorite memories abide in those walls, including the love bug & my best gal pal interacting for the first time (oh my heart). the salted caramel brownies are the most delectable, & the love bug recommends the honey buns!

gotta love the art work.

also, funny story:: you know the love lock bridge in paris? well there’s a mini one outside amelie’s. the first time i took the love bug here, we wanted to put up a lock but realized we didn’t have any locks in our back pocket. all we had was… a paper clip… so we put that paper clip on the bridge! it was really a joke but we thought it cute. but knowing we would be stopping by here on this trip, we purchased ourselves a real fancy lock! see that gold lock above the sign that says k + m? that’s us right there! i love our love.

lastly, we walked across the street to the salvaged beauty, a “NODA music, art and vintage collective.”

yeah, i wanted to cry. i love the beatles. i hope someday i have a record player in my home & i can tidy up to the sounds of here comes the sun.

trippy tapestry.

& thus ends a marvelous day with my favoritest humans ever.

much love,



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