fragments from the art journal.

he loves me not, he loves me


the hobbit: i’m going on an adventure


keep growing


doodle on, doodle bugs.


& these are a few of my favorite things.

1. coffee houses. especially this one in particular. eclectic & quaint & perfect for all occasions. perfect for date nights, study sessions, catching up with old friends, people watching, diving into good books, or just drinking some coffee. they’re known for their epic flavored lattes, & awesome atmosphere. live irish bands on sundays, jazz nights on thursdays, & always a choice playlist playing in the background in between. i happened to just get back from jazz night & this girl swoons at the sound of a saxophone, so you bet i was in heaven.

3. grey flowy things. ask any of my friends, my wardrobe consists of mainly grey flowy things. my love language is probably grey flowy things. i get this weird sort of satisfaction & joy when i see other people also wearing grey flowy things. my mom is always saying, “do you really need another grey flowy thing?!?” & you bet i’m always answering, “uh, YES, YES I DO.” i found this dress & just couldn’t resist. it’s the perfect color grey & the perfect amount of flowy. makes ya wanna frolic your heart out!

3. ice cream parlors. especially little ones that have been around for ages & still use glass coke bottles! the love bug & i love to take walks down to the ice cream parlor to share a cup of cookies & cream & soak up the sun.

4. i love lucy.

my darling roomie & i had this conversation about how much we adored i love lucy & next thing i know my mom bought us the first season on DVD. so you bet i spent a lazy friday morning in bed watching episode after episode of i love lucy & laughing my sides off. did anyone else grow up with this show?? it’s so hilarious & silly & i love it.

5. rings.

it’s a jewelry weakness of mine. my bestest gal pal has this fear of rings which cracks me up because i’m the total opposite. i recently got these two rings from the cutest jewelry & knick knack store we have next to campus & i love them. one is silver & has this really cool texture to it, & the other is a mood ring!!! 90’s kids, what’s good. i used to love mood rings (but the ones with the color all around the ring), so when i saw this adorable oval one i was like um, yes please. apparently i’m always very happy, & then nervous. how accurate!

6. marble everything.

okay, so marble takes the cake as the prettiest. taking art history in our campus’ art museum is my favorite because of the marble columns (that i secretly desire to just hug they are so beautiful). i didn’t know marble print was a thing until i saw an instagram post of this journal & i was like UM YES? HELLUR 911 MARBLE EMERGENCY. i take obsessions way too far probably, but the marble lovin’ has hit me strong. i was never so excited to receive something in the mail as i was this gorgeous journal. not even gonna pretend i don’t stroke that beautiful cover sometimes. this is a trend i can give my blessing to. marble everything please.

7. you guys.

no really, i love you all. you’re my favorite.


& those are just a few of my favorite things! *cue maria von trapp singing the hills are aliiiive*

what are a few of your favorite things? let me know in the comments! 

all my love,


dear coffee, i love you. [photo post]

oh my, it’s monday already! which means i’ve got a long week ahead of me… what better way to tackle the morning than with coffee?! iced lattes, espresso shots, you name it, i enjoy it. however, sometimes i think i enjoy photographing my coffee just as much as i like drinking it! let’s pretend you like looking at photos of coffee as much as i like taking them::

iced parisienne latte

//iced parisienne latte//

hot salted caramel latte

//hot salted caramel latte//

iced coffee with a shot of caramel & a little cream.

//iced coffee with a shot of caramel & a little cream//

//hot caramel latte//

//hot caramel latte//

//iced black & tan latte//

//iced black & tan latte//

violllaaaa. coffee. love that bean juice.

here’s to hoping you all have wonderful mondays & productive kick-starters to your weeks. grab a cup o’ joe to get those brain juices flowing, & go live, create, inspire! share love & laughter! & if the coffee doesn’t do the trick, here’s your permission to go take a nap. 😉

much love,


you are beautiful.

you are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed- and you are beautiful. (amy bloom)

i’ve been struggling a lot with self love lately. i guess being a human makes it very hard not to absolutely loathe myself some days. i mean, it’s inevitable. we are human. we make mistakes. we are imperfect; we are flawed. but sometimes i feel as if i’m living my life as one big apology to the world for all my millions of flub-ups. i haven’t come to terms that it’s okay to not be perfect.

i look at myself in the mirror and i point out all that i could change about myself. everything that could be better or smaller, every scar i wish wasn’t there, every freckle or mark i despise. but what do i expect? is any human perfect? is any human without a single blemish?

sometimes i think the world just needs a giant hug and a reminder that it’s okay, absolutely okay, to be imperfect. to be permanently and inevitably flawed. in fact, it’s beautiful. i think as humans, that’s not our natural reaction. we strive for perfection, for what could be better, we never settle. so yeah, maybe it takes a conscious effort to recognize beauty in the imperfect. but i think that’s something we should fight for. what if we went out of our way each day to make sure to compliment someone’s appearance? who knows, maybe that person will go home, look in the mirror, and realize hey, they like their hair too. and what if we showed ourselves the same kindness we show others? what if we looked in the mirror and said, you have gentle but passionate eyes, self. your smile has meaning and strength to it, which makes it powerful, self. your wrinkles are reminders that you have smiled, and they tell stories of joy and laughter. your hair looks like a lioness’ mane; it looks like it holds secrets. your teeth are uniquely yours, crooked and cute. your ears are dainty, your nose assertive, your cheeks plump, your jaw line direct. you are imperfect, self. you are permanently and inevitably flawed. and you are beautiful.

say it one more time for the people in the back,


say it one more time for people who love you,


say it one more time for the people who drag you down,


say it one more time for you.

i am beautiful.

farmers market love.

happy labor day everyone! hope y’all are having a fun (& safe) weekend full of laughter & love. here’s a little throwback post for ya, enjoy!

remember how i adore farmers markets? yeah. the love bug & i went on a date to the largest farmers market in north carolina a while back, & we had the most amazing time. check it out::

succulents & tea cups // two of my favorite things.

succulent love !!! ahh !!!

remember them from blues clues???

& then the love bug bought me the most beautiful sunflower like the darling he is.

& then the love bug bought me the most beautiful sunflower like the darling he is.

one of the favorite animals:: pigs.

one of the favorite animals:: pigs.

(remember when i had long hair??)

favorite flower !!!

favorite flower !!!

& we ended the date with the most adorable picnic & the freshest of sunflowers.

& we ended the date with the most adorable picnic & the freshest of sunflowers.

farmers markets are the best.

much love,


woodland tales planner.

remember when i made a post about my school supplies and told you about my adorable planner? do you want to see just how precious it is? ::

i’d always stuck to the same planner throughout my high school years. it wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing, but it had enough room for my loads and loads of homework. now that i’m in college (yay!) & i really only need the calendar bits to remember events & due dates, i wanted to get creative with my planner choices. this one makes me happy, as well as artistically inspired with all the little pages of woodland animals & quotes. i love it! what kind of planner do you use?