you are beautiful.

you are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed- and you are beautiful. (amy bloom)

i’ve been struggling a lot with self love lately. i guess being a human makes it very hard not to absolutely loathe myself some days. i mean, it’s inevitable. we are human. we make mistakes. we are imperfect; we are flawed. but sometimes i feel as if i’m living my life as one big apology to the world for all my millions of flub-ups. i haven’t come to terms that it’s okay to not be perfect.

i look at myself in the mirror and i point out all that i could change about myself. everything that could be better or smaller, every scar i wish wasn’t there, every freckle or mark i despise. but what do i expect? is any human perfect? is any human without a single blemish?

sometimes i think the world just needs a giant hug and a reminder that it’s okay, absolutely okay, to be imperfect. to be permanently and inevitably flawed. in fact, it’s beautiful. i think as humans, that’s not our natural reaction. we strive for perfection, for what could be better, we never settle. so yeah, maybe it takes a conscious effort to recognize beauty in the imperfect. but i think that’s something we should fight for. what if we went out of our way each day to make sure to compliment someone’s appearance? who knows, maybe that person will go home, look in the mirror, and realize hey, they like their hair too. and what if we showed ourselves the same kindness we show others? what if we looked in the mirror and said, you have gentle but passionate eyes, self. your smile has meaning and strength to it, which makes it powerful, self. your wrinkles are reminders that you have smiled, and they tell stories of joy and laughter. your hair looks like a lioness’ mane; it looks like it holds secrets. your teeth are uniquely yours, crooked and cute. your ears are dainty, your nose assertive, your cheeks plump, your jaw line direct. you are imperfect, self. you are permanently and inevitably flawed. and you are beautiful.

say it one more time for the people in the back,


say it one more time for people who love you,


say it one more time for the people who drag you down,


say it one more time for you.

i am beautiful.


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