it’s time to fall into autumn.

oh, hey readers (if anyone does in fact read this blog). let’s talk about seasons. & the fact that we haven’t officially acknowledged autumn on crafted fragments yet?!? say what? it’s practically a sin. i mean, this is my absolute favorite time of year we’re talking about. all the leaves, the yummy food, the holidays coming up, the snuggly fuzzy clothes wearing time… & not to mention, it’s october, my all time favorite month! this girl is a happy camper i tell ya.

i know for some of you this might not actually be a happy time… i have friends who dislike autumn, who are suffering severe separation anxiety from summer, and who just get plain ol’ depressed from fall. while i don’t completely understand these particular feelings, i truly feel for you. because, similar to your feelings, i dislike every season that isn’t autumn, suffer from severe separation anxiety from leaves, and get plain ol’ depressed whenever it’s not thanksgiving.

maybe let’s level the playing field by me telling you allllll the reasons you should adore autumn like i do. then, your transition to this wonderful season will be as smooth, yet exhilarating, as jumping into a pile of leaves! shall we?

reasons you’re gonna love autumn:

  1. cause it’s awesome.
  2. leaves.
  3. pumpkins.
  4. spoopy.
  5. crisp air.
  6. the smell of all things sugar & spice.
  7. scarf wearing season.
  8. cozy sweater wearing season.
  9. fuzzy socks wearing season.

i’m pretty sure i covered the basics.

but really, how to ensure you get the most out of autumn:

  1. go to a pumpkin patch.
  2. watch an autumn sunset.
  3. take a “fall foliage” drive.
  4. knit a scarf.
  5. have an autumn picnic, complete with checkered blanket & thermos full of apple cider.
  6. go apple picking.
  7. build a blanket fort & watch old movies.
  8. have a bonfire with s’mores & campfire songs.
  9. wear lots of sweaters.
  10. put together a fall playlist.
  11. take a “turkey walk” on thanksgiving.
  12. go to a corn maze.
  13. buy an autumnal scented candle.
  14. visit the mountains.
  15. bake lots of pumpkin flavored goods.
  16. rake leaves into a pile & jump!
  17. go on a hay ride.
  18. drink hot chocolate, hot tea, hot apple cider, hot coffee… anything hot! make sure you have a snazzy mug to go along with it.
  19. carve a pumpkin.
  20. decorate your living space for autumn.
  21. have lots of cuddles.
  22. collect & press leaves.
  23. visit a country fair or festival.
  24. maybe even visit an alpaca farm (my personal favorite).
  25. hike a nature trail.
  26. eat a lot of turkey.
  27. just be really really thankful.
  28. breathe that good air.
  29. rest your eyes on those beautiful sights.
  30. & take this season as a season of refreshing. a new beginning. a time to love & be loved. a time to be thankful & count your blessings. a time to be engaged with & excited about life. take this season as a time to be truly alive.

happy autumn, everyone. i’m so happy autumn’s finally here.


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