hey natalie jean // book review.

“Natalie Holbrook’s sensibility is stylish and playful, as well as practical, loving, and down-to-earth. Hey Natalie Jean is a terrific read for anyone who wants to make her life more beautiful.” – Gretchen Rubin

i bought this book like 10 years ago (or back in june) and i just now finished it. (don’t you remember me telling you that story of how i asked the man at barnes where to find the book & he led me to the parenting section, eyed me down, & boldly asked when i was due. *cue awkward laugh & blurt out NOPE THANKS*)

anywhoozles, the book! it’s pure goodness i tell ya. in the words of amazon.com, “inspiring, moving, and whip-smart, Hey Natalie Jean is an honest look at the hard work and courage that go into creating a beautiful life.” preach, amazon, preach. it does take courage, & it is something we ladies work hard at. ya know, i think it must’ve taken me the 10 years (4 months) to read because i didn’t just read it. from page 1, i could tell it was gonna be so good & frankly helpful, so i started taking notes & writing down my favorite lines & tips & re-reading my favorite chapters to myself & to friends. yeah, i’m weird. whatever.

i 10/10 recommend this book, mostly to young mothers & young women. especially if you like witty talk. & like making life beautiful. i love having this book on my shelf & will probably reference it frequently. natalie jean is a babe, a total style icon, & talks some good sense about life being an adventure & happiness being right at our fingertips. can i get some snaps & an amen?

now, for your sampling pleasure, here are my favorite quotes from my (lol) detailed notes to entice you into reading it yourself::

“mom, cream cheese is the best part of my life. ever.”

“i make my home somewhere i love to be not to impress others, or to live up to some standard or ideal, but out of respect for myself.”

“i like to decorate things // there it is. my home, my body, my shelf in the bathroom where i like to line up my aesthetically pleasing skin creams according to height like trophies- i like for my things to be pretty. i like for my life to be beautiful.”

“authenticity is the most beautiful thing on a woman, & the key to unlocking your sense of inner beauty & confidence is in getting to know yourself, accepting yourself all the way, & then working with what you got, instead of trying to fit into a one-size-fits-all standard of beauty that, i promise you, only works on maybe four people.”

“you don’t need to know a thing about fashion to have a personal style.”

“put on a hat. it’s nearly impossible to feel sad when you’re wearing a hat.”

“we are only dust… but the dust built the pyramids, you know.”

“i’ve always believed that every breath is a new chance to choose happiness.”

“be the boss of your poops.”


now you want to read it, right? good. go read it.


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