return of the blogger // laugh it up fur ball.

oh dear. it’s been a while, hasn’t it? so long that i’m forgetting how this blogging thing works! i could give my excuses, including medical emergencies, injuries, & illnesses… buuuuuut who really wants to hear about that. that’s a downer. & it’s already monday. so let’s just get back to blogging twice a week, shall we?!

now, to attempt to make your monday a little brighter, here is a video that has me ROLLING on the floor giggling.

*cue the laughter

as a blogger, instagram enthusiast, & art major, i am guilty of forcing friends, family, & my darling love bug to play the role of the “instagram husband“. at least the sentence, “we used to eat our food. now we just take pictures of it“, really rings true for me. i’m not much for photos of myself/mah face, but admittedly i won’t let anyone take a single bite until i get good pictures of the food!

anyway, please check out their hilarious website,, & laugh your face off. laughter is good for the mondaze.


hugs & love,


high five if you picked up on my title references. 


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