my top 5 christmas films.

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popcorn buckets ready? hot chocolate poured? pillow forts made? good. because i’m about to share with you my personal favorite, top 5 christmas films! i happen to believe that the holiday season isn’t complete without watching your favorite christmas movies. it’s part of the magic! let’s get to listing em out, in no particular order:

1. Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer


as seen above on our beloved popcorn bucket, Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a christmas classic that the love bug re-introduced me to! it’s just really adorable & perfect for young kids. after watching it, i couldn’t resist buying my love bug a rudolf stuffed animal, & singing “i am not just a misfit” & “we’re on the island of misfit toys” all day long. it’s my love bug’s favorite, & i definitely adore it as well.

2. Elf


i happen to be watching this as i write! Elf may be a newer christmas movie, but no holiday season is complete without watching it at least 10 times. it has hilarious moments for the adults, & a great message for the kids. & it has Will Ferrel, so. yeah. it’s gonna make you pee your pants laughing. bye buddy, hope you find your dad!


3. The Polar Express


HOT, HOT, HOT CHOCOLATE! doesn’t matter the age, you’ve got to love The Polar Express. it’s a great mix of classic & modern. it’s a spin on the children’s book, but adds many more adventures, lovable characters, & great music! i know the entire soundtrack by heart, & can pretty much quote the whole movie as it’s playing (yeah, i’m that annoying person). it’s just such a feel-good, fun, & beautifully done movie. give it a view this christmas!

4. Home Alone (1&2)


Keviiiiiiiiiinnnn! gotta love a family friendly, slapstick comedy like the Home Alone movies. (personally, i only like the first two.) Kevin McCallister is definitely more clever & much braver than i would have been at that age, it’s truly commendable. i’ve been watching these movies for years & would recommend them time & again. they’re brilliant.

5. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas


this one, i must admit, happens to be the one i was most excited to watch this year. i’m not sure if that’s because i love it so much, or because my mother loves it so much… it’s literally her all-time most favorite christmas film. & if you know my mom, you know that her laughter will bring you the biggest heap of joy that the world can offer. watching her watch this movie is probably my favorite part of the holiday season. & it’s also just a brilliant movie. it’s a live action spin on the classic cartoon version, which i recently watched & didn’t find as magical. this version just really digs deeper into the story & explores each character, which adds so much more for me. & i love jim carrey in this film because he just makes the Grinch SO HILARIOUS. almost every line has us all crying of laughter, it’s that good. i really really recommend this movie, to the christmas enthusiasts among you, & the grinches.

& here are some fun facts about my connections to this movie: my first introduction to it was when i used to live in california & visited the hollywood universal studios movie lots. we got to drive through whoville, which looks just as magical & out of this world as it does in the movie! i also sang, “where are you christmas?”, at a school choral concert, & will never be able to get that tune out of my head because of it. 

well, that’s all i got for you, folks! my top 5 christmas films! these are just my personal favorites, so i’d love to hear any & all of yours! any recommendations for my movie marathon next year? what films can you not go a holiday season without watching? let me know in the comments!

& get excited, because between now & christmas eve, i will have 6 more holiday themed posts coming your way!!! i can’t wait for you to see everything i have prepped for you guys. you won’t want to miss out!

see you tomorrow, & happy holidays!

hugs & love,


*all images taken from Google images.

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