christmas candy house.

making & decorating a gingerbread house has always been a tradition i’ve refused to pass up. & while i do love a good gingerbread house & do like to stick to tradition, this year i thought i’d be adventurous & change things up a bit! & i’m glad i did, because making this christmas candy house was absolutely delightful. here’s how i made it:

Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

christmas candy house

you’ll need: 

3 XL kit kat bars

2 XL cookies ‘n’ creme hershey’s bars

8 regular hershey’s milk chocolate bars

regular candy canes

miniature candy canes

assorted christmas candies

christmas sprinkles

tiny round cookie cutter

LED tea lights

wax or tissue paper

unnamed (4).jpg


  1. first thing you’re going to want to do is set up a tray, or platter, or even a cookie sheet covered in aluminum foil.
  2. next, you’re going to set aside 4 of your hershey’s milk chocolate bars. those will be used for the sides, front, & back of your house. take 2 of your extra chocolate bars & break them up into a bowl. put that bowl in the microwave, & set it for 10 second bursts until fully melted. (you will also use the 2 remaining for this purpose, but i suggest only melting 2 at a time. after a while your chocolate will get too hard, & you’ll need a new batch).
  3. then you’ll take your XL kit kat bars (we got ours at walmart if you have a hard time finding them), & open em up. when we opened ours, they were already broken into 3 kit kats each. you’ll need 2 rows of 14 kit kats each, so lay those down side by side. whatever extra there is, break it off & eat it!
  4. spoon your melted chocolate into a corner of a plastic baggy, & snip a tiny bit off the end. this will work like a piping bag! use your melted chocolate to stick the kit kats together. this will be your base for your candy house. (just a quick tip, if your chocolate is too melted, it will run everywhere. if it’s too hard, you can’t use it! make sure you get it in the middle, when it’s a little tackier, but not rock solid. if it does harden up, just stick it back in the microwave.)
  5. now you’ll need a sharp knife & a cutting board. take 2 of the 4 pieces of hershey’s chocolate you set aside. position them longways, & break a row off of the top of each, so that you have 3 rows of hershey’s squares left. then you’ll need to use your sharp knife (& be careful not to crack the bar!) & cut diagonally from the second row up to the middle of the top of the bar. here’s a picture for reference:
    Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

    this is the back view of the candy house!

    just cut the same way on both sides so that you have a cathedral/triangular looking shape to the top. & you’ll do that to the 2 pieces.

  6. next, choose one of those pieces you just cut to be the front panel. for this step, you’ll need a small bowl of boiling hot water & your tiny circular cookie cutter. because the chocolate easily cracks (speaking from experience), instead of cutting a doorway with a knife, you’ll need to use a different method. take your bowl of boiling hot water & place the small cookie cutter inside. let it get nice & hot. then, you’ll take it out & place it over the bottom center area of your front panel. here’s a picture for reference:
    Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

    this is the front panel!

    when you press it down (not too hard, mind you), it will melt out a little circle, & then you can use a knife to cut out the rest for a little dome shape like so. if you’re lucky & you plan correctly, it’ll be just the shape for the top of a candy cane!

  7. to achieve this candy cane door, you’ll grab one of your regular sized candy canes & snap off the long end so that you’re just left with the arch at the top. stick it on to the doorway arch you just made with a little chocolate glue, & viola! you’ve got a candy cane doorway. if it doesn’t quite fit (like mine) just use some handy dandy christmas candy to fix it right up.
  8. you’ll probably want to do most of the decorating of the panels before mounting them together, so at this point if you want to add any candies or sprinkles, do so! as you can see above, i used holiday sprinkles to put holly above the doorway, & used a peppermint candy & two candy cane sprinkles for the back panel.
  9. if you’d like, you can also go ahead and decorate the side panels!
    Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

    this is the left side of the candy house!

    i kept it pretty simple & just affixed two peppermint candies on the side to mimic windows.

  10. now you’re gonna need to set this house up! place the bottom of you back panel in some chocolate, & place it in a groove of the kit kat base, probably the second kit kat grove in. then use your melted chocolate to pipe chocolate along the edges of your panel, & stick your side panels onto it. then, just as the back panel, you’re going to put melted chocolate along the sides & bottom of your front panel, & slide it in to the kit kat groove! hold it in place for a little while, just to make sure everything stays put & dries in the right placement. it shouldn’t take too long for the chocolate to harden.
  11. now is a good time to do any decorations along the base of your candy house, while the sides are drying. we used christmas colored chocolate candies to line the bottom of the side panels. i also put christmas tree sprinkles on the back panel. this is also the time to cut out a section of tissue paper or wax paper & place it on the inside to cover up your door. then, you can turn on 2 LED tea lights (they look like little candles) & place them inside. i forgot this step & had to take off my already solidified roof & put them in & put the roof back on. do not do this. it is annoying. i bought 120 hour tea light candles from the dollar store. so don’t go buying 2 candles for anything more than a dollar. they literally last for 120 hours!
  12. now, once the base of the house solidifies, it’s roof time!
    Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

    roof roof.

    take your 2 XL cookies ‘n’ creme hershey’s bars & grab that sharp knife. chop off the top row of both bars, & a side row. you should be left with a 3×3. now, they’re a little on the heavy side, so these take longer to stick on. use your plastic bag pipping bag to put melted chocolate on every surface that will touch the roof once it’s placed on. now, grab a pal, stick em on, position em how you want, & hold for a few minutes til it stays. ta da!

  13. now, go ham with decorations:Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset for the roof decorations, as you can see, i ran a strip of melted chocolate down the center where the roof panels meet, & placed chocolate candies along it. i also put the mini candy canes on the sides of the front & back panels. i had found a candy cane christmas tree previously & saved it for this house, so i placed it on the side. & as a final touch, i used some christmas sprinkles that looked like snow & poured it everywhere!

Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

& that’s it folks! the final product! viola!

i hope you enjoyed this post. i know it was a lot of long instructions, & i genuinely had a difficult time figuring out how to explain how to do certain things… i dearly hope it all made sense. & if not, please don’t hesitate to comment questions below & i will answer them right away.

i will say though, this was hilarious fun to make. the love bug, my mum, & i all gathered around the dinner table with pizza, all this candy, & our favorite movie, how the grinch stole christmas! we had lots of candy house fails & lots of laughs, especially while listening to my mom quote every word of the movie & giggle uncontrollably. it may be a little bit of work, but it’s totally worth it in the end. it makes for a great centerpiece, especially if you’re planning a christmas party or holiday get together with family!

i’ll be taking a little sunday break, but the holiday themed posts will keep on coming starting monday! i’ve got just a few more great posts coming your way that you won’t want to miss. thanks to those that have been reading em thus far!


love you all & a very merry holiday season,



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