holiday gift wrapping.

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whats up.

if you haven’t already guessed, today i’m going to be sharing with you my creative tips on holiday gift wrapping! i love wrapping gifts. whether or not i’m actually good at it is another question entirely, but i love wrapping gifts. i guess you could call me a hardcore wrapper. let’s get wrapping, shall we?

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how gorgeous is this one? brown paper packages tied up with string may be plain jain to some, but i personally find them so quaint. & it’s super simple, like i said just some brown paper packaging & some brown twine. but i spiced this one up a bit by tying in a candy cane! doesn’t get more festive than that, & then they get a treat to eat as well as their present! so tip #1, keep it simple, but with a festive twist.


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now, while you can achieve elegance & grace with some brown paper packaging tied up with string…. star wars is one of my favorite things! what i mean to say is, you can always make wrapping great by just buying some awesomely printed wrapping paper. i found this tube of star wars wrapping paper at the dollar store!!! they also sell it at hallmark and barnes & noble, i believe. these were all yoda themed gifts i gave my love bug a little early, & i stayed true to the star wars theme with the wrapping paper. i thought it was so cute. so, again, tip # 2, get some fantastically printed wrapping paper, & the job is done for you! (& of course, don’t forget the bows.)


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we can call this one the holly berry design. not to be confused with halle berry. for this little guy (he is rather little, only a couple inches in width), i used my brown & white chevron print wrapping paper. i purchased this at target & have been loving it. i wrapped so many of my gifts with it! i then bought gold leaf stickers at target as well i think, & arranged them & stuck them down as i wanted. i then used super glue to attach these adorable, tiny jingle bells i bought from the dollar store. i love the way this one turned out. it’s probably my favorite! tip #3 would be to experiment with stickers & glueing things on the outside of your gift for some visual eye candy.


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now for this one i decided to try something new. i had some gorgeous silvery shiny tissue paper laying around, & i had a small gift i needed to wrap. i didn’t really feel like using any wrapping paper i had, so i experimented with tissue paper as wrapping paper! & i really love how it turned out. i just wrapped the gift like you would with normal paper, & then tied some bakers twine (fancy name for red & white twine) around it twice. & before i tied it off, i attached a big jingle bell. these jingle bells have a snowflake pattern on them & they’re so pretty. i actually picked them up at the dollar store! so for this gift, my tip (#5) would be to use pretty metallic tissue paper as wrapping paper for smaller gifts to achieve a really glitzy look.


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now this one is super simple! tip number #6, find cute boxes that need no wrapping! usually, even if i do find a box with adorable snow men & reindeer & santa claus etc… i still wrap it up! however, these little tiny 1×1 inch boxes were just too cute to wrap. they were printed like baby candy canes & fit my small trinkets i bought for the love bug perfectly. i felt like wrapping it would take away from how cute the little box was. so instead, i plopped this adorable miniature bow on the top!


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& last but not least, this super adorable package. for this one, i again used my chevron print wrapping paper which i adore. i then used some red twine to wrap around the side of the package, instead of your usual criss cross pattern. my mom had just bought a bag of cinnamon scented pinecones from our local grocery store, & i thought it would be so lovely to attach them to the wrapping of this package! i strung the cinnamon stick on the twine, & then wrapped the twine in the groves of the pinecone to secure it. i then finished wrapping the twine around the package & secured it at the bottom. i just love this design because not only does it look really rustic & cute, but it smells amazing! it truly smells like the holidays. so tip #7, try & offset your twine for a perhaps non-traditional but really delightful effect. & perhaps experiment with attaching cinnamon sticks, pine cones, or even branches or leaves or whatever you’ve got around the house!


i hope you’ve enjoyed this tips & designs. i had a lot of fun wrapping presents this year, but these were just some of my favorites. i think it makes the gift just a little extra special when you put some personal creative touches into the wrapping as well. let me know in the comments if you try any of these yourself, or have any wrapping secrets you’d like to share! thanks so much for reading.

& that’s a wrap!


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