12 dates of christmas.

welcome to the second to last holiday post!

i hope you’ve all been enjoying them so far, & i hope you’ve been having a lovely holiday season. because lets be honest. sometimes, there is a little bit of a hype for the holidays. & then if our holiday season doesn’t go quite as magically as we plan for it to, it feels like a total waste & such a downer. we’ve all had that one december that just plain old sucked. haven’t you had one of those? mine was last year. i spent my december & my christmas alone, & heart broken. & it definitely wasn’t one i want to relive. but for me personally, this season really made up for it. because for the past year, i’ve been holding hands & sharing kisses with the most amazing man on the planet in my eyes. & so this december, we got to share our first holiday season together. we planned many christmasy dates & made many memories for future years, so i thought i’d share some with you! here are 12 dates that i’d definitely recommend, whether it be sharing these with the love of your life, someone you fancy, or even your family & friends. let’s get started!


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1st: bake christmas cookies.

on the first day of christmas my true love aaand me… baked christmas cookies!

now, whether or not you’re good in the kitchen, baking (or even just eating) christmas cookies together is a must! they only come around once a year & there are so many different varieties you can go for. you can make sugar cookies, use cookie cutters to create christmas trees & reindeer, & decorate them. or, you can do what we did, & freak out over a store bought sugar cookie pack that had R2D2 on the cookies!!! we couldn’t resist. i mean this is star wars season as well, after all. this is a relatively inexpensive date that i guarantee will include lots of laughs, a mess, & good memories.


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2nd: go to a christmas festival.

on the second day of christmas my true love aaand me… went to a christmas festival!

there is nothing more magical than going to a christmas festival. held downtown, this christmas festival was full of fake snow, giant blow up santas, christmas carols, & live music! i will say, do remember to dress much warmer than we did. but even with numb fingers & toes, we had an amazing time. it was so romantic just walking through the shops, stopping to listen to carolers or live performers or a band playing carol of the bells. at one point, there was even an ice fairy lady on stilts that scared the fool out of me. make sure to prepare for this one in advance, since christmas festivals are usually held at the beginning of december. this is truly one of the most romantic dates & it costs nothing just to walk around together!


3rd: shop for presents.

on the third day of christmas my true love aaand me… shopped for other people’s christmas gifts together!

now, i loooooove giving gifts. it’s one of my favorite things in the world. i just love the happiness it brings. & i love picking out presents! so when the love bug asked me to come along christmas shopping with him, i was thrilled. it’s actually a lot of fun to pick out presents together, whether you give gifts as a couple or separately. some people may not like shopping for presents as much as i do, & it may be a total drag to you, so why not make it a date! that way, at least you have someone to suffer with, a second opinion for choosing gifts, & someone to make it an adventure.


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4th: christmas film marathon.

on the fourth day of christmas my true love aaand me… had a christmas film marathon!

step 1: build a warm & fuzzy comfy cozy pillow fort or pile of fluff. step 2: get a christmasy popcorn bucket. step 3: dress in the appropriate christmas pajama attire. step 4: make the hot chocolate. step 5: start the christmas film marathon. // i mean, its not like we have to wait all year to watch some of our favorite movies on repeat for an entire month. & it’s not like christmas movies don’t give you the warm & fuzzies on the inside, especially when watched with loved ones… oh wait. THAT IS TOTALLY THE CASE. dude, you can’t not have a christmas movie marathon. buddy the elf is waiting for you. oh, & just in case you don’t know which films to watch, i post about my top 5 favorite christmas movies here. there are many more to chose from as well, of course. & all are perfect for hours of cuddles & endlessly munching on peppermint bark.


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5th: go to a christmas tree lighting.

on the fifth day of christmas my true love aaand me… went to see a christmas tree lighting!

there is something quite romantic & lovely about a giant tree covered in lights. kids are giggling & running around it, older couples in their christmas sweaters are taking hilarious selfies with it, families are sharing hot cocoa… it’s magical. there’s bound to be a large christmas tree lighting downtown, somewhere near you. & once you find one, just sit & gaze… at both the tree, & that cutie pie you brought with you.


6th: visit a toy store.

on the sixth day of christmas my true love aaand me… visited a toy store!

whether or not you buy anything, there’s just something fun about looking at toys & reminiscing on those days you used to get such joy from lego sets or remote control cars. when i was little, i actually wanted to be a toy store owner when i grew up. mainly because mr. magorium’s wonder emporium was & is one of my most favorite movies. i’m still a child & still love stuffed animals & action figures, as does my love bug, so toy stores are total fun. i’d even recommend watching mr. magorium’s wonder emporium together if you haven’t already. now that’s a toy store i’d like to go.


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7th: read christmas stories.

on the seventh day of christmas my true love aaand me… read each other our favorite christmas stories!

the love bug had never read some of my favorite children’s books, & i’d never read some of his favorite, so next thing we know we were plopped into a big chair at Barnes & Noble with a huge stack of books to read. i wrote about it over here & let you know our favorites. it was really fun to relive those days of reading countless pictures books. we found all the classics, from charlie brown to the polar express. i know some day we’ll definitely own a couple on our bookshelves, to read every year. take someone you love to a bookstore & sit down with your favorite tales!


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8th: grab some christmas donuts.

on the eighth day of christmas my true love aaand me… grabbed us some christmas donuts!

am i the only one that thinks those snow men donuts are the creepiest yet cutest things in existence? & let’s not mention how delectably sinful. of course there’s also the santa bellies & the red velvet donuts! nothing screams i’m getting so pleasantly plump this holiday season like krispy kreme’s christmas donuts. grab a few, stuff your face, share with friends (or don’t…), & enjoy the heck out of them. it’s christmas! you might as well have 5.


9th: go to a tree farm.

on the ninth day of christmas my true love aaand me… visited a tree farm!

for maybe like 5 minutes. so, here’s a hint, if you are planning a tree farm date on a cold december night… bring coats! maybe gloves! maybe scarves! maybe don’t go on the coldest windiest night! just some tips. you might last longer if you’re not frozen solid. however, whether or not you’re planning on buying one, browsing around a tree farm is always great fun. try naming some trees, get a good sniff of that gorgeous pine, & dream about the future christmas trees you’ll be decorating.


10th: christmas lights drive.

on the tenth day of christmas my true love aaand me… saw the christmas lights!

i just love christmas lights. on many an occasion, the love bug & i have hopped in the car & drove around countless neighborhoods in search for the best christmas lights. we’ve even gone to see a couple light shows! ya know, the people that cover every square inch of their ginormous front yard in lights & synchronize them to music & such. they are just so magical. & while you’re driving around town, i recommend having a quality christmas playlist on repeat. make sure you include nat king cole’s the happiest christmas tree. why everyone doesn’t know this absolutely fantastic song is beyond me.


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11th: build a gingerbread house (or candy house).

on the eleventh day of christmas my true love aaand me… built a candy house!

whether you build a ginger bread house from a kit, or re-create our legendary candy house following this recipe, you’re gonna have tons of fun getting a sugar rush & then crashing. put on your favorite christmas film, gather around the table, & get sloppy with whatever confectionary delights you choose! the best part is obviously eating the extra candy, but the outcome is great too. you’ll have a little house to show how well (or not well) you work together to create awesomeness. i’m super proud of our little candy house, & we had tons of fun putting it together.


12th: volunteer / donate!

on the eleventh day of christmas my true love aaand me… it’s time to give back.

on a serious note, if we call this the season of giving, why don’t we spend the time to give what we don’t use to those who could use them? i think as a society we are a little guilty of taking a lot that we have for granted. we perhaps unknowingly take advantage of the fact that we have the funds to buy christmas presents for others, & receive christmas presents. it breaks my heart to think that every year, there are some parents who can’t afford to give their children the gifts their hearts desire. it saddens me that some of us feel like our christmas is ruined when it doesn’t go as planned… when there are some who spend christmas on the streets. over seas defending our country. in a hospital. without food. so, perhaps this holiday season, participate in a date that isn’t just about the two of you. there is bound to be clothes you no longer use, toys you don’t need, even food in your fridge that you could give to those less fortunate than you. we are all humans on this planet & not one of us is more deserving than another. everyone deserves a home, a family, food, clothing, & love. if you are in a position in which you are able to give, i encourage you to do so. whether that be volunteering at a homeless shelter on christmas eve, visiting a children’s hospital to deliver toys, or even just dropping off bags of clothing at donation stations, you have the ability to make a difference & make someone else’s holiday season a little brighter.


& that concludes the 12 dates of christmas! i hope you enjoyed this post & perhaps found some date ideas you’ll want to try out in the future. & i hope that each & every one of you has a holiday season surrounded with family & friends & people who love you, a season of giving & smiling & loving & cherishing what we are fortunate to have. i hope you know that you are loved & you are important, & that no matter how your season goes, your worth is immeasurable. happy holidays, & a very warm hug from me to you.


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