get your priorities straight.


across the world, there are people writing their lists of new years resolutions that they will probably never achieve. i mean, i’ve even got mine. including: drink plenty of water, keep saying “i love you” & “i’m sorry”, read more books, keep up with your journal, & work on your self-love. now, technically a resolution, by definition, is a firm decision to do something. so why, by january 5th, do we forget what we’ve “firmly decided to do”? i’ve got myself a little theory, & i’m gonna share it with you guys.

when you wake up in the morning, what do you decide to do first & foremost? most likely, it’s something like get out of bed. then as the day goes on, you choose to go to work or school, choose to fulfill those responsibilities like cleaning & washing & such, choose to eat, choose to sleep… etc. & this reminds me of something that was constantly shoved in my face growing up. get your priorities straight. 

if you look at that list again, from your mother’s point of view so to speak, yeah. you have your priorities straight! right? you’re going to get a degree, you’re working a job to get money, you’re cleaning after yourself, you’re sleeping… you’re doing everything society expects of you, aren’t you? & that means getting your priorities straight, doesn’t it? i mean, heavens above if you choose to quit your day job & start your day dream? you wouldn’t have your priorities straight… or would you?

here’s where i’m getting with all of this. i don’t have my priorities straight. i don’t really truly think that any of us do. i think we walk around fooling ourselves that we know what’s important, but we don’t. we let our dreams stay dreams. we don’t allow ourselves to practically attack what we are passionate about.

let’s get back to my new years resolutions. a list of things i find important to remember in 2016, right? i mean when anyone is writing down their resolutions, they don’t write down the mundane tasks of our every day lives. those aren’t really important to us, are they? you see, we remind ourselves to call our mothers more often, to write more snail mail, to work on our health, or to create more. & just think what kind of life you would live if those were your priorities.

so, in 2016, i challenge you to get your priorities straight. i challenge you to make your priorities the same as your new years resolutions. align the two. wake up every morning & firmly decide you will live a life of love. firmly decide that it begins with loving yourself! firmly decide you will drink more water, because it’s good for you! & because you are also a priority. you are worth taking care of. firmly decide to hug your family more, to laugh more, to actually stop & smell the roses… like actually, do it! why can’t those be our priorities?

in 2016, i’m going to firmly decide on what’s really important to me. i’m going to treat my dreams like i used to treat my job or my schooling. i’m going to get serious with my passions. i’m going to treat them as my priorities. life is so short, & wasting it on following society’s standards would be shameful. i’m going to create, i’m going to dream, i’m going to write, i’m going to blog, i’m going to photograph, i’m going to love, i’m going to live a life i’m oh so proud of. i’m going to get my priorities straight.

what are you going to do?



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