december favorites.

hello 2016!!!

how awesome is it that we’re in the new year?? i think it’s pretty great. i’m extremely thankful to have made it to 2016, & i’m incredibly excited for it as well. i think this year is going to be a good one. i’m determined to make this a happy, productive, & love-filled year. i have so many projects in mind, not only for this blog, but just even personally! i have so many things to look forward to this year. the love bug & i will hit our 1 year, i will be turning 20, i will finish up my sophomore year of university… there are holidays & landmarks & seasons i can’t wait to experience. i’m just very hopeful for 2016, & i hope you are too.

now, all that being said, we’re gonna have a little throwback here & go over my december 2015 favorites!! i’ve never done a favorites post, but they are one of my favorites to read (hah). so anyway, thought i would try it out. i only have a couple items, but they are truly epic. let’s get started!


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first off, my stuffed elephant engelbert! oh. my. goodness. gracious. let me tell you a thing. i love elephants so much. i just find them to be the most majestic creatures. they are emotional animals, intelligent animals, expressive animals, adorable animals, but unfortunately often mistreated animals. any video of elephant reunions or videos from elephant sanctuaries make me cry like a baby. once i saw them in real life at a zoo & i was squealing like crazy. my life dream is to be able to actually touch one & kiss its trunk & let it know that it brings me so much joy.

another life dream, was that i may have been waiting my whole life for someone to buy me an oversized stuffed animal. it was just my secret little dream in my heart. & so coming home one evening to this guy, with a sign that said “we love you, meredith” from my parents? yo. waterworks. my parents know how much i love elephants & must’ve known i had been needing a snuggle buddy to chase away the winter blues. HE IS JUST SO CUTE. & he loves cuddles. he’s the best.

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next up, my epic darth vader mug. this was a christmas gift from my darling love bug, & i absolutely adore it! darth vader is one of my favorite dark-side characters from the star wars movies. & also i collect mugs, so it’s obviously a favorite. i’ll have to drink some dark-roast coffee as i sip from this mug, heh. we can also mention how the force awakens came out in december??? it was definitely a favorite as well. we’ve already seen it twice & you betcha i’m already channeling my inner Rey on a daily basis & obsessing over BB-8. star wars is amazing.



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let’s talk about this dinosaur necklace! i got this shipped to me, & i think it’s hilariously amazing. i saw it on pinterest years ago & just always thought it would be so great to be some sort of history professor wearing a dinosaur bone necklace. i also wish i had this when i went to see the new jurassic park movie! pretty sure it’s supposed to be a t-rex, even though it looks a little wonky at times. i love it.



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coloring books are all the rave now, right? at least that’s what the lady told me when i was looking at this one. it was a gift from my mother during the holidays, & i absolutely adore it. as an art major & a lover of paris, it suits me perfectly & is said to help with stress & anxiety! this particular coloring book has so many different pages with assortments of patterns & scenery & items to color in, all themed around the elegant land of paris. i hope i get to go there some day…



ok, now let’s talk about this baby. i adore youtube & video bloggers, & my youtuber of all time is Zoella! she made a favorites video a while ago, & in it mentioned this incredible, luxury hooded shimmer dressing gown from marks & spencer. honestly, i adore Zoella because her videos help me so much with my anxiety, & i truly trust her opinion when it comes to beauty recommendations or recipes or anything. i actually needed a new dressing gown (more commonly known in the US as a bath robe), because my old one was getting too small & it wasn’t very warm. i get very extremely cold due to some medical issues, so i struggle with staying warm at any given point. this dressing gown just looked so warm, it was my favorite color, & my favorite youtuber owned the same one! ugh. my heart desired it.

next thing i know, my parents bought it for me as an early birthday present! which is insane. it was definitely a splurge purchase & i am so incredibly thankful to them for it. it’s keeping me super warm & cozy… it’s like a constant hug. thank you marmee & dadee!

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i’m cracking up… i didn’t want to model it because i’m not photogenic so i put engelbert in it hahaha. doesn’t he model it well?

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& last but not least, a gift from my dadee. he just recently traveled with my older sister to mexico & he brought me back a wooden elephant! i have an elephant collection from across the world. that white elephant is one a dear friend from high school bought for me at the Taj Mahal. the little orange elephant is one of many that a friend bought for me in Africa! i have elephants from Puerto Rico, Poland, the Caribbean islands, all over the US… & i love collecting them. that way, when you travel, you know exactly what kind of souvenir you want to get. it meant so much to me that my dad thought of me & got me an elephant that is different from any other one i have in my collection, & it will remain so special to me.


& i suppose those are my december favorites! let me know if you like these kinds of posts… & if you want me to go about them any differently i suppose. any feedback is great! hope you are all doing well & enjoying all that 2016 has to offer so far.

love & hugs,




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