stationary haul.

so, because i know this is a safe environment in which we all love, support, & respect one another, without judgement, flaws & all… i’m going to be as honest & open as i can. guys, i have an addiction. to stationary. & it’s reeaaaalllyyyy bad.

i blame the dollar sections at target & michaels, because it’s like they are one with my soul & know exactly what i love & neeeeeed. from sticky notes to note cards to clothespins, i am absolutely obsessed. ask the love bug, i have dragged him through the dollar spot at target debating whether or not i really needed 5 more packs of paper clips many a time. he’s a real sport. if i tell him to make me to put them back, sometimes he’ll do so, & sometimes he’ll let me splurge. i don’t know which is better… but i do know that i’m thrilled with my assortment of paper clips!!

& because i know this is an environment of support & love, i know y’all won’t judge me if i post all of my favorites from my recent collection of stationary items. haters gonna hate, but crafters aren’t gonna care over the sound of their new calendars & erasers.

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lets get right into it, because you betcha homegirl can rant her ears off about some art supplies & i want y’all to be able to go about your days eventually. so, how cute are these camera paper clips?!?!?!?! i’m sorry, but the answer is PUPPIES & PIG TAILS THAT’S HOW CUTE. the love bug bought these for me & they fueled in me a crazy love for adorable paper clips. & the rest is history.

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but also, clothespins?? like, who uses clothespins, i know, but ugh! i couldn’t resist! i was discouraged from buying 10 packs of these for my future wedding? (still regret) but alas i’ll probably end up making them myself in 2 years because i think they are cute enough to cry over. target dollar spot, you’re killing me.

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oh, also? binder clips. they kinda match the gorgeous pencils i have from target as well, so that made me love them even more. it’s like target knows. they knowwwwww. target is like catering their dollar spot to my artistic desires, & therefore draining my wallet. but i’m really not mad about it. because look. how. cute. yesterday, today, tomorrow, & someday, i will always be buying everything target puts on their shelves.

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this happens to be from barnes & noble (my other absolute favorite sanctuary of supplies), & i am in love. my darling mother, who has the most giving heart of any human that exists, bought these & a coloring book for me over the holidays, & i love them. i had been searching for watercolor pencils for a really long time, so when we found these i was super duper excited. they’re such a gorgeous range of colors & i mean c’mon, points for aesthetically pleasing packaging, barnes. a++.

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you didn’t forget about my paperclip obsession did you? well, here’s a reminder brought to you again from the target dollar spot:: arrow paper clips!!! i have some awesome craft ideas for these little guys. target, keep the paper clips coming. seriously.

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also, let me tell you a thing people. you want cute note cards? one word. michaels. another word? inexpensive. music, to all our college student ears & budgets. i probably buy about 70% of my note cards & stationary sets from michaels. they have stationary spread out throughout the store, but they always get me, as i’m walking to the checkout, & pass by that dollar section, & they have like 20 different kinds of gorgeous thank you cards & birthday cards & ever kinds of cards!!! gah. & how could you pass up this adorable cherry card for such a cheap price? i mean, i couldn’t… it’s like michaels forced me. it’s fine.

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i come from a family that loves their calendars. it’s an obsession passed down from generation to generation. as long as i can remember, my grammy, marmee, sissy & i have been making lists & collecting calendars. my moms go-to gift is totally a calendar. this year she bought me an art one, full of van gogh & monet & my other favorite artists. (thanks mom!) pretty sure last years was a sunflower calendar, my favorite flower. that woman knows how to pick calendars. this year, for my wall calendar at school, i opted for this target dollar spot calendar, duh! i just adore the simplicity of it & it’s my complete aesthetic.

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ok, this is a conglomerate of alllll my favorite sticky notes. we’ve got our geometric heart, our wood textured etc., our stormtrooper, our geometric hexagon, & our sprinkled sticky note. thanks, target. you da best.

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WHAT THE FLAPDOODLE THESE ARE STINKING CUTE. probably the cutest in the world. they’re one of my favorite colors, the happy color (yellow!) & they are eating utensils. judge me, but i probably squeal every time i remember i own these. they’re wooden & painted & that just makes them all the more rustic & precious. i really have no idea what i’m going to do with these… but, nevertheless, michaels delivered a quality addition to my newly growing clothespin collection.

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yep. paper clips again. yep. target dollar spot. yep. major lovely craft ideas in my head for these little babes. yep. obseeeeeessssssed.

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i adore clipboards, & like i’ve stated before, i love me some calendars. while i already had a wall calendar, i really wanted one i could write all my holidays on & keep memos on. this one was perfect because not only was it on a clipboard & super cute, but each month is a separate page! makes for some easy disposal, & by december i’m sure i’ll feel really accomplished. bet you can guess where i got this. yeah, target. we’re besties.

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& last but definitely not least…. macaroons! but actually, erasers! now, i’m probably never going to use them for their intended purpose. i mean, what kind of crazy person would engage in an action that would make these disappear?!? crazy crazy persons, thats who. macaroons always flood my mind with memories of french bakery visits with my bestest friend & my love bug. i’m definitely planning on a macaroon bar at our wedding, because they’re delectable & adorable. anyway, these erasers will remain on my desk with no other purpose than to exist as happy thoughts.


& that’s all folks! thanks, target. & michaels. & barnes & noble… container store… etc. thanks for feeding my addiction. because, i mean, it’s not so bad of an addiction to have, right? i’m pretty delighted, so i think we’re alright.


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