homeware haul.

before i start the post, want to say a little thank you to the well wishes i received after last blog post. i’m so thankful for our tiny community. bless you all! now let’s get to blogging:

so, i have an obsession with homeware. only problem? i don’t have a home. i mean, there’s my parent’s place & my quaint dorm room, it’s not like i don’t have a place to abide. i just mean i don’t have my own house to fill with my own items of my choosing. does that stop me from buying all the cute homeware i see? the answer would be nope-ity nope. but hey, that’s good for y’all, cause that means you get a blog post displaying all my pre-maturely bought homeware items!! woohoo!

please tell me i’m not the only one who collects homeware for their future home… homeware addicts anonymous? anyone?

i suppose there is a great comfort in knowing i’ll have everything we’ll need when we start our homely home in the future. well, not everything. because the love bug did encourage me to refrain from buying the copper bowl set & wooden utensils i saw this past week… guess we’ll just get those later! for now, i’ll just show ya my favorite homeware items i’ve allowed myself to purchase so far.

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i’m going to refrain from typing in all capital letters right now, because this is probably my most favorite purchase. if you know me, you know i have a profound obsession with marble. it manifested when i began studying it in art history, & now i want everything i own to be white marble. i also love anything wooden, so the combination of the two on a cheese plate made me so elated. i grabbed it for 3 bucks at tjmaxx, & when i went to the checkout, the lady looked at me & asked “so what exactly is this even for?” i just chucked & said, lady, it’s marble & wood, so i’m just buying it cause it’s pretty.

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but seriously just look at it!!! it’s gorgeous!!! gimme some cheese, cause i got a pretty cheese plate!

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next up, this copper moscow mule mug. i’ve been wanting one for the longest time. i have a new obsession with copper, & i absolutely adore hammered metal. i just think this mug is so elegant. they’re usually pretty expensive, but my best friend michaels was having a sale so i got this for a reasonable price. some day when i have some amount of money more than i have now, i’ll buy myself an entire set & drink my coffee feelin’ fancy.

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i don’t know if this really counts as homeware, but i wanted to show you anyway. i grabbed this from tuesday morning, (a store that is so dangerous to me because i want to purchase everything) & i love it. i think it’s technically a jewelry case? but i’m probably just going to use it for knick knacks. i bought it not only because i love the type & the ampersand, but because i have a love for the word baubles. ever since i was little i’ve had this adoration of the UK. & when you combine the fact that i spend most of my free time watching british youtubers or british television, & the fact that my bestest gal pal now lives in the UK, i’m like a pro in british-speak. i have a list of everything i love that they say, including calling trash cans “rubbish bins”, & calling christmas ornaments “baubles”. i was really thrilled over the holidays when i found a christmas elf name generator & i was named “gingerbread jinglebaubles”. doesn’t that just have the most hilarious ring to it? anywhoo. long rant, point being, i like the world baubles, so i bought this pouch.

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so i really like candles of all kind. i was walking through a store with fancy candles once, & just thought to myself… “i wish i was rich, for the sole purpose of buying a ton of fancy candles.” candles are just great. what’s also great are candle holders. this has to be the most gorgeous candle holder, but i’m not really quite sure if you’re allowed to put a real fire burning candle inside? so just in case, i bought one of those tea lights & plopped it inside.

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it’s the most gorgeous coppery blushed color. i think it’s supposed to be a lotus flower? & when the tea light is on, you can see the light flickering through the petals. it’s just so pretty. plus the love bug said he saw it used on fixer upper, aka my favorite HGTV show, so that made me love it even more. any of you guys like fixer upper?

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when i said i had a new obsession with copper, i wasn’t joking. now every time i see something copper, i want it. which is basically what happened at michaels when i saw this copper mason jar. i mean, two of my favorite things! i was like, i can’t not get this, which is totally solid logic, right?

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my future home will probably be covered in mason jars. i already have like 10 ready to go.

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last but not least, this here yellow ramekin. now, this may have been my silliest purchase because i have absolutely no idea what you use ramekins like this for? perhaps just to fill with chocolate covered coffee beans or to fill with salt or seasonings? it may even end up holding a plant or my paperclips, who knows. all i know is that it was very cute & small & yellow & very inexpensive at tuesday morning.

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so now, someday, when i have my house that i can fill with all the homeware i’ve collected, it’ll be complete with a tiny yellow ramekin. & all will be well.


hope you all enjoyed today’s post & let me know in the comments which homeware item was your favorite!

i also wanted to make sure y’all know where else you can find me on the interwebs. while i do have the links on the side bar of this website… just as a reminder:

i’m now on twitter!! i try & post frequently… @craftedfragment

i’m on instagram, & i posted a little video of the lotus flower from this post… @craftedfragments

i’m also on facebook & pinterest! check the sidebar for the info.

love & hugs,



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