you are so worth loving.


loving yourself, loving others, & letting others love you.

& always remembering that you have worth.

no matter your past, your present, or your future. no matter the amount of bad days. no matter what lies your heavy heart might be telling you. you are so worth loving.

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hello people of worth! i’ve wanted to make this post for some time. i work alongside an amazing community over at so worth loving. so worth loving, as the video above detailed, is a clothing company. but so much more than a company, it’s a life style, a way of thinking. a message that you are worthy of love & respect. a physical reminder that you deserve to be treated with kindness & that you believe in yourself & in those around you. being a part of this movement has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. & i’m just getting started!

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i discovered so worth loving probably around 3 or 4 years ago, at a time in my life when i believed i was completely worthless. it was one of the darkest times i’ve ever been through. i latched on to the message, but only in regards to other people. i spread the word, & constantly uplifted others, but never could apply it personally. then a couple years later when i started at university, i again went through one of the most difficult & painful experiences of my life. guilt, depression, shame, & overwhelming feelings of worthlessness took over my soul. & i began to realize that the more my heart was encompassed in grief, the less i was able to pour out love to others. my heart for others is one of the only things i’ve ever been able to admire about myself, & i didn’t want the one good thing about me to be compromised because of my pain. so i clung to this message in hope. i spoke in faith. it took months of doing everything i could to shun this disbelief, but i soon began understanding what it meant to love yourself.

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& that, dear ones, is really where my genuine involvement began! this slogan of SWL, “love you, love people”, truly encompasses what they’re all about. it’s not enough just to love others. & it’s not about just loving yourself. it’s about loving everything you are, in order to be capable of loving those around you. i began seeing this wonderful change in my life when i committed to believing i was worth loving. & since then, i’ve had the amazing opportunity to work as a campus representative for this company, spreading this wonderful message of worth.

just thought i would let you all in on this incredible part of my life, & remind you all that::





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