valentine’s inspiration.

hello lovelies! i hope you all had an absolutely splendid valentine’s. valentine’s actually happens to be one of my most favorite holidays aside thanksgiving. & when most people hear that, they usually respond with a “uhh, but you hate pink & all things girly?” to which i respond, firstly, don’t put me in a box. ahem. but secondly, yes i do usually dislike pink & all things girly, but i am totally allowed to enjoy myself as a girl once a year. i just love that there is a holiday about love.

so many people try to ruin valentine’s day with grunts about being alone, not having a significant other, not being loved, hating the mush gush… & that just makes me sad. i mean, coming from someone who suffers from depression & had extreme bouts of it in high school, don’t get me wrong, i am the queen of the cynical. but i have never despised valentine’s day. only in the past two years have i had my love bug on valentine’s day, & for the rest of them i was single. & that didn’t bother me one bit. some of my most favorite memories are my past valentine’s day adventures.

why do we have to focus on the negative when it’s a holiday of love! don’t promote these ideas that valentine’s is just for couples. valentine’s day is for anyone who loves anyone. & yes, that includes just you loving yourself. take the day as an excuse to pamper yourself, love yourself, & treat yourself right. this isn’t just for husbands & wives, it’s for you, it’s for your friends, it’s for you cute doggies & for strangers! & don’t you forget galentines day too! (parks & rec reference anyone?) in fact, head over here to read about one of my most epic galentine’s with my bestest gal pal. february 13th is a perfect day to celebrate those girls in your life.

in past valentine’s, i used to make forts in my room, set up tea lights & candles for myself, bake myself some goodies, write valentine’s for all my friends & family. i used to buy myself a box of chocolates as well as one for my mom, & we’d watch old movies & laugh. my dad would take me out to a tea house & we’d pretend to be posh. i would put on a pretty dress, do up my make-up, & just sit in my room listening to the sweetest of love songs. i would go craft-happy & make all the valentine’s goodies. it was always a great time.

& now that i’ve got my love bug, it’s all the more wonderful. showing people that i love them is what gives me the greatest joy in life. i spent far too much of my life feeling that i wasn’t loved, & i don’t want anyone else feeling that way. this year i had so much fun making all my friends valentine’s & going on a galentine’s brunch date. i loved spoiling (& getting spoiled by) my love bug, celebrating in some of the most romantic ways.

originally, i meant to take so many photos of the love bug & i’s valentine weekend & create a look book for you guys! unfortunately, i was too in love & forgot to pick up my phone even once to take a photo. i blame love. it makes you crazy. so, instead, i’m gathering a bunch of photos i used as inspiration for our valentine’s adventures to hopefully inspire you as well for your next valentine’s. i hope you enjoy!




& that’s all folks!

again, hope you all had a delightful valentine’s day & treated yourselves like royalty.




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