i’m not making this up.

i’m being very honest about this make-up.

hah see how i made that pun there wasn’t it hilarious i’m so lame

anyways, it’s been a while since i’ve done a beauty related post, so i thought i would do some make-up product reviews for you today! these are just some items i’ve picked up in the last month or so. even though beauty posts are totally out of my comfort zone, i tried my best to swatch the products & just give you the general run down on how these products have worked for me! sound good? cool, lets get started::

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first off, i want to talk about these Covergirl lipsticks:: the special edition Star Wars, the Force Awakens lipsticks!! ahh. so, as you all should know by now, i love star wars. so when Covergirl made a make-up range based on the new star wars movie, i was thrilled to try out some products. i personally wasn’t sold on their mascara, & i’m not a big fan of nail polish, but i couldn’t wait to try their lipsticks! i’ll tackle these one at a time:

the first color i purchased was the shade “70”… i’ll say right now that my main complaint regarding these lipsticks is the missed opportunity to have epic names! ugh. so, i’ve gone ahead & helped Covergirl out by naming each lipstick i purchased.

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(awkward swatchy hand, help me beauty bloggers)

we’re calling this first shade, tatooine. this one is hands down my favorite. i want to wear it all the time. it’s sort of a shimmery sandy rose gold. depending on how much you apply, you can get a very sheer look or a very full look. to me, this is their most successful lipstick they came out with, as it wears well & the color pay off is gorgeous. can’t rave about this one enough!!

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the second shade i bought was the shade “50”, which i have also called gungan energy shield. i suppose you could also just call this shade the dark side as it’s their darkest shade in the collection. now, this one isn’t my favorite. unfortunately, it doesn’t really apply evenly, & it tends to be a lot drier than the previous lipstick i reviewed. now, don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate this shade. once you get it on right, it’s a statement lip for sure. a gorgeous deep plum. another problem is that it will stain your lips. my advice is to use a lip liner, & be careful to never smear it, even when removing it. otherwise, it’s a pretty shade.

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the next shade i purchased is the shade “30”, or darth maul. a gorgeous red color, with slightly cool undertones. it has similar problems to the previous shade in the blotchy department, & not so bad but still in the stain department as well. i’d again suggest the lipliner & careful removal. i love how all the lipsticks have a shimmer & sort of metallic sheen to them though, & i’ve never owned a red lipstick that had a metallic shimmer to it. so that’s a really cool aspect of this lipstick.

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now the last shade i got was the shade “20”, or mace windu. cause lightsaber, duh. i have to say, this shade intrigues me. i had no idea if i was going to be able to pull it off, especially with being a super pale girl with an immune disorder that makes my lips look purple anyway. i’m really glad i tried it out though, because it’s a gorgeous lipstick! it’s a lot like the first shade in texture. it’s a shimmery, cool toned lilac. it’s definitely one of of the more sheer shades, & you really have to build up the color to get good pay off, but that doesn’t bother me much. it does weirdly stain your lips pink? but i can overlook it. surprisingly this shade doesn’t look too bad with my pale skin, & i think it’s really pretty.

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now, since it is the horrid season of winter, i have become deathly pale. i have about 5 different foundations in my make-up collection for the many stages my face takes throughout the season. now i’ve been ill lately, & the sun has been hiding away, so i’ve been needing a new foundation for my new facial stage of white. i’m almost convinced i could have bought white paint & just smeared that on my face… however, this makeup does the trick quite well. this is Maybelline New York’s Fit me! matte & poreless makeup for normal to oily skin, in the shade 110 Porcelain.

personally, i really love matte formulas. i’m not really fond of the dewy look, especially in the winter, so this matte finish is splendid. it’s pale enough for my ghostly complexion, give an excellent amount of coverage, & feels good on my skin. i’m really loving it at the moment!

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i’ve been wanting to try out matte lipsticks for quite some time. one of my friends who’s a make up addict raved about these in particular, so i went searching for them to test them out. i love lipstick, as i raved about at the beginning of this post, however… i don’t really love the impracticality of it. i like to eat, my lipstick doesn’t necessarily like it. i like to kiss my love bug, the love bug won’t come near me with lipstick on. i like naps, my white sheets do not agree with red lipstick. et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. so, here’s my review of these matte thingies!

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(awkward swatchy arm because lipsticks stained my hand)

the first that i tried out is the color sandstorm. it’s obviously a nude shade, erring on the side of a sandy brownish mauve? (help) anyway, it’s a nice color. i get scared that i look like an old lady when wearing it, but my friends reassure me it looks nice. but am i sold on this matte thing? no.

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this is tea & cookies. i think i only bought it for the name, because oh my gosh how precious & posh is that name??? i don’t normally wear pink lipsticks, & for some reason i thought this one would wear a little more nude that pink. alas, it’s a very bubble gum light pink. it’s not bad though! it actually looks quite nice, & probably will get some use in the spring. but, like i was saying, i’m not the biggest fan of this matte thing. for me, they’re just really sticky & also really drying. they make me even more aware that i’m wearing lipstick than normal lipstick! but, a lot of people find the complete opposite. i think i may just be a regular lipstick girl.

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& now, cherry skies. i didn’t expect this lipstick to be quite this dark. it’s a very bold, deep dark red. probably only for nighttime wear, & probably only for certain occasions. it also stains. now, as for the formula of these lipsticks, they’re very thick. it takes a while for them to dry completely, especially if you’ve put on a couple coats (which i think is necessary to get the color even). once they do, they aren’t completely stuck on there & they’re not exactly smudge proof. but they are a lot more in place than regular lipsticks. i think they’re probably an in between of true matte lipsticks & the normal kind. they were fun to try, & i’ll definitely wear them on occasion! they’re just not my favorite.

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now, i picked up this product absent mindedly, so i had no idea it was a creme shadow palette! this is the Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow Palette in 710, Not Just Nudes. They are creme shadows, & they’re a gorgeous consistency. you get two shimmer shades, & two “matte” shades i suppose. the color pay off is awesome. i’ve been gravitating toward the first two shades, mostly because i love a light base shade to cover up all my eye lid veins, & i love the shimmery golden bronze shade to build with. but they’re all gorgeous! 10/10 would recommend, especially if you’re just looking for something small for travel, or just for your basics. this is great to throw in your purse or just to carry around for touchups. i love it.

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the other day i picked up Covergirl’s oh sugar! vitamin infused lip balm in the shade caramel. these lip balms have been staring me in the face every time i’ve gone into CVS & i just couldn’t resist anymore! i do admit, because of the packaging i thought it was a lipstick. however, i was pleasantly surprised. it’s in fact a vitamin infused lip balm, that makes your lips feel super moisturized while giving you a little shine & a little color! here’s a swatch of the sheer color it does give::

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i think if you’re just wanting to give your lips a break & focus on repairing & moisturizing them, or if you’re going for the “natural” look, these lip balms are awesome. they feel really nice & smell really good, & it’s nice knowing they’re also doing you some good as well. plus, the packaging is just cute. i mean c’mon. who can pass it up?

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now, i know i’m technically “young” (youth, so relative), but i’ve been on the search for an eye cream. i get extreme dark circles under my eyes that sometimes make people question if i’ve been punched. my eye area also gets really dry during the winter season. i want to work on keeping my skin healthy so i can look “young” as long as possible, so i went searching for an nightly eye cream of sorts. the CVS i was at was a little barren, & i was on a tight budget, so i opted for this little guy. so far, it’s been doing the trick. i’m definitely open to any suggestions if anyone has any for eye creams or any skin care products to keep that youthful look! for this product, you put a tiny amount on your under eye area before you sleep, & it just helps keep them moisturized which helps slightly with the dark circles & eye bags.

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these babies are Milani’s Moisture Lock Lip Treatments. the description they give is as follows::

Discover a revolution in lip hydration plus a healthy dose of shine with a first-of-its-kind lip oil in 8 addictively scented, kiss quenching shades. All lip oils are formulated with the natural healing power of Jojoba, Avocado and Tsubaki Oil. As an added benefit, each shade is infused with different nutrient-dense oils that treat a specific concern. The soft, extra plush applicator hugs the curves of your lips, locking in moisture.”

my description is as follows: I LOVE

my lips have been horrifying lately. winter is not my friend, & my lips have been hurting. chapped, constantly dry, despite the gobs of vaseline & layers of chapstick i’ve been applying. so when i saw these, i thought i’d just try them. i firstly picked up the on one top, 01 moisturizing almond & coconut oil. as said in the title, this one is targeted toward moisturizing. it smells like a piña colada, & definitely does what it promises to do. it is an oil, so it is really thick &, well, oily. but to me it feels amazing. i got hooked real quick, so i went back for more.

i picked up the second, which was 02 healing lemon honey, & my life changed. i was addicted. i swear, this stuff smells amazing (if you like the smell of lemon & honey, which i really do homegirl). i just can’t get over the smell of this one. & it’s done my lips wonders. i’m so addicted to these lip treatments & will rave about them to anyone who will listen!!
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well would you look at that! we’re on our last product!! home stretch.

this is NYX’S matte finish long lasting setting spray. i think they offer a dewy finish one as well, but like i’ve stated before, i like the matte look. i’ve never used a setting spray before this one, & used to mock people who did use one because really, who is that fancy. well, then winter came. i hate winter. burning passion of hatred. except that i’m freezing, so more like freezing passion of hatred? don’t know. anyway, since the weather tries to undo all the makeup i put on in the morning, i decided to give setting spray a try. & i really like it! i put it on after i’ve done my foundation & concealer, & i can really tell that it sets my makeup into place & keeps it locked into place during the day (no matter the weather). it’s a light formula & doesn’t feel like adding any extra product to your face. it’s definitely a step that i’ll be making sure to no longer skip, because i love having my makeup last throughout the day & not slide right off my face after all my tedious work. plus, it’s really decently priced, so i’d give it a try if i were you!


well folks, that’s all i’ve got for ya! those are my reviews on my most recent purchases. remember, i am not a make up professional by any means. these are just my personal opinions. if i’m being honest, i’m not even that comfortable with my make up quite yet (after like 4 year of doing it?), but i hope you guys enjoyed the post anyway. these products are all great in my opinion & deserve some recognition. however, just a disclaimer, i’m not affiliated or sponsored by any of these brands! i genuinely just enjoyed using them & wanted to let you all know.

if you like these type of posts, please let me know in the comments. they’re different for me, but i like pushing myself to go out of my comfort zone for you guys! i’d also love to give you more details on any of the products if you’re interested, just let me know.

lots of lipstick kisses,




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