i gotchu a dollar.

okay, i don’t actually have a dollar for you… i’m just quoting one of my favorite commercials. but if i did give you a dollar? you could go to target & buy yourself some these adorable things i’m about to show you.

i’m not at all sponsored by target, i just really love that place… what can i say, it’s a guilty pleasure! i thought we could talk about the adorable things i picked up from target over the month of february, each for literally around a buck which is a total steal people. let’s get started::


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 confetti gift tags:: all hail the dollar spot. these things are so stinkin’ cute. it’s like, here’s a gift, & here’s a gift tag full of confetti to celebrate the fact that you’re getting a gift. frankly i wanted to buy like 20 packs, but i refrained & just bought one. for a dollar. let’s celebrate.



cute little binder planner & binder inserts:: again, i’d like to thank the dollar spot. the binder & the inserts are sold separately, & i think there are a couple different packs of inserts you can purchase. this little guy is helping me organize my posts, when they’re gonna go up, what they’re gonna be, etc. when you’re running low on inspiration, a cute planner doesn’t hurt. & it only cost me two bucks, college budget friendly!


an abundance of cute pencils:: i’m an art major & a writer, if i see a pack of pencils, i will buy it. so yes, i bought these three packs. aren’t they pretty? & a dollar a pack! i think i have just enough pencils to write for the rest of my life. (pssst don’t lose the magic of writing on paper instead of just typing k?)

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last but not least, a pack of 3 note pads:: & really cute note pads at that. i love the one that says fabulous ideas because it has a gorgeous colorful marbling affect. as someone who has to write down literally every idea, & is drowning in to-do lists & grocery lists & every other kinda list, these are essential to my well being. plus they’re magnetic, so i got to stick them on the mini fridge in my dorm & it looks super quaint. hopefully i’ll have many fabulous ideas, happy thoughts, & love notes in my future.

& there you have it!

a short but sweet target haul of cuteness to brighten your monday gloom.

i hope you’re enjoying the posts so far this year, & please let me know (whether via comments on this post, my email craftedfragments[at]gmail[dot]com, my twitter, instagram, or facebook) what post requests or ideas you have for the rest of the year! your input is so important to the success of this blog!! hugs & love to my few faithful readers, you know who you are. xoxo

until next time,



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