i’d like to thank pizza.

pizza, your emotional support throughout the years is one of the biggest reasons i’ve made it to where i am today… pleasantly plump & participating in the oscars only by watching it on television.

ok, raise of hands, how many of you have come up with fake acceptance speeches since the oscars? no worries, it’s totally normal. cue the tears & waves to your mom in the audience. thank your puppy. relish in the fake moment… & now come back to reality, cause you’ve got a blog post to read!

today we’re gonna review the oscars & my favorite bits about it! let’s get going:


move aside, vanity fair. my #1 in the fashion category is mah girl les-i mean amy poehler! i’m not quite sure what it is about this dress that intrigues me so much, but i’m just absolutely loving it. & amy is rocking it, per the usual.

the night before the oscars, i watched inside out with the love bug. i’m totally in love with the narrative (not to mention the characters & amount of imagination put into it). i think it’s a great movie that i’ll love to show my kids someday, because when you’re 11, you totally don’t understand what’s going on in your brain. & this movie made the experience of emotions, & even mental illness not only understandable, but also fun! i have to say, i have a lot of similarities to the character sadness, but joy totally cracks me up. amy was the perfect voice.

also, bing bong is the best. ever.



lady gaga‘s performance was my favorite moment of the entire oscars. i so appreciated her using her platform to speak out (or rather sing out) about sexual assault, particularly on college campuses. the survivors on that stage including lady gaga herself were so strong & so courageous. & not only was i completely moved to tears by her message, but her performance was completely stunning & flawless as well. i truly believe she deserved the oscar. in my heart, she won. also, her pant-suit-dress won. elegant, & functional. my kinda style.


also, can we just talk about how so incredibly stunning chrissy teigen looked in that dress??? & just look at that precious baby bump!! ahhhh. her instagram before the oscars of her tummy was the cutest, but lets be real here. she makes pregnancy look mighty glamourous.



this photo is also a lot to handle. i mean we’re talking the cutest little guy at the oscars, with my favorite star wars characters! i loved the droid moment & the show down between the giant golden oscar & C3PO. & i loved jacob tremblay’s oscar observations, including the one about how all he could see were legs for days. you stole the show, little guy.



um, how sweet was that spontaneous leo & kate reunion on the red carpet? my heart just melted! but that brings us to the important stuff.. ya know, LEO WINNING AN OSCAR.

you were waiting for that, weren’t you? well, as one of his huge fans who believes he’s deserved many oscars before this one, of course i had to say something. i’m so super duper proud of leo for his oscar for an incredibly made film, & frankly even more proud of him for using his acceptance speech not for his own agenda, but to turn everyone’s attention to the seriousness of global warming. what a class act. round of applause & standing ovation for one of the best actors out there!



oh, & on a final note? you can click here to head over to buzzfeed.com, pick an emoji, & see which memorable moment from the 2016 oscars you are! just so ya know, i’m kate winslet watching leo’s acceptance speech. i agree, it was precious.


hope you’ve all enjoyed this oscars review! let me know in the comments below which moment was your favorite.


love y’all,



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