spring essentials.

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i dare say that over here in the north of carolina, spring has sprung. the flowers are blooming, the grass is green, & the temperature is finally above 50 degrees. it happened pretty all of the sudden this year. it was freezing one moment, & then hot the next! but i’m not complaining. while my allergies are horrific this time of year, at least i’m not shivering & getting colds. helloooo blue skies, you are ever so welcome here.

now, i will say that the one problem with spring coming so soon is that all of the sudden, you realize you have to do some spring cleaning in your wardrobe! & for me this year, that meant having to buy new spring style essentials. i won’t get into details, but due to some of my health struggles i no longer fit into my old clothes. & i was also prescribed a new purse, as my old one was too heavy for the arthritis in my neck. thanks to my beloved mother & free time during spring break, i have a nice little spring essentials layout for you guys.

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sunnies:: the sun is out, & homegirl has super sensitivity to light & glares. i used to have a pair of vintage 70’s glasses that i grabbed from an antique shop, but they didn’t really block any of the suns rays. so while i was at home for spring break, i grabbed these sunglasses from a place called versona. also, did you know that my head is humongous? i had to get a pair that were decently sized so as to not look like a pin head. & that’s your first spring essential for you. get a good pair of sunnies.

accessories:: am i the only person that categorizes my jewelry by season? it’s like i have certain necklaces & bracelets i only wear in winter, & i tend to only bring out the gold jewelry during the spring & summer seasons. so for weirdies like me, i enjoy grabbing some jewelry staples to wear during the warm seasons.

my grandma used to have a gold leaf necklace & i grew up loving it. as you all probably know, i love leaves with an undying passion. so wearing one around my neck is a life goal probably. can you believe that this gorgeous gold leaf necklace is from CVS pharmacy?! yeah, they have jewelry now & it’s actually pretty fancy. so, thanks to my dear marmee for buying me this precious necklace that’s perfect for spring!

bags:: here’s the sitch… i have horrible back/neck problems. unfortunately, my doctor told me i needed a lighter purse than the leather satchel i’ve had for years. i was really attached to that thing… so i’m a little sad to let it go. it took forever to find any kind of purse that would suffice, but after heading into one of my favorite stores, earthbound trading company, i found a neat olive green canvas bag that was really lightweight. i still really miss my leather satchel, but i think this canvas bag is cute for spring.

dresses:: i own so many black & white striped things. i genuinely don’t like wearing bright colors anymore, & shy away from patterns (other than stripes) as well. in fact, if you wanna hear me explain my wardrobe choices in one of my favorite posts to date, go here & laugh at me. you have my permission.

now if there’s one awesome thing that spring brings, it’s dress wearing weather! & i do love my flowy dresses. nothing like only having to pick out one item of clothing instead of two in the morning! plus, no pants. need i say more? well i will, because i want to let y’all know that you can pick up this striped flowy dress over at ross. it’s a great place to pick out dresses in my opinion, because they have all kinds & it’s super budget friendly!

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shorts:: goodbye leggings, it’s shorts weather! now unfortunately due to some medical issues i’m having, i’ve gained a little weight in my lower half. i’m super insecure about my body, & i’m trying very hard to counteract that. it’s just that shorts are a hard thing to wear when ya booty & thighs don’t want to fit into anything. ya know when i was growing up, the style was to wear extreme low rise & way too short booty shorts. i was not a fan of that fad. my booty didn’t fit that agenda, or those shorts. so i was super thrilled when i went short shopping & discovered that flowy boho shorts are in this season! i’ve been sporting the flowy shorts for years, but i’m glad the world is finally catching on.

first, let’s talk about those adorable “suede flirty shorts” from target. i don’t know about flirty… my flirting abilities are limited to winking at the love bug & saying “wanna order pizza?” but, LET ME SPLAIN YOU A THING. THESE ARE THE SOFTEST SHORTS IN THE WORLD. it basically feels like you’re wearing pajamas, but it looks super fancy! they are super free flowing, so maybe wear some spandex or running shorts underneath so you don’t flash the world. i think these shorts would pair well with a black top or a black & white striped top. what do y’all think?

i got the second olive green pair from versona. these aren’t really flowy, but they are high-waisted & have a longer inseam. high waisted shorts are another fad i love, but i only love them if they’re long as well! there’s no point being high-waisted if they’re gonna be up your cheeks. this pair is made of a soft lyocell material, which is apparently a form of rayon. i’d describe them as breathable but still a thick material, that unfortunately wrinkles super easily. they’ve got an elastic waistband, & i’ve worn it with a grey tank. it would probably go well with a black, white, or striped shirt as well!

next, the flowy “jean” shorts from target. technically they’re lyocell material as well, but they feel & look like soft denim! i was sort of afraid this pair would be reminiscent of those 90’s denim looking swim trunks we all wore? (oh, i’m the only one? embarrassing…) but they actually don’t look so silly when on. it’s just nice that they’re soft & flowy & provide lots of room for those of us with a little extra. they’ve got an elastic waistband, but also have a rope tie. i’ve worn these with a grey tank, striped shirt, & i bet they’d really go well with any flowy shirt.

lastly, i grabbed a new pair of black high/mid waisted jeans also from target. they’re technically called the “mid rise midi jean shorts” so i don’t think they’re actually high wasited, but they do come a good amount up your waist. they’re really nice & stretchy, & have a long enough inseam as well. they’ve got a cuffed hemline & metal buttons, & probably would go with any colored top.

the best part of all these shorts is that for once in women’s fashion they have given us REAL POCKETS!!! woohoo!!!!! it’s just a delight to actually have pockets that i can still my plethora of miscellaneous items in. & they’re all big enough for your phone, not just shallow pockets that give you false hope. how cool is this?! this is very cool, that’s your answer.

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sandals:: oh yeah, did i mention the grass went from crusty brown to HELLO FRIENDS I AM ALIVE green? it’s great. so grab yourself some sandals, like these comfy as heck black sandals from target. & go frolic in the grass to your hearts content. also, i have been painting my toes black since high school. will i ever choose a different color? the world may never know. (well actually, the answer is no i won’t ever. so there ya go.)


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i know this isn’t a beauty item, but what better way to welcome spring into the world than with an ice cream cone? the love bug & i ran over to an ice cream stand & grabbed us some peanut butter cup ice cream cones on a sunny day. i think a sweet treat could be considered an essential… don’t you?

& there ya have it folks! my spring essentials! i hope you enjoyed today’s post. let me know what your spring essentials are in the comments!

much love & hugs & spring flowers,



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