march favorites.

well whadya know? it’s already april! this year has been a blur for me, for unfortunate reasons. i’ve spent the entire year so far… extremely, incredibly ill. & i dare say march was a doozy. but, amongst the emergency room stays & the countless days in bed, i do have some favorites to share with you! they are gifts from the lovely people in my life, & honestly each one helped me get through this tough time. so lets get going::

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the love bug: can the love bug be my favorite this month? i mean, he’s my favorite every month of my life duh but let’s just talk about this month in particular. choosing to love someone who is chronically ill is not an easy task. it means that your free time together becomes trips to the doctor, urgent care, emergency room… it means that date night turns into napping together or watching a show on netflix in your pajamas, that you’ve been wearing for a week… it means that beauty has to be seen inwardly, because wearing make-up and nice clothes, doing your hair and even showering aren’t a thing until you’re capable of breathing correctly & have enough strength to hold yourself up. it means it’s not fair.

& yet, the love bug drives me to the doctor without hesitation. he brings me flowers to cheer me up. he makes sure i’m comfortable & makes sure i’m safe. he helps me walk. he makes me food, he brings me drinks.. honestly, the kid keeps me alive. i say it in all seriousness when i say that i probably wouldn’t be here without him. the Lord sent me an angel to take care of me, & i get to call him my own. so my biggest favorite of the month is the wonderful man in my life, who has shown me what unconditional love truly means.

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this gorgeous piece of work: here’s the story. i have been searching & searching everywhere for this glass box for the last year! i had seen one at target, with gold detailing, a mirrored bottom, & glass sides, & thought to myself that i’d pick it up the next time i saw it. then, of course, i never saw it again. i went to so many different stores looking for it, you have no idea. i wanted the glass box because i have a gemstone collection, & i never had a place to put it. it usually ends up sprawled over a shelf or shoved in a shoe box. well, my mom & i were shopping in target in march, & i caught a glimpse of this baby. i couldn’t believe my eyes that i finally found it again! of course, my sweet marmee being the dear that she is, picked it up for me. it’s a huge favorite & i can’t wait to display my geodes in here!


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a combined favorite: i suppose there are a few different favorites in this favorite. i’ve already introduced you to the candle on the right, in my candle post. it’s the vintage lace soy candle from target (i like target, did ya know?). i just blooming love it. then, on the left we’ve got a pot of cookies & cream cookie dough that my parents bought me. it’s from the cookie dough cafe, & they make them just for consuming raw! (aka there are no eggs). amaaaazing. third, look at this gorgeous mirror tray that my mum bought for me. it’s perfect for makeup, & for using for my last favorite…. bubble baths! basically, a bubble bath with this candle & a tub of cookie dough on this precious mirror tray is the definition of perfection.

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a copper basket: i don’t quite know how to express to you how much i love this copper wire basket. i saw it at michaels craft store when i was with the love bug, & i told him i desperately wanted them in our home someday. i have this obsession with copper & rose gold, & i also really love baskets, so it was perfect. i went back to michaels with my parents a couple months later, & of course my mom & i love to look at the homeware items. when i showed her these baskets & how much i loved them, my dad picked it up for me! how sweet. i am genuinely so excited to put all my books & magazines & miscellaneous items in this gorgeous basket.


so, if you can’t tell, i’m just really really thankful for my family & my darling. without them, i wouldn’t have made it this far in the year. & these favorites just show how loving they are! i’m so grateful for everything they do for me & everything they’ve given me. i will never take their love for granted. hugs & kisses to my dadee, marmee, & love bug!


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