mother’s day chats & freebies.


good morning beautiful people, & a happy mother’s day! 

mothers are awesome. both my biological mother, & the many wonderful women who have stepped in throughout my life, have made such a huge impact on me. while i happen to be a very independent spirit, i have an insatiable i want my mommy part of my heart. if my mom calls me up at college, i’m homesick in a heartbeat. i mean, nothing’s better than a hug from mum, admit it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 5.11.19 PM

i love the idea of motherhood & have always been the mothering friend of the group. at this point of my life & with the health issues i’ve encountered, i’m not quite sure if i’ll get the opportunity to be a mother. & as someone who has about 20 baby names already picked out, i don’t know what i would do if i couldn’t be a mother. i’ve always promised myself that i’d try & be the best mother i could be, despite my doubts. that i’d be the mother my children needed, not the mother i wanted to be. that i’d be a mother who doesn’t love her kids because she has to, but loves them because of who they are. mothers are strong, courageous people, & if one day i do get the opportunity to have children of my own, i just hope i can live up to the amazing role models of mothers in my life.


i’m like my mom in a lot of ways. i think growing up, you always promise yourself i’m not going to turn into my mother. but in all the best ways, i totally turned into my mother. which is basically flattering myself. my mom is one of the sweetest & most giving women i’ve ever known. she quit her job the moment she had my older sister, & raised the two of us as a stay at home mom. & we had the best childhood. she’s incredibly giving. she will always be on the lookout for little gifts for the ones she loves, & this is probably the trait i’ve picked up the most. my mother also never listens. if you tell her you want just a little bit of something, she gives you the whole thing. if you say you don’t need something, she gets it for you anyway. it drove my crazy growing up, but now that i love someone with every particle of my soul, i get it. the love bug is always telling me he only wants a little, or he doesn’t need this or that, & i totally don’t listen. i have to do my best to reel myself in, but it’s hard… i get it from my mama.


so, to my wonderful marmee, i love you.

thank you for giving me life, & for not taking it back during my teenage years.

i’m sorry for being the most complicated child, & for all those medical bills.

i’m really glad i’m turning out a lot like you. if i’m half the woman you are, i’ll be pleased.

you are the funniest mom there is, & making you laugh will always be my favorite thing to do.

can’t wait to celebrate all that you are to me & to our family.

today’s your day!

love your little girl,



if you haven’t noticed, each image in this post is linked to a site that will provide you free downloads of these images & more!

go check them out & enjoy!

& have a very happy mothers day.


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