i like cute things. & lemons.

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hey beauties.

i think it’s been a while since i’ve been blogging here. honestly, i’ve hit such a creative rut. i’m also in the middle of moving house… which can really put your brain & your life on hold.

however, the love bug & i did go on a target date the other day, & of course i had to pick up all the cute things from the dollar spot. who can blame me? i blame target. let’s get into it::

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as you saw above, i bought a pack of the most adorable succulent mini erasers. am i ever going to use these erasers? no. because why would you want to ruin the cutest erasers that ever existed. i’m gonna try & find a way to display these somehow… if you have any crafty ideas on displaying mini erasers, let me know.

& of course, to go with these little plants, i had to get some garden themed note pads. my favorite is the one with brown paper & the floral heading. it’s so precious. the garden notes notepad is actually magnetized, so that’ll be going on the fridge probably. perhaps i’ll make some notes about the new succulents i’m going to be buying soon. don’t you worry, once they’re here, you’ll be properly introduced. all my old ones got semi-destroyed in my first moving process, so as i move yet again, i’m going to purchase some new ones & have a fresh start. gotta start thinking up names & writing them in that notepad!

& the little blue notepad at the bottom happens to be a sticky note pad. i’m a label queen. everything’s gonna have a sticky note to remind me where everything is. & of course, to leave little love notes. speaking of notes, those note cards are a total dream. why, hello prettiest stationary set. my obsession with those colors, with watercolor, with gold lettering, & with note cards all culminated in this purchase. if i love you, expect to receive pretty cards, & soon.

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i also picked up these organizational times here, because i’m an organization freak. i label everything & make lists constantly. i’m kind of laughing the there’s a sticker that says “work out”… because let’s be honest, i don’t work out. but i do take coffee breaks, so i’ll just use that one instead. the stickers, the note pad, & the sticky notes all have holes punched in the side so you can insert them into a binder. once i unpack in the new house & find my planner/binder, these are going straight in.

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last but not least, i got creative. i was shopping for birthday cards, as some people i adore are celebrating their special days soon, & stumbled across this blank card. when it comes to lemons… i’m all about it. i love lemons. from the color, to the smell, to the taste, to the health benefits. lemons are incredible. hot cup of lemon tea with honey in the morning? helps with digestion, & weight loss. lemon water? helps with kidney stones. let’s not forget it also helps with my arthritis. complete with vitamins C, B6, A, & E, not to mention iron & magnesium, lemons basically deliver everything my body is deficient of. sorry, health rant, us chronically ill people tend to freak when an all natural source helps heal us. aaaanyway.

i found this cute lemon card with it’s cute lemon pun & knew i wanted it framed. it’s definitely going up in the new house to remind me to stay happy & live fully. & consume many lemons.

(oh my goodness. i’m sorry, but i just cracked myself up. i should probably cross stitch or paint “consume many lemons” onto something to remember this moment right here. lemon lovers anonymous? what in the world.)


& that’s all folks!

i hope you enjoyed seeing the precious little items i picked up from the holy grail of superstores. & my rant about lemons… i’m still laughing at myself. hope you are too.

have a beyond lovely day!

much love,



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