we are fragments.

we are broken pieces, shattered seemingly beyond repair.

but we are crafted

we are skillfully constructed with care to create something even more beautiful than we were untouched.

we are a mosaic of pain & wonder, sorrow & laughter; we are a masterpiece.


welcome to crafted fragments, a lifestyle blog about finding beauty in the broken, & making the most of what little fragments you have.


i’m meredith, wanderer, creator, geek, adventurer, artist, & author of crafted fragments. north carolina based // california raised // lover of disney, succulents, coffee, puns, star wars, & people. as a college student with an eye for all things elegant & unnecessary, i have found ways to create beauty from what my every day life presents. from heart to hearts to “how to”s, i can’t wait to rant about how silly my life is & share all my adventures with you guys as i travel through life, picking up fragments as i go & crafting them into something new & lovely. so excited for the shenanigans to come!!




6 thoughts on “about.

    • craftedfragments says:

      hi Micah! so sorry for the late reply, for some reason i didn’t get a notification from this! but thank you so so much! that means a lot. & i’m truly digging your blog as well! let’s be bloggy friends!!


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