light the candle, everything’s alright.

hi, i’m meredith, & i’m addicted to candles. but i swear, they provide some sort of therapeutic comfort for my soul so it’s not like this addiction is a bad thing… right?

i recently bought some new candles because, little secret for you guys, for some reason every store is having candle sales. & if that isn’t the perfect cure for my bouts of depression, i don’t know what is. nothing warms my soul like a candle that smells like homebaked goodness. so i thought i’d share with you my top 7 candles at the moment, if you guys need ideas on what candles to get for yourselves. let’s get started::

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first up:: herb & irma’s lemon & olive leaf scented soy candle. dudethis candleit smells so good i could cry. i’m not huge on citrus, but i really really adore the smell of lemon. i’m obsessed with lush’s bohemian soap, & this candle smells really similar. but due to the olive leaf, it’s a little less sweet & instead has a nice floral/herbal undertone. also, i mean c’mon, this packaging. it’s precious. perfect candle for the kitchen in my opinion!

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next up:: sonoma’s balsam & oak scented candle. “winter’s aromatherapy is the relaxing experience of fresh eucalyptus, bergamot and lemon zest infused with golden oak, hinokiwood and fresh balsam. cedar wood, creamy sandalwood and vintage oak add richness.” what a description! my all-time favorite candle has been bath & body works’ fresh balsam candle, but this one may beat it out. balsam is one of my favorite scents. i don’t really know many other people who like it, but i love it. it smells like the outdoors at christmas. of course it’s a woodsy scent, but this combination of balsam & oak is a little sweeter perhaps than just the fresh balsam. i’m really liking this candle.

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in no particular order, next is:: vintage lace scented soy candle from targetthe only description given for this candle is that it has a “light, flowery fragrance”. which honestly, i don’t even think describes it. the love bug says it smells “fabric-y” & my roomie says it smells like “vanilla with a twist of lemony linen”. so. there’s that. it just smells really nice to me for some reason, even if it is a weird smell you can’t really put your finger on. plus i love the gold container it comes in!

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& now:: sonoma’s pumpkin farm scented candle. “softly spiced pumpkin and warm chestnuts combine with wild greens and sweet apple embraced by earthy patchouli, glowing amber and smooth vanilla bean.” yep, this candle is quite the combination. but if i were gonna simplify it, i would say it just smells like the holidays. it’s sweet & spicy & floral & all around yummy. it’s not really heavy on the pumpkin, it’s just enough pumpkin spice mixed with woodsy & fruity smells. i definitely may save this candle for thanksgiving, but it just smells so warm & lovely.

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announcing:: threshold’s costal tide hand-poured wax pillar candlei genuinely don’t know how to describe this scent for you people… but i basically bought it because it smells like the love bug’s aftershave. & i’m sorry, but the love bug’s aftershave smells amazing. i know i annoy the crap out of him because after he shaves i won’t leave him alone & want to smell his face a lot. i always said i would just buy myself a bottle of it so i could smell it whenever, but then i discovered this wonderful candle! so now whenever i miss this smell, i have my own coastal tide candle to smell. this is getting weird. it smells good though!

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here is:: sonoma’s pumpkin pecan pie scented candle“the rich, authentic aroma of freshly made pumpkin pecan pie is captured in this mouthwatering blend of sweet mandarin, cinnamon sugar, pumpkin butter, brown sugar, and vanilla bean.” so this is one of the sweetest smelling candles i’ve ever smelled! but it’s absolutely wonderful. now, i don’t know that i ever knew pumpkin pecan pie existed? i mean i know pumpkin pie exists, and pecan pie exists, but the two together? hmph. never had it. but, the candle smells like caramel & sugar & pies & homebaked goodies & candy. it’s sweet & delightful.

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& last but not least:: signature soy’s coconut cake scented soy candle. i absolutely love coconut & the smell of it as well. this little candle packs a punch. it smells like the most deletable coconut cream cake you’ve ever had. you can even smell the toasted coconut on top, it’s like magic. it’s not sickeningly sweet but has just enough creamy goodness to entice you. perfect for a warm bath & some chocolates. (now i want some coconut cake…)


& those are my top 7 of the moment! do any of y’all love candles? if so, what are your favorite scents? do you tend to like the sweeter scents, or the more floral smells? let me know in the comments!


hope you’re all doing well.

much love,



get ready with me // holiday edition.

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hello, your friendly awkward blogger here! 

today i’m going to talk you through what make up i used to create a very festive look, perfect for any holiday party or christmas date or any day you feel like looking fancy this holiday season! however, here’s a little disclaimer to say that i am no beauty expert, & i don’t really use high-end make up. i mostly use drugstore make up, or make up items i’ve been gifted. so yeah, not a professional in any sense, don’t have the money for fancy make up, & i don’t really know what i’m doing. but, this has been requested on several occasions, so i thought i’d try to do my best with what i’ve got. i really hope you enjoy!

let’s get started!

  1. so my first step in my getting ready process is always to just pull my hair up into a pony tail & clean my face. depending on the condition of my skin, i will either use a cleansing wipe or a facial cleanser.
  2. i then moisturize my face. i have combination skin, but what i mean by that is that depending on the weather & the seasons, it’s either a little oily, or extremely dry. so during the summer, i have to use a moisturizer that contains salicylic acid in it (& is oil free) to keep my skin from getting to greasy during the day. but, now that it’s winter, my skin is super duper dry! which means i actually have to change a lot about my routine. but as far as moisturizer goes, i just look for moisturizers that provide hydration while still feeling lightweight. i’m currently loving Olay Active Botanicals Moisturizing Day Lotion. Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset
  3. next up is my foundation! my mother gave me this foundation, & i’ve been loving it so far. it’s the Loreal Paris Age Perfect makeup, in the shade Soft Ivory. like i said before, this season my skin is very dry & very dehydrated. during the summer i use more of a water based foundation that is very lightweight, but during the winter i need something with a little thicker of a formula. this foundation is very creamy & yet doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. it’s got great coverage, & this shade suits my skin during the winter, when i’m a little paler. however, i think they’ve discontinued it! i only use it in the winter months, so when i run out it looks like i’ll have to find a dupe for it. i just apply this foundation all over my face & into my neck area, blending well.Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset
  4. after my foundation, i use Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte Powder in the shade Porcelain. i love this face powder. i was introduced to it by my friend Paige, & ever since i can’t stop using it. it really helps set the foundation i’m using, since the foundation is rather dewy, & this powder is a brilliant long lasting matte. i use my Beauty 360 Bamboo Powder Brush to apply this everywhere i previously applied foundation.Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset
  5. next, i use this Physicians Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls in the shade Light Bronze Pearl. now, this powder is absolutely gorgeous. i think it’s kind of a it’s a mix between a highlighter & bronzer. since i get very pale in the winter, i apply it very lightly across my face where the sun would hit to give me a little bit of a bronze-y glow. i’m sure if you got the darker shades (i get the light shade) & used it very heavily, you could use it as a bronzer, but i apply it very lightly so i just use it as powder to go over my face powder. i definitely suggest using a separate brush & not the brush they provide to apply it, but i suggest that with almost every powder. that will give you the best color pay off. & just so ya know, this product is on the pricier side, but it lasts forever, at least the way i use it. so it’s really worth getting!Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset
  6. i forgot to take a photo of the bronzer i use, but honestly i’m embarrassed cause i totally use cheapy bronzer! i just use a contour brush & lightly apply it under my cheekbones & under/along my jawline. & as i stated above, this whole makeup look was inspired by the elf eyeshadow palette i just bought. i love Elf Cosmetics, because it agrees with my college student budget while still being excellent quality! after i applied bronzer, i used Elf’s Baked Blush in the shade peachy cheeky. i wanted to buy the shade passion pink, because it suits my skin tone more, but they were out of stock the last time i went shopping. this shade is still truly lovely. i don’t usually apply blush anyway, only on special occasions, but since i was attempting to be fancy today, i used a fluffy blush brush to apply this lightly to the apples of my cheeks.
  7. next, i use Elf’s Hydrating Under Eye Primer … but nooot exactly how you’re supposed to. i used to use it under my eyes, but i didn’t really enjoy the way it reacted with my foundation. so now i’ve been using it as a primer on my eyelids. because i used a baked eyeshadow palette, it works a lot better if you apply it on a wet base or wet your brush before applying it. using this primer & then applying the eyeshadow while it’s still drying not only increasing the gorgeous pigment, but also helps it stay on all day long!
  8. time to talk eyeshadow! like i mentioned at the top of the post, this is really where a lot of my inspiration came from! i’ve been using the Elf Studio Baked Eyeshadow Palette (California #85131). these shadows are very shimmery & metallic. the individual shadows don’t have names that i can see, but i use the lightest shade as a base, a golden bronze from the bottom row on the middle of my eyelid, & a darker dustier bronze / brown shade in the outer corner of my eyelid. i didn’t go too heavy, because i’m going to be doing a statement red lip, but i was going for a very bronzey, festive, tinsel & gold inspired eyeshadow look.Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset
  9. next goes the eyeliner! i use the Maybelline Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner in the color Blackest Black. now, i’ve been doing a cat eye since the end of 10th grade. i never used to wear makeup, but one day i just started experimenting with eyeliner for fun (pretty sure i was just bored, & my older sister had given me some eyeliner) & i liked the way it looked. a cat eye takes real practice. people are always asking me how i do it, & honestly, after more than 4 years of doing a cat eye, you just kind of could do it in your sleep. & yet, you still have days where one eye looks great & the other looks horrid. i’ve been using this eyeliner for about 2 years? i’ve gone between gel liner, liquid liner, felt tip liner, & pencil liner, but i think liquid is my favorite. it took me a while to find an applicator i really liked, but this one does the job for me. it’s definitely a longer applicator, so it takes practice & precision, but once you get the hang of it, the formula is great. it’s got a lovely rich black pigment, & once it dries it stays well. i just do a cat eye over my eyeshadow on both eyes, & hope it looks okay!
  10. then i apply my mascara. i found the NYC New York Color Big Bold Curl Mascara in Extreme Black a few years ago, & now i can’t live without it. it’s miraculous, & so darn cheap! the brush, i will warn you, is huge, but that’s what i love about it. it claims to give you 12x more voluminous lashes & 99% more curl & lift… which is quite the promise. but i can at least say that it has really worked for me. i already have really long, thick, dark, & curled lashes (thanks dad!) naturally, which is a blessing, but this mascara just adds so much for me. the formula is great, & you almost only need one swipe of the stuff & you’re good to go. beautiful lashes for nothing at all!
  11. & again, as pictured above, i used the Covergirl Star Wars, The Force Awakens lipsticknow, if you know a thing or two about me, you know that i love Star Wars & the new movie is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. slight exaggeration, but not really. i honestly have grown up on Star Wars & it’s always been my favorite! so i was really stoked when Covergirl released a make up line for us geeks. I have 3 of the lipsticks so far, but for this festive look I choose the Red 30 color. unfortunately they didn’t name the lipstick colors (missed opportunity in my opinion), so i came up with my own. & this one is, duh, darth maul. (could also be Red Leader, but i feel like no normal citizen would pick up that reference). this is a very pigmented shade, so if you have a lipliner, you might wanna use it! also, i just make sure & moisturize & exfoliate my lips regularly, so that applying lipstick is seamless.

& that’s all folks! insert awkward selfie to display finished make up look here:

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i’m awful at taking pictures of myself, this is really cringe worthy, but here is the final look! the lighting was pretty bad so unfortunately i look a little strange, but i promise it turned out a-ok. i also curled my hair & put on a red plaid dress, & sparkly crystal earrings for extra festive-ness!

i hope you all enjoyed this post, & some of your questions have been answered about what products i use. if anyone wanted to know anything else, feel free to ask any questions below in the comments section & i’ll get back to you speedy quick. i hope these holiday inspired blog posts have been fun for you guys! keep coming back, cause we have a couple more to go!

see you tomorrow, & have a happy holiday season.

hugs & love,



& these are a few of my favorite things.

1. coffee houses. especially this one in particular. eclectic & quaint & perfect for all occasions. perfect for date nights, study sessions, catching up with old friends, people watching, diving into good books, or just drinking some coffee. they’re known for their epic flavored lattes, & awesome atmosphere. live irish bands on sundays, jazz nights on thursdays, & always a choice playlist playing in the background in between. i happened to just get back from jazz night & this girl swoons at the sound of a saxophone, so you bet i was in heaven.

3. grey flowy things. ask any of my friends, my wardrobe consists of mainly grey flowy things. my love language is probably grey flowy things. i get this weird sort of satisfaction & joy when i see other people also wearing grey flowy things. my mom is always saying, “do you really need another grey flowy thing?!?” & you bet i’m always answering, “uh, YES, YES I DO.” i found this dress & just couldn’t resist. it’s the perfect color grey & the perfect amount of flowy. makes ya wanna frolic your heart out!

3. ice cream parlors. especially little ones that have been around for ages & still use glass coke bottles! the love bug & i love to take walks down to the ice cream parlor to share a cup of cookies & cream & soak up the sun.

4. i love lucy.

my darling roomie & i had this conversation about how much we adored i love lucy & next thing i know my mom bought us the first season on DVD. so you bet i spent a lazy friday morning in bed watching episode after episode of i love lucy & laughing my sides off. did anyone else grow up with this show?? it’s so hilarious & silly & i love it.

5. rings.

it’s a jewelry weakness of mine. my bestest gal pal has this fear of rings which cracks me up because i’m the total opposite. i recently got these two rings from the cutest jewelry & knick knack store we have next to campus & i love them. one is silver & has this really cool texture to it, & the other is a mood ring!!! 90’s kids, what’s good. i used to love mood rings (but the ones with the color all around the ring), so when i saw this adorable oval one i was like um, yes please. apparently i’m always very happy, & then nervous. how accurate!

6. marble everything.

okay, so marble takes the cake as the prettiest. taking art history in our campus’ art museum is my favorite because of the marble columns (that i secretly desire to just hug they are so beautiful). i didn’t know marble print was a thing until i saw an instagram post of this journal & i was like UM YES? HELLUR 911 MARBLE EMERGENCY. i take obsessions way too far probably, but the marble lovin’ has hit me strong. i was never so excited to receive something in the mail as i was this gorgeous journal. not even gonna pretend i don’t stroke that beautiful cover sometimes. this is a trend i can give my blessing to. marble everything please.

7. you guys.

no really, i love you all. you’re my favorite.


& those are just a few of my favorite things! *cue maria von trapp singing the hills are aliiiive*

what are a few of your favorite things? let me know in the comments! 

all my love,


you are beautiful.

you are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed- and you are beautiful. (amy bloom)

i’ve been struggling a lot with self love lately. i guess being a human makes it very hard not to absolutely loathe myself some days. i mean, it’s inevitable. we are human. we make mistakes. we are imperfect; we are flawed. but sometimes i feel as if i’m living my life as one big apology to the world for all my millions of flub-ups. i haven’t come to terms that it’s okay to not be perfect.

i look at myself in the mirror and i point out all that i could change about myself. everything that could be better or smaller, every scar i wish wasn’t there, every freckle or mark i despise. but what do i expect? is any human perfect? is any human without a single blemish?

sometimes i think the world just needs a giant hug and a reminder that it’s okay, absolutely okay, to be imperfect. to be permanently and inevitably flawed. in fact, it’s beautiful. i think as humans, that’s not our natural reaction. we strive for perfection, for what could be better, we never settle. so yeah, maybe it takes a conscious effort to recognize beauty in the imperfect. but i think that’s something we should fight for. what if we went out of our way each day to make sure to compliment someone’s appearance? who knows, maybe that person will go home, look in the mirror, and realize hey, they like their hair too. and what if we showed ourselves the same kindness we show others? what if we looked in the mirror and said, you have gentle but passionate eyes, self. your smile has meaning and strength to it, which makes it powerful, self. your wrinkles are reminders that you have smiled, and they tell stories of joy and laughter. your hair looks like a lioness’ mane; it looks like it holds secrets. your teeth are uniquely yours, crooked and cute. your ears are dainty, your nose assertive, your cheeks plump, your jaw line direct. you are imperfect, self. you are permanently and inevitably flawed. and you are beautiful.

say it one more time for the people in the back,


say it one more time for people who love you,


say it one more time for the people who drag you down,


say it one more time for you.

i am beautiful.

treat yo self 2015.

clothes, treat yo self. fragrances, treat yo self. massages, treat yo self. mimosas, treat yo self. fine leather goods, treat yo self.

(if you picked up on my reference, i love you let’s be friends).

anyway, hi darlings! meredith here. the first two weeks of my sophomore year of college have definitely not been the easiest… so in the midst of it all, i gave myself some time to…ya know… treat myself 😉 as we all know being a college student means being broke, so these items, though small (or bought on sale hollllllaaaa), were a total treat.

olive flowy dress: 50% off at target // my own oasis candle: 70% off at target // glasses case: tjmaxx // star wars sketchbook: barnes & noble // wrap bracelet: 50% off at cracker barrel

ya girl knows how to find sales! that dress fulfills all my flowy needs. i have this obsession with clothes that make me look like a potato sack with no figure, it’s great. i get to hide in the folds of the dress and frolic around like i’m an irish princess or something. plus, when something is 50% off and your budget gives you a little extra wiggle room… treat yo self.

the star wars sketchbook wasn’t exactly a treat. more of a requirement for being an art major. however the sketchbooks i already own were too small for my teachers’ desire, so i needed a new one. all the sketchbooks at the art store were pretty boring and pretty expensive… so a trip to barnes & noble later & i landed me a star wars sketchbook. i also think, if you’re an artist, you’re going to want to sketch more if you really love your sketchbook. i have old sketchbooks i never touch purely because i don’t really like the way they look… i always pick up my more aesthetically pleasing ones first. don’t judge a book by it’s cover is usually the rule of thumb, but it may not apply here. i mean, all sketchbooks deserve equal love, but i’m an advocate for a sketchbook that aligns with your personality.

sketchbook rant end here.

my own oasis: with notes of toasted coconut, sheer jasmine, & cucumber water.

it smells as magical as they tried to make it sound. i’m not allowed to burn it though, as i live in the dorms and ya know, fire. smoke. blah blah blah. (no really it’s serious). but i sat it out next to my succulent garden and it definitely still makes the room smell nice. i can’t wait to take it home on break though. bubble baths & soy based candles are pretty much my heaven.

my mumsies actually purchased this for me. being the clumsy fool i am, i accidentally stepped on my old glasses case & have been in search for the perfect case ever since. not only is this special to me cause my dear marmee got it for me, but those words hold a special place in my heart for another reason. & that’s because my dearest gal pal susanna is heading over to Wales to study abroad for a while. i shall miss her dearly, & my eyes will be on Europe always, thinking of her & hoping to visit her someday!


i hope you enjoyed my little rants about my treats! i’ll have you know… i ended up writing an entire post just about the wrap bracelet & it got pretty deep… if you’re up to reading a kinda emotional post, let me know & i’ll post it on monday.

anyway, i hope you’re all having wonderful semesters so far, & remember to treat yo self when things get tough. doesn’t have to be expensive, the dollar store is your friend 😉 if anyone has treat yo self stories you wanna tell me, comment below. it’ll be fun.

much love,


& on this episode of “i did something drastic.”

oh hey guys. what’s up? wanna hear a story? cool. cause i wanna tell ya one.

once upon a time, i’ve always had long hair. long, long hair. and a loooot of it. long, thick, heavy, straight hair. when i was little it was probably closer to brown, then in my young teens it was more dirty blonde, and now we’re thinking it’s trying to be red//auburn? it changes color depending on the day i swear, plus the lighting can make it look all sorts of rainbow colors. oh the hair struggles. i’ve also realized i don’t think i’ve ever even shown my face on this blog yet??? what is this madness. probably my insecurity. hah. cries. aaaaanyway, here are pictures of my long hair in all its glory::


& a really awful looking picture of my hair at it’s longest and poofiest::

ta daaaaa. 

okay, so let’s talk about those long hairs. i was sort of raised to believe that long hair was the beauty of a woman (which registered in my noggin’ as the only beauty of a woman), so i always thought if i cut my hair i’d probably be cutting off my beauty and womanhood or something. how tragic. i thought long hair meant beauty, and short hair just meant “cute”. like 5 year old cute. like bye bye womanhood.

my hair was also pretty much my security blanket. i’ve never really had any self-esteem and struggle with detrimentally hating the way i look. so the long hair was nice, because it turned people’s attention away from my face and toward my long hair. i could hide behind it. even when people complimented me, i just assumed the “beauty” they were referring to was my long hair. it was the only thing i felt semi-confident about, and even then it was a distorted confidence.

come this summer, i’ve been working excruciatingly hard to accept myself. loving begins with acceptance, right? i tried to break down unrealistic expectations i held myself to. i tried to be nicer to myself. but i was still hiding behind that hair.

i also struggle with chronic migraines, & constantly overheating & getting heat exhaustion. during a trip this summer the hair was a real problem. i got heat exhaustion, tried putting my hair in a topknot to get it off my neck & immediately got a migraine from the weight. even my neck would hurt from all the weight. so this thought of “…what if i cut my hair?” creeped in.

i couldn’t grasp it really. i was afraid of looking 5. i was afraid of not having something to hide behind. i was afraid of letting go of the one thing i actually kind of maybe liked about myself. i’ve also always been super ashamed of my chubby cheeks. i’ve got these like obnoxiously prominent cheekbones that jut out like they own the place. and unfortunately it makes me look like a chipmunk. i was afraid the shorter hair would just make my face look so round and bring so much attention to my cheeks….gah.

BUT. i decided to do it. scheduled the appointment. then i chickened out and decided to just trim it. hah. then i saw an instagram post from a friend that said, “do you have a face? yay, you have a face for short hair!” and it got me thinking. then my dad said something that got me thinking. then i was at the salon, panicking, about to cry, ranting to my hairdresser about the struggles. she told me to shut up and trust her. and not cry. i followed her instructions…. and i’m actually pretty happy that i did ::



^pretty much what i did for a few hours after i cut it. (sorry padres…)

dude. i can’t believe this is me. it is truly crazy what a hair cut can do! i already feel super free. my neck is singing praises. my top knots are adorable and painless. my cheeks… are still there, but hey! no extra attention really. except for the attention i just drew to them… welp.

i am a happy camper. really, i’ve been a lot happier since this has been done. don’t even know why. but it’s even helped me to accept//love myself more than i ever could. i guess it’s forced me to look at my face. and be like, hey face. you are my face. we’re gonna be together for a while. so let’s be pleasant to one another, huh? i may not be the biggest fan of my cheeks or my smile, but i’m gonna try my best to be nice. but dude. i kinda like my hair.


do any of you have major hair cutting experiences that you would want to share? do you have tips for short hair care? ideas for up-dos? general thoughts? comment below! hearing from you is my favorite. i like it even more than i like my new hair. i super like you guys.

thanks for reading//dealing with my ramblings!

much love,

mere bear & her new hair.


deck the hauls.

this is gonna be a haul post. heh. get it?

hi! hello! hope you’re all having fun summers filled with adventure & fun. today’s the day i’m traveling back from the wonderful land of california to the… quaint land of north carlolina. cries. which means i’m probably travel anxious in an airport in LA right now. woo!

before i left for this trip i ran to the store to pick up some new high waisted shorts, & brought home a few more items. i thought for fun, we’d just talk about that. how fun.

le purchases:

  1. a brief guide to j.r.r. tolkien, by nigel cawthorne. because i’m obsessed & i wanted something to read on the plane.
  2. extra large slouchy white v-neck. because you can never have enough of these. i’m serious.
  3. black flowy razor back tank top. because, again, you can never have enough.
  4. the high-waisted shorts i actually went to the store to buy. super comfy, super soft, kinda faded, practically perfect. only downfall? fake pockets. curse you, women’s clothing, curse you.

& that’s all for now folks. i’ll see ya (for realsies) real soon!

much love, meredith.

i’m a monochromatic copycat with no style but a lot to say, apparently.

i went through like 17 titles before choosing that one so don’t judge me.

ahem. so, at 4:31 am, as i’m frantically packing, i’m realizing that i will soon see old friends that i haven’t seen in some time… that i will be at graduations… and parties… and dinners… and events… and that i will, in fact, whether i like it or not, be making some sort of statement as to who i have become with the way i look. some people i know will be quick to jump at that sentence and say, “if they are true friends, they will only judge you based on your heart, not your style.” to which i will say, hah. because let’s be real here. i mean, i do attempt to be a genuine, accepting, loving, and understanding person. i try to judge someone only based on their person:: their character, their actions, their lifestyle, etc. i’m sure a lot of you also try to be genuine human beings who only judge people on their innards not their outtards. however… does not the way a person dresses themselves say something about the way they view themselves? does it not say something about the value they place in first impressions, in presence and beauty? also don’t jump on a pedestal, you’ve totally judged someone based on their lime green turtle neck, admit it. just thoughts.

i suppose i didn’t intend to get too overly thought-provoking here but who knows what will happen when you write a blog post at 4 am. i also don’t mean to sound shallow or materialistic. whoops. all the goals being missed by a long shot.

anyway, as all these thoughts are racing through my head, i swung open my closet doors to find this::

ah yes. go meredith. your closet consists of pretty much the same color scheme throughout (grey, black, white, occasional off-white…), everything is flowy, and lord almighty how many stripes can a woman own before becoming a zebra? again, because it’s 4 am, i decided to think real hard about my style choices.

a few weeks ago, i made a quality investment in this book here, hey natalie jean. (totally worth the embarrassment of the man working at barnes & noble directing me to the parenting section, only to ask when i was expecting. oh no sir, no buns in the oven here. just because i wear maternity clothing for flowy purposes does not give you the right to assume pregnancy.) anyway, i bought the book on account of reading a particular blog post from my favorite blogger, and author of the book. in this blog post, and in the book, natalie talked about two things that i’ve literally had the urge to talk about myself for years. and the first was defining your style.

call me a copy cat, but i’ve had this idea, i swear, for forever. even ask my friends… i’ve forced them to sit down at coffee with me and listen to me rant. natalie describes it as “the pinterest disconnect”. see, i could never pinpoint how i wanted to dress in real life. however, i could totally pin how i wanted to dress on pinterest. my style board was filled with flowy grey tunics… and yet when i was at the store i would, for some reason, reach for the brightly colored patterned everything. i think i was trying to overcompensate for my dull social life or something. who knows. then i began college, went through a slew of life changes, and got to a point where while i wanted to be stylish, i also just wanted to be hella comfy. i didn’t want to feel so wrong in my own clothes. so i went to tjmaxx and bought all the grew flowy things.

there was a lot of guilt at first… my mom kept saying, “do you really need another grey flowy shirt? do you really need another shawl? do you really need another black flowy tank top? how many striped things do you own???”  and yeah, i probably own a plethora of striped items. and yeah, i probably get told i dress like a grandma a lot. and yeah, i do buy everything in XL even though i’m a small/medium. and guess what? i looooove it. and i wear it! isn’t that the point of clothes?

which brings me to my second (and final, bare with me) ranting point. do you wear all of your clothes? think about that for a second. quoting from both natalie jean, and the joy of less, there’s this thing called the 20%. you probably wear 20% of your clothing, 80% percent of the time. and that leftover 80%? it’s taking up room in your drawers. i got in this habit of hanging everything i wear frequently in my closet, and leaving everything else in my dresser drawers…i’ll have you know i haven’t opened those drawers barely once this whole summer. i’ve started giving clothes away and getting rid of what i don’t wear because let’s be real. it saves me the embarrassment of convincing myself yes meredith you can rock that skin tight floral print sinchy shirt, going out in public past the point of no return, catching a glance of myself in a mirror, and oh hell no meredith you can’t rock this what we’re you thinking are you crazy why do you even own this??? i find the best way to get rid of that 80% with ease is to just find your 20%, get into your 20% groove, and soon you won’t care for that 80% at all.

so there you have it! a post that’s basically already been posted and written about in two different books that i decided to take upon myself to write at what is now 5 am when i need to be packing for my trip to california where i will impress my old friends with how utterly monochromatic and lame i am. jazz hands!!! i do hope you got something out of this post though. maybe.

farewell, dear ones.

photo fragments & many a rant about our adventures at 7th street market.

once upon a time i fell in love with charlotte, north carolina. don’t ask me why cause i don’t even really understand it. it’s just a cool place, man. some of my best pals reside around that area and we always have the greatest adventures, let me tell you.

no really, let me tell you. if you’re ever around the area, check out the 7th street public market… “7th street public market’s mission is to celebrate the food culture of the carolinas and promote local and regional farmers, food artisans, and entrepreneurs.” it’s a total cool beans place, if you ask me.

do you feel like drooling right now? no? uh, well…i’m about to make ya. so grab your towels folks, cause i’m gonna describe to you how i was getting the rumbly tumblies and therefore grabbed a crepe that changed my life. if you talk to me about crepes though, i’m gonna tell you every single one changed my life. i mean it’s like the universe sets off fireworks just for me every time i eat a crepe (and my life, it changes).

let me also explain you a thing about myself and the way i food. basically, i find something i like…and then i like it a lot. i grew up on a steady diet of i love spaghetti and can you pass the ketchup. and whadya know, i still hog the ketchup bottle and i still order spaghetti every time we eat out somewhere that has spaghetti. it’s usually the same with my crepes. if i’m feeling super duper fancy, i’ll sometimes get a savory crepe. most likely i’ll just slyly steal some of yours. because most likely i’ll be ordering that nutella & strawberries crepe. that’s my thing.

imagine my face when i stuffed it with a creme de la crepe (yeah, that’s it’s name), which is a warm, thick and fluffy crepe, stuffed with nutella, whipped cream, and sweet strawberries. it was like the woaaahhhhhh face mixed with the duuuuuuuude face mixed with the holy-cow-i-can-die-happy-now-cause-MY-LIFE-HAS-BEEN-CHANGED-PEOPLE face (yeah, that’s a face).

whew. it was a kodak moment for sure. oh sorry, did i make you droll? but hey, i warned you didn’t i? well, i hope you’re enjoying story time because i have more life changing stories. this time, about coffee.

this story begins with instagram. you have an instagram? i have an instagram. (let’s be friends?) anyway, i was following this account called not just coffee for quite some time, only to then realize ages later that the place was in fact in charlotte! so i pretty much bribed my friends into a downtown charlotte adventure… the main purpose being to finally go to not just coffeeand get some coffee.

and then, my life was changed. (heh, am i annoying yet?). but no really. the atmosphere was adorable, the baristas super friendly, and the experience all together lovely. and the coffee? remember that story about how i choose a thing i like, and then really like it? caramel lattes are one of those things. and boy oh boy was this caramel latte one for the books. congrats caramel latte, you win best darn one i’ve ever had. your award is the foam on the tip of my nose and the cheesy caffeinated grin on my face. i probably obnoxiously fan-girled over the latte, telling my poor barista that oh my goodness that was the best caramel latte i’ve ever had thank you for your magical barista skills you genie of the coffee pot and he was probably like oh my goodness take your instagram pictures and leave, little lady. so i took my instagram pictures. and then i left.

we did also stop by a little bath and beauty station called small keys, because i’m a sucker for soaps and wanted to grab something before leaving the beautiful city of charlotte.

this soap has been treating my hands very well. i smell like a cup o’ tea all the time, and it’s oh so wonderful.

all in all, it was a quality adventure. friends, food, coffee, soap, and then oh! a piano asking to be played. so best pal sarah tickled some keys for us. i think i probably could have stayed at 7th street market all day, writing, reading, sipping coffee and downing crepes (and you know, having my life changed). if anyone wants to just go on a road trip adventure with me right now, that would be great. there’s really nothing i love more than little markets full of culture and food and bustling life.

okay. end rant here.

love always, meredith.

so, we won an award?

well what do you know? crafted fragments is just a little baby and somehow we’ve already won a beauty blog award? golly gee. thanks, thebeautydorkk!

i’m not really one for following rules (whoops) so i might cheat a little here and just answer a select few of the questions she asked! sound good? let’s get to it.

if you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

i would want to take away all the judgement, all the cruelty, all the discrimination, all the inequality, all the narrow-mindedness, and all the hatred, and i would replace it with love, acceptance, understanding, equality, open-mindedness, joy, and peace.

what superpower would you love to have?

the ability to send hugs to people who need them.

are you good at making new friends?

hm…i’m not sure “good” would be quite the world to describe my people skills. see, i’m an extensively awkward humanoid. and i’m also a total introvert. so i’m pretty much this strange mumbo jumbo of like “all humans need to stay 10,000 feet away from me” and “i just want to hug every human that ever lived.” it’s weird. so it sure depends on my mood. most of the time, though, i love *attempting* to make some quality friends.

describe your perfect relaxation day.

large bed full of fluffy pillows and fuzzy blankets. large cup of coffee. a book to read, the love bug to snuggle with, and maybe a lord of the rings marathon. also, pizza.

what is the first thing that people notice about you?

well, people like to point out that i have a gap between my two front teeth. like i didn’t already know….

do you like dancing?

i only like two types of dancing.

the first is by myself, dancing like a crazy person to some one direction when i’m stressed out of my brains. the second is with the love bug, slow dancing to jazz.

what’s the best post you’ve written about on your blog so far?

i guess the one i am the most proud of is my post about investing in experiences. i scribbled parts of it down on my phone at a coffee shop right after the love bug and i went to a jazz concert. it’s full of life and full of what i believe in. go read it if you wanna!

(and last but not least…)

do you consider yourself a happy person?

i feel like this could be a post in itself. there’s so much that i could say. there’s so much more to me, so much more to my story than just being a “happy” or “unhappy” person. i suppose i would say i have not always been a happy person, no. my life has not always been filled with moments of glee that weren’t overshadowed by seasons of sorrow. there hasn’t always been times of joy without pain. but i will say that i have become a person who aspires to be happy. my pain pushes me forward to seek a life that is filled with joy from within. i have realized that happiness is a choice, because our circumstances never change. the pain never goes away. humans will have their bad days, but they will have their good ones too. so i consider myself a hopeful person. someone who knows happiness can be hers if she is strong enough to fight for it.


hope you all enjoyed this special mid-week post and didn’t get too bored with my ramblings… feel free to answer some of the questions in the comments if you want! i’d love to hear what you guys think.

much love, my dears!