get creative this may.

hello everyone, & happy month of may!

this month i’m very excited to bring you a post in collaboration with a excellent service called TextMyJournal, run by a wonderful individual Roxanne. TextMyJournal works to bring journal prompts right to you, but Roxanne also shares the prompts over on her blog! this month, i worked to provide you all with 30 journal prompts that are a little different… they are art journal prompts! if you need some initial inspiration for your art journals, check out this post. i’m really excited to bring you these 30 journal prompts, & i hope you tackle them each day this month so that may becomes a month of creativity. make sure to follow me on instagram, twitter, facebookpinterest, & even tumblr, because i’ll be posting letterings of each journal prompt on all my social media for you guys! (here’s a sneak peak, like what you see?)


now, without further ado, here are the 30 journal prompts::

1. Go on a walk & collect some flowers. Press those flowers in a page of your art journal.

2. Fill an entire page with doodles.

3. Keep your grocery lists, to do lists, or any lists you have lying around, & paste them on a page.

4. Find an old magazine, & cut out some words that inspire you. Paste them all in a page of your art journal.

5. Fill a page with receipts, with little notes about why each purchase was special.

6. Collect your fortunes from fortune cookies & paste them in a page of your art journal.

7. Try & draw your favorite childhood toy from memory.

8. Create your own map, of a world real or imaginary.

9. Steal some labels off items in your fridge. Paste them in your art journal.

10. Draw a pie chart of your stomach. Illustrate your favorite foods.

11. Fill a page with your favorite inspirational quotes.

12. Have any old love notes? Paste them on a page, maybe add some heart stickers.

13. Illustrate one of your favorite song lyrics.

14. Collect business cards from places you’ll probably never go to again. Paste them all on a page.

15. Find a poem that you love, write it down, & then illustrate it.

16. Design your dream wedding dress, or tuxedo.

17. Keep the tags on the end of your tea bags, especially the ones with nice messages on them. Paste them on a page.

18. Make a design out of foil bubble gum wrappers.

19. Save your movie ticket stubs & paste them on a page. 

20. Try & render one of your favorite paintings.

21. Collect airline tickets & train tickets to document your travels.

22. Snatch some paint swatches from a home improvement store & past them on a page.

23. Get out a needle & thread… stitch a design on to your page!

24. Collect some leaves, press them, & paste them on a page.

25. Grab the stickers off your fruit & make a design with them.

26. Cut out some comics from a Sunday newspaper & paste them on a page.

27. Use a stapler to staple a design on to one of your pages.

28. Find old photos & polaroids & doodle on them.

29. Cut out pieces of fabric that you like & paste them on a page of your art journal.

30. Cover a page with stripes of colored tape.

hope you enjoyed these prompts! again, you guys should totally head over to my social media, as well as over to Roxanne’s blog & social media to get daily updates on each of these prompts. & i would absolutely love to see everyone’s journal entries if you feel like participating. in fact, send me a picture of your work & you may just be featured!
i love you all & i wish you a very merry month of may.
get creative!

dreamy living space, bedroom, & dining area.

since i’m a planning freak, here’s my second edition of showing you my inspiration for my future home. hope you enjoy!

living space:

it’s no secret that i want house plants!


basically cuddle town / snuggle central.


dining area:

lots of wood & plenty of light.

& that’s my ideal living space, bedroom, & dining area!

the next edition will probably be homeware & furniture & such.

hope you enjoyed!


spring poetry.

hey lovelies! guess what??

today we’re being blessed with a guest!

& just so ya know, this isn’t just any regular guest post… today, our guest is sharing one of her poems with us! if you like spring, poetry, & new friends, you’re gonna enjoy this.

so get your warm hugs & positivity ready, cause here comes a gorgeous poem by sophie::


The Happy Valley

From my place up here,

in the woods, on the cliff

edge, I can see

tantalising blue glimpses of the sea.

The warm green leaves

obscure my view

and my smell is overwhelmed

by the scent of wild garlic

and bluebells that line

the stone pathway, winding

up through the trees towards the sea.

It is hard underfoot,

after a dry winter,

but it is spring now,

and I am ready.


This poem was inspired by my favourite place – Fowey on the south coast of Cornwall in the UK. It’s a poem about the hope of spring, and leaving behind winter and the cold, dark days. It’s a poem about loving a place and hope and spring.


Sophie Reid - photo

Hi, I’m Sophie! I’m a writer based in the UK. I am inspired by the sea and coast, and my favourite authors include Daphne du Maurier and J.K. Rowling. I have an MA in Creative Writing and am currently working on an adult novel, as well as a YA novel. I currently write for MuggleNet, as well as running my own sea inspired blog, Sea, Earth, Sky. When not writing, I love the outdoors, windsurfing, and reading. If you’d like to see more of my work, drop by and say hello at


my future dreamy abode.

i may be a planning freak. i may also be an HGTV freak. the show fixer upper has given me such unrealistic expectations as to what my future home could look like. & after religiously watching it ever since it aired, i’ve already planned out exactly how i want my house to look. i’m thinking lots of white, lots of marble, lots of copper, & lots of wood. & since i’m also a pinterest freak, i decided to map out my future dreamy abode on my dreamy abode pinterest board. let’s take a tour of what will hopefully be my home someday::








at this point in the post, i realized i had WAY too many photo ideas of what i wanted my future home to look like. so, i’ll get back to you some other time with how i want my living room, dining room, bedroom, & cozy space to look like. & perhaps i’ll do yet another including homeware, shelving, & furniture. yeah, i’m obsessed.

i truly hope you enjoyed seeing all of my inspiration for my future home. let me know in the comments what you guys liked & disliked! how would you design your home?

all photos taken from

festive decor.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

& welcome to the last holiday post!

this past week or so has been an absolute delight, getting back into blogging & planning holiday themed posts for all of you. & i’m really excited to welcome some new readers to the crafted fragments family! how exciting to have you here.

for the final holiday post, i’ll be sharing some pictures of how i’ve decorated my living space for the holidays! hope you enjoy!

Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset

& that’s all folks! a very merry holiday season to you all.

hugs & love,



holiday gift wrapping.

insert photo of my roomie’s epic t-shirt here::

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

whats up.

if you haven’t already guessed, today i’m going to be sharing with you my creative tips on holiday gift wrapping! i love wrapping gifts. whether or not i’m actually good at it is another question entirely, but i love wrapping gifts. i guess you could call me a hardcore wrapper. let’s get wrapping, shall we?

Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset

how gorgeous is this one? brown paper packages tied up with string may be plain jain to some, but i personally find them so quaint. & it’s super simple, like i said just some brown paper packaging & some brown twine. but i spiced this one up a bit by tying in a candy cane! doesn’t get more festive than that, & then they get a treat to eat as well as their present! so tip #1, keep it simple, but with a festive twist.


Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset

now, while you can achieve elegance & grace with some brown paper packaging tied up with string…. star wars is one of my favorite things! what i mean to say is, you can always make wrapping great by just buying some awesomely printed wrapping paper. i found this tube of star wars wrapping paper at the dollar store!!! they also sell it at hallmark and barnes & noble, i believe. these were all yoda themed gifts i gave my love bug a little early, & i stayed true to the star wars theme with the wrapping paper. i thought it was so cute. so, again, tip # 2, get some fantastically printed wrapping paper, & the job is done for you! (& of course, don’t forget the bows.)


Processed with VSCOcam with c7 preset

we can call this one the holly berry design. not to be confused with halle berry. for this little guy (he is rather little, only a couple inches in width), i used my brown & white chevron print wrapping paper. i purchased this at target & have been loving it. i wrapped so many of my gifts with it! i then bought gold leaf stickers at target as well i think, & arranged them & stuck them down as i wanted. i then used super glue to attach these adorable, tiny jingle bells i bought from the dollar store. i love the way this one turned out. it’s probably my favorite! tip #3 would be to experiment with stickers & glueing things on the outside of your gift for some visual eye candy.


Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset

now for this one i decided to try something new. i had some gorgeous silvery shiny tissue paper laying around, & i had a small gift i needed to wrap. i didn’t really feel like using any wrapping paper i had, so i experimented with tissue paper as wrapping paper! & i really love how it turned out. i just wrapped the gift like you would with normal paper, & then tied some bakers twine (fancy name for red & white twine) around it twice. & before i tied it off, i attached a big jingle bell. these jingle bells have a snowflake pattern on them & they’re so pretty. i actually picked them up at the dollar store! so for this gift, my tip (#5) would be to use pretty metallic tissue paper as wrapping paper for smaller gifts to achieve a really glitzy look.


Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

now this one is super simple! tip number #6, find cute boxes that need no wrapping! usually, even if i do find a box with adorable snow men & reindeer & santa claus etc… i still wrap it up! however, these little tiny 1×1 inch boxes were just too cute to wrap. they were printed like baby candy canes & fit my small trinkets i bought for the love bug perfectly. i felt like wrapping it would take away from how cute the little box was. so instead, i plopped this adorable miniature bow on the top!


Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

& last but not least, this super adorable package. for this one, i again used my chevron print wrapping paper which i adore. i then used some red twine to wrap around the side of the package, instead of your usual criss cross pattern. my mom had just bought a bag of cinnamon scented pinecones from our local grocery store, & i thought it would be so lovely to attach them to the wrapping of this package! i strung the cinnamon stick on the twine, & then wrapped the twine in the groves of the pinecone to secure it. i then finished wrapping the twine around the package & secured it at the bottom. i just love this design because not only does it look really rustic & cute, but it smells amazing! it truly smells like the holidays. so tip #7, try & offset your twine for a perhaps non-traditional but really delightful effect. & perhaps experiment with attaching cinnamon sticks, pine cones, or even branches or leaves or whatever you’ve got around the house!


i hope you’ve enjoyed this tips & designs. i had a lot of fun wrapping presents this year, but these were just some of my favorites. i think it makes the gift just a little extra special when you put some personal creative touches into the wrapping as well. let me know in the comments if you try any of these yourself, or have any wrapping secrets you’d like to share! thanks so much for reading.

& that’s a wrap!

christmas candy house.

making & decorating a gingerbread house has always been a tradition i’ve refused to pass up. & while i do love a good gingerbread house & do like to stick to tradition, this year i thought i’d be adventurous & change things up a bit! & i’m glad i did, because making this christmas candy house was absolutely delightful. here’s how i made it:

Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

christmas candy house

you’ll need: 

3 XL kit kat bars

2 XL cookies ‘n’ creme hershey’s bars

8 regular hershey’s milk chocolate bars

regular candy canes

miniature candy canes

assorted christmas candies

christmas sprinkles

tiny round cookie cutter

LED tea lights

wax or tissue paper

unnamed (4).jpg


  1. first thing you’re going to want to do is set up a tray, or platter, or even a cookie sheet covered in aluminum foil.
  2. next, you’re going to set aside 4 of your hershey’s milk chocolate bars. those will be used for the sides, front, & back of your house. take 2 of your extra chocolate bars & break them up into a bowl. put that bowl in the microwave, & set it for 10 second bursts until fully melted. (you will also use the 2 remaining for this purpose, but i suggest only melting 2 at a time. after a while your chocolate will get too hard, & you’ll need a new batch).
  3. then you’ll take your XL kit kat bars (we got ours at walmart if you have a hard time finding them), & open em up. when we opened ours, they were already broken into 3 kit kats each. you’ll need 2 rows of 14 kit kats each, so lay those down side by side. whatever extra there is, break it off & eat it!
  4. spoon your melted chocolate into a corner of a plastic baggy, & snip a tiny bit off the end. this will work like a piping bag! use your melted chocolate to stick the kit kats together. this will be your base for your candy house. (just a quick tip, if your chocolate is too melted, it will run everywhere. if it’s too hard, you can’t use it! make sure you get it in the middle, when it’s a little tackier, but not rock solid. if it does harden up, just stick it back in the microwave.)
  5. now you’ll need a sharp knife & a cutting board. take 2 of the 4 pieces of hershey’s chocolate you set aside. position them longways, & break a row off of the top of each, so that you have 3 rows of hershey’s squares left. then you’ll need to use your sharp knife (& be careful not to crack the bar!) & cut diagonally from the second row up to the middle of the top of the bar. here’s a picture for reference:
    Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

    this is the back view of the candy house!

    just cut the same way on both sides so that you have a cathedral/triangular looking shape to the top. & you’ll do that to the 2 pieces.

  6. next, choose one of those pieces you just cut to be the front panel. for this step, you’ll need a small bowl of boiling hot water & your tiny circular cookie cutter. because the chocolate easily cracks (speaking from experience), instead of cutting a doorway with a knife, you’ll need to use a different method. take your bowl of boiling hot water & place the small cookie cutter inside. let it get nice & hot. then, you’ll take it out & place it over the bottom center area of your front panel. here’s a picture for reference:
    Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

    this is the front panel!

    when you press it down (not too hard, mind you), it will melt out a little circle, & then you can use a knife to cut out the rest for a little dome shape like so. if you’re lucky & you plan correctly, it’ll be just the shape for the top of a candy cane!

  7. to achieve this candy cane door, you’ll grab one of your regular sized candy canes & snap off the long end so that you’re just left with the arch at the top. stick it on to the doorway arch you just made with a little chocolate glue, & viola! you’ve got a candy cane doorway. if it doesn’t quite fit (like mine) just use some handy dandy christmas candy to fix it right up.
  8. you’ll probably want to do most of the decorating of the panels before mounting them together, so at this point if you want to add any candies or sprinkles, do so! as you can see above, i used holiday sprinkles to put holly above the doorway, & used a peppermint candy & two candy cane sprinkles for the back panel.
  9. if you’d like, you can also go ahead and decorate the side panels!
    Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

    this is the left side of the candy house!

    i kept it pretty simple & just affixed two peppermint candies on the side to mimic windows.

  10. now you’re gonna need to set this house up! place the bottom of you back panel in some chocolate, & place it in a groove of the kit kat base, probably the second kit kat grove in. then use your melted chocolate to pipe chocolate along the edges of your panel, & stick your side panels onto it. then, just as the back panel, you’re going to put melted chocolate along the sides & bottom of your front panel, & slide it in to the kit kat groove! hold it in place for a little while, just to make sure everything stays put & dries in the right placement. it shouldn’t take too long for the chocolate to harden.
  11. now is a good time to do any decorations along the base of your candy house, while the sides are drying. we used christmas colored chocolate candies to line the bottom of the side panels. i also put christmas tree sprinkles on the back panel. this is also the time to cut out a section of tissue paper or wax paper & place it on the inside to cover up your door. then, you can turn on 2 LED tea lights (they look like little candles) & place them inside. i forgot this step & had to take off my already solidified roof & put them in & put the roof back on. do not do this. it is annoying. i bought 120 hour tea light candles from the dollar store. so don’t go buying 2 candles for anything more than a dollar. they literally last for 120 hours!
  12. now, once the base of the house solidifies, it’s roof time!
    Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

    roof roof.

    take your 2 XL cookies ‘n’ creme hershey’s bars & grab that sharp knife. chop off the top row of both bars, & a side row. you should be left with a 3×3. now, they’re a little on the heavy side, so these take longer to stick on. use your plastic bag pipping bag to put melted chocolate on every surface that will touch the roof once it’s placed on. now, grab a pal, stick em on, position em how you want, & hold for a few minutes til it stays. ta da!

  13. now, go ham with decorations:Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset for the roof decorations, as you can see, i ran a strip of melted chocolate down the center where the roof panels meet, & placed chocolate candies along it. i also put the mini candy canes on the sides of the front & back panels. i had found a candy cane christmas tree previously & saved it for this house, so i placed it on the side. & as a final touch, i used some christmas sprinkles that looked like snow & poured it everywhere!

Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

& that’s it folks! the final product! viola!

i hope you enjoyed this post. i know it was a lot of long instructions, & i genuinely had a difficult time figuring out how to explain how to do certain things… i dearly hope it all made sense. & if not, please don’t hesitate to comment questions below & i will answer them right away.

i will say though, this was hilarious fun to make. the love bug, my mum, & i all gathered around the dinner table with pizza, all this candy, & our favorite movie, how the grinch stole christmas! we had lots of candy house fails & lots of laughs, especially while listening to my mom quote every word of the movie & giggle uncontrollably. it may be a little bit of work, but it’s totally worth it in the end. it makes for a great centerpiece, especially if you’re planning a christmas party or holiday get together with family!

i’ll be taking a little sunday break, but the holiday themed posts will keep on coming starting monday! i’ve got just a few more great posts coming your way that you won’t want to miss. thanks to those that have been reading em thus far!


love you all & a very merry holiday season,


dear coffee, i love you. [photo post]

oh my, it’s monday already! which means i’ve got a long week ahead of me… what better way to tackle the morning than with coffee?! iced lattes, espresso shots, you name it, i enjoy it. however, sometimes i think i enjoy photographing my coffee just as much as i like drinking it! let’s pretend you like looking at photos of coffee as much as i like taking them::

iced parisienne latte

//iced parisienne latte//

hot salted caramel latte

//hot salted caramel latte//

iced coffee with a shot of caramel & a little cream.

//iced coffee with a shot of caramel & a little cream//

//hot caramel latte//

//hot caramel latte//

//iced black & tan latte//

//iced black & tan latte//

violllaaaa. coffee. love that bean juice.

here’s to hoping you all have wonderful mondays & productive kick-starters to your weeks. grab a cup o’ joe to get those brain juices flowing, & go live, create, inspire! share love & laughter! & if the coffee doesn’t do the trick, here’s your permission to go take a nap. 😉

much love,


woodland tales planner.

remember when i made a post about my school supplies and told you about my adorable planner? do you want to see just how precious it is? ::

i’d always stuck to the same planner throughout my high school years. it wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing, but it had enough room for my loads and loads of homework. now that i’m in college (yay!) & i really only need the calendar bits to remember events & due dates, i wanted to get creative with my planner choices. this one makes me happy, as well as artistically inspired with all the little pages of woodland animals & quotes. i love it! what kind of planner do you use?